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Happy New Year!

I will begin 2009 with a Colorado driver’s license, which makes me inordinately happy.

We had a lovely dinner tonight, with good conversation, and that’s not such a bad way to send out 2008.

Spouse and I have fake champagne (California kind) and will toast at Mountain Time New Year. I even dusted off the champagne flutes from our wedding. We are quite fancy and important.

My first task of 2009 will be to put together a wire shelf for my closet. If I’m quick, I can get it done THIS year.

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year. Remember to spend some time on New Year’s Day doing something you want to continue to do all year.


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When I ask myself who the EFF I bought all these holiday cards for because I can’t think of 40 people who would want our  holiday greetings.

I did NOT achieve a driver’s license today because it turns out that Michigan is one of 14 states who do not require proof of citizenship/legal ability to live in the US to obtain a license (note to any illegal immigrants out there). Now, since the last time I had to provide proof of my identity to the state of Michigan for a driver’s license without (yanno) a driver’s license was when I was sixteen and a birth certificate was my only other legal form of I.D. I was unaware of this. Unfortunately, states like Colorado require proof of your legal right to live in the country and I was without my passport.

The hour-long drive wasn’t a complete waste. We stopped at what (now) I think must be the worst Borders in the history of the world. I went in with a list of 20 authors – no exaggeration – and found books I wanted by precisely ONE. Either they didn’t carry the author AT ALL or carried only one or two old titles. This, coupled with my unfruitful trip to the Driver’s License office, does not a happy camper make. Instead I got a future Bandwagon book, even though my Bandwagon will be far away, and a copy of The Watchmen. Spouse found a couple of things he liked. I also managed to get some business taken care of re: billing my last community ed class. So, not a waste but I’m not really happy about having to do it again.

As previously mentioned, our holiday cards (and man, am I glad I told everyone they were holiday cards) showed up today and I’ve been dutifully filling out addresses all evening. I also made a batch of the “Eff you, Queso!” that we love so much and it made up the entirety of my dinner. Eff you, Queso is very delicious and perfect for when you’re lazy:

yogagrrl’s Eff You, Queso!

1 package ground beef (somewhere around 1.5 lbs)

1 package taco seasoning

Brown ground beef, ignore taco seasoning directions and just add the seasoning and just enough water to soak up all the juice (usually about half a cup).


1 jar Tostitos Queso sauce (Medium)

1 jar Tostitos chunky Salsa (Mild)

1 can refried beans (12 oz or someting like that)

1 liberal spoonful of Mrs. Renfrow’s Jalepeno Green Salsa

Heat through until bubbling.


That last ingredient is what puts the Eff in Eff You, Queso! It’s super delicious, but HOT. Adjust the amount you put in according to how much Eff you need. ;)

It keeps for several days and is just as good (if not better) when reheated. I love it because it’s tasty and easy, and we almost always have these ingredients on hand.

And since I’m talking about Eff You, Queso! let me add this link: to a brilliant (and simultaneously not so brilliant) interview about the foreign policy dilemma with regard to Israel and Hamas. If you don’t like the Huffington Post, that’s fine, just scroll down to the video link. It’s the perfect illustration of how NOT to interview someone who PARTICIPATED in the history that you’ve READ about. Heh. Loves it.

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Today we accomplished important task #1: putting me on  Spouse’s local bank account. That is pretty much all we did. We rented some movies, but have only watched one. Burn After Reading is an interesting and slightly bizarre film and totally worth watching just for Brad Pitt. I never thought I’d say that, but he’s just hilarious.

Up next: Hancock and Baby Mama.

Tomorrow: drive to Frisco and get my new driver’s license, as well as change over registration on vehicles and obtain Colorado plates.

When Mom and A left, they took the cold weather with them. Today was sunny and warm – 35 degrees. The snow on the roads has all melted, though it wasn’t enough to thaw all the rest of it. If you’ve looked at any of the photos, you’ll understand. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as sunny, though less warm. I’m very glad that I invested in good sunglasses.

I sent Mom home with an eclectic mix of music for her iPod. I’m interested to see how she’ll like it. Highlights included John Legend, Fergie, Adele, Rare Earth, The Eagles, The Beatles, Vampire Weekend, Gnarls Barkley, Sarah Harmer, and the Indigo Girls. There was a lot more, but I don’t recall everything.

My dad’s been on my mind a lot lately and it’s entirely possible that I’ll write about it tomorrow, but no promises.

I am looking forward to the house finally reaching ORDER and life returning to some semblance of a routine. As predicted, I’m a bit at a loss without my teaching schedule. Not only that, I’ve slacked on my own yoga practice for the last couple of weeks because of the acclimation. Someone sent me a yoga kick in the ass for Christmas, though, so I’m about to get back on the horse.

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Spouse and I: 3, basement: 1

We’ve gotten almost everything in the basement completely done. The records pwned us by being too numerous for our shelf but other than that, we’re pretty good. I’m pleased with the albums because, as a novice LP-packer, I was really really concerned they were going to break on the cross country trip. They did not and I couldn’t be happier about it. My dad’s record collection is made of win.

Today we made another trip to Denver, as our houseguests both needed to be dropped at the airport (albeit a couple of hours apart). Both have landed safely in their respective home states and, after running a few errands, Spouse and I headed home. We got sidetracked at the largest Whole Foods I have ever seen in my life.

Once we got home we walked Piper. She was very excited to see us because I think she’d just about written us off as dead. I’m not sure canine object permanence lasts more than 10 hours. She is currently sprawled on the love seat, Spouse is ensconced on the couch, and here sit I in my old recliner. We get to relax, having put the shelves together, unpacked albums, stored excess dishes, and walking. I also sorted through a metric asston of photographs that I’ve been keeping forever. I found my K-12 photo sheet, a detention form from 8th grade, and a bunch of photos that my high school friends who have recently friended me on facebook may or may not be happy to see.

The daily Leadville photo will have to wait because the camera is upstairs and I’m going to sit right here and drink cocoa until I get drowsy.

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Red Cliff Bridge, near Minturn, CO

Red Cliff Bridge, near Minturn, CO


The Red Cliff Bridge, not far from Vail,  started as a WPA project in 1939. Rehabbed in 2004, the bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of only two steel-arch bridges in Colorado. This is a shot headed back to Leadville from an afternoon in Vail.

Clicking the photo will take you to a larger version.

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Day after Xmas

Today we got shear pins for the snow blower (which is eating them like Werther’s butterscotch) and ran for a few necessities at the Safeway. I don’t think the pictures I post can even come close to capturing the awesome beauty of this place, so today’s picture is from the Safeway parking lot.

We’re supposed to be getting 10-20″ of snow today. It seems unlikely but the forecasts are also generically “above 9,000 feet”. So it could be here at 10,000 or up at 14,000 and it won’t make a dent here. Nothing to be known for sure until tomorrow morning (most of our snow arrives overnight). Instead the skies were mostly clear and we took another scenic drive around town. Mom stepped into waist deep snow attempting to get a photo and I got a great shot of my sister (reluctantly having vacated the car) pulling her out.

Dinner and conversation was lovely last night. I’m definitely looking forward to reciprocating.

Today I also sorted through ALL of the photos on my laptop and chose which ones to print, either for albums or for framing. It was interesting (because I got to revisit past events) and tedious (because there were a lot of them). I’m looking forward to getting some of them on the walls.


The view from our grocery store parking lot.

The view from our grocery store parking lot.

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Daily Leadville

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