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I don’t watch The View very often, but I enjoy their hot topics shows because I think they do a good job of covering the gamut of reasonably expected responses (considered/intellectual: Whoopi, Barbara; ignorant/emotional: Sherri, Elizabeth; going for the punchline: Joy). Today they were talking about the rumor of Joe Biden’s daughter having snorted cocaine and one of her dirtbag ‘friends’ shopping it around to tabloids. They were saying that you can’t tie the actions of a child to the parent, with which I absolutely agree.

Kids come into this world with their own personality and ability to make their own decisions. Ideally, the way that they are raised will influence some of their decisionmaking processes but ultimately they are their own person.

That shook round to the political spectrum and how it’s potentialy MORE unfair to hold these kids up because the press implies their parents aren’t good at their JOBS rather than at parenting (which is the more logical conclusion). This, of course, brought up the issue of Bristol Palin. I think there’s a difference in that particular case.

If Sarah Palin had refused to comment about the pregnancy (Biden has yet to comment on the drug allegation), or simply requested privacy, that would  have been just fine. Instead she started crowing about how proud she was of her daughter’s “choice” and turned it into a pro-life wictory. This would also be fine, if Sarah Palin wasn’t actively campaigning to take that exact same “choice” away from everyone else. She SHOULD have been talking about how there wasn’t a choice, of course Bristol was having that kid because it was the only right thing to do – because that’s what she believes.. Instead, she MADE it a political issue by discussing it in those terms,  precisely because she’s AGAINST a woman’s right to control her own bodily functions, and that is why it became okay to talk about it. You’ll notice that Bristol’s “choice” was a topic of conversation but her decision to drop out of high school was barely a blip.

Being a politician doesn’t hold you to a higher standard of being a parent. It doesn’t hold your kids to a higher standard, because your kids are entitled to make their own mistakes and learn from them. It DOES require that you occasionally shut your mouth and put your kids before your own political agenda.

The View was also hilarious today talking about Twitter. The whole ‘not getting it’ is easy to see. It’s sort of a mindless occupation, though it can be entertaining.

I was kind of interested to see Bill O’Reilly on the show and see if Joy Behar or Whoopi were going to call him out. O’Reilly *did* make a good point about shopping with your dollars – if you disagree with something, use your money to make your impact. It was also hilarious that Bill suddenly wanted to “move on”  when they began discussing WHY we were in Iraq. Oddly, he rarely wants to “move on” on his own show. Speaking of which, I wanted to link this particularly heinous story. It’s especially nice because he has frequently spoken out on the rights of ‘celebrities’ to not be stalked. I guess famous people get more rights than everyone else.

Last political note: when the economists say you’ve got to keep spending money in order to fix the problem, people like Bill O’Reilly and Sherri Shepard should STFU. We’ve already spent into what most average people would consider to be imaginary numbers (as in, we can’t IMAGINE how much money it is) so if the people who study this FOR A LIVING think it’s the right path, I’m okay with it.

In unrelated news, I’m finally posting my CO snowpocalypse photos!


The trees outside my house, when I left.

The trees outside my house, when I left.






Merging onto I-70, believe it or not.

Merging onto I-70, believe it or not.


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We’re supposed to be in the midst of snowpocalypse out here. I could point out the irony of said snowpocalype in a place reknowned for its snow but, la.

Ironically, up in the mountains it’s not as bad as it was on the I-70 corridor. In point of fact, I had a perfectly uneventful trip to Frisco for a haircut and various errands and didn’t realize, until calling to speak to Spouse, that the roads were supposed to be in any way disastrous.

When I left at about 11 am, there was about 6 inches of snow on my car. It was overcast but not snowing, so it didn’t even occur to me to call 511 for the road update. Once I was over the Fremont Pass (upon which there was virtually NO blowing snow) and about halfway to Coppper, the visibility deterioriated. I have a couple of great pictures on my camera (to be uploaded later).

There was more snow on I-70 than usual and the visibility was such that you almost had to take it on faith that you were, in fact, merging onto I-70, but other than that it was okay.

In related news, if you were the douchebag in a red Land Rover who decided to just put their brakes on as though they were going to stop in the middle of the highway, you can eat a bag of dicks.

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Dog maintenance

We were in Glenwood Springs last week and while we were there, we visited the Petco. It’s great because Piper gets to sniff new stuff and stare at the ferretts (she can’t quite figure out what they are) and Spouse gets to look at the turtles. It’s better than the zoo!

At any rate, the reason for stopping (besides stocking up on dog food, ferretts, and turtles) was to pick up a Pedi- Paws. Piper is a black dog,with black nails, and I’m paranoid about nicking the quick and making her bleed. She also doesn’t love people touching her feet to START with, which does nothing to assuage my Piper-maiming anxiety. Enter the Pedi-Paws, which is essentially a portable sander for your dog’s toenails. They give you a whole step-by-step guide to acclimating your dog to the sander which I promptly ignored. My reason? There is nothing in the world that cannot be cured with lots of petting and treats in Piper’s world. Plus, nail trimming involves full body contact with Piper.

She seemed okay with it. She didn’t love it, obviously, but that’s why the brilliant people at Purina make Beggin’ Strips.




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Unless, that is, you have no idea what I mean by BSG and in that case you probably won’t WANT to read this post. ;)

I think the gut reaction for a lot of fans was that I WANT MY KARA/LEE 4EVAH. I’ll admit it – I totally felt it for about 15 seconds. And then I started thinking about the Kara/Lee dynamic and why that ending for them totally worked (because it did).

From the start, Kara and Lee were on separate courses destined for a collision. It starts with drunken flirting and Kara’s admission that she fears “being forgotten” most, while she’s dating/engaged to his BROTHER of all things. Kara is the absolute arbiter of self-destruction. On the other hand, all of her self-destructive behaviors and crazy widespread fallout ensure that she WON’T in fact be forgotten.

Their sexual tension doesn’t ever dissipate because they never REALLY consummate what they both clearly want. She’s afraid it will mean actual happiness and a descent into ‘comfortable,’ ‘normal’ – forgettable. She’s also afraid of disappointing Lee, of screwing it up. When they finally have sex, she takes off and marries Sam – ensuring that Lee will always wonder WTF – both about her and what it means about HIM, what he did wrong.

She’s never really serious with Sam and begins pushing him away almost immediately and guaranteeing that his life will also be halfway ruined by her. He can’t ever quite let her go because he never really had her to start with.

Meanwhile, she Starbucks for all she’s worth. Does the crazy things no one else does, has no fear of her death in these ridiculous exploits because even if she bites it – people will KNOW. She doesn’t mind being talked about, being badmouthed. She has clearly defined her role and never deviates – not for a moment. She’s a trainwreck. She takes a lot of prisoners, tortures them, and makes no apologies. She doesn’t apologize when Leoben takes HER prisoner. And when she’s told she has a destiny (over and over) she isn’t upset about THAT – she’s upset that she can’t SEE it, can’t touch it, can’t CONTROL it. She’s been so busy making herself memorable that she’s afraid to let go of the icon she’s created and is afraid her destiny might take it.

Lee, meanwhile, is always half a person. He’s always responsible for someone or TO someone. His brother, his father, Kara, Dee. He can’t be who he wants to be because it will hurt his brother (and his brother’s memory) if he really pursues Kara. He’s the guy who has to try and keep Kara put together since she’s so determined to flame out spectacularly and in public view. He can’t walk away from the military (or roles of responsibility) because his father’s gravitational pull is impossible to overcome. The only way he can defend himself is to try and create his own roles and ultimately falls short. His relationship with Dee was far less well defined but it becomes clear that Dee sees herself as the rebound girl. Lee is responsible again, for not making her feel valued or important. He’s still not able to be himself. He doesn’t have any idea who he is but he has a thousand ideas about who he COULD be if his life was just different.

And in the end, Kara has become something EVERYONE will remember. She’s remembered because NO ONE knows what she really was. An oracle, an angel, a savior? The contradiction – that someone so flawed could become something so mysteriously benefiical – has guaranteed her the one thing she wanted most. She is the enigma that allows them to keep living, keep believing. And when she leaves, she’s the perfect example for how you don’t REALLY get a second chance. You don’t get to have a second life where you can do everything right – even if you’ve learned from all your mistakes – or get to rewrite history. The second chance is a great idea but you have to live your life like you only get the one you’ve got. 

I wish Lee had chosen his own destiny, but it makes perfect sense that he can’t. Dee leaves him – twice – and the first time was an attempt to make him choose his own path. The second time she left, she was so far past him that he couldn’t even see her. His father leaves him as well, and I’m willing to wank that it’s because he knows Lee will never become his own man with the Admiral around. And Kara winks out in the moment before he can ask her to stay. He can see the thousand paths he might take but now he HAS to take one, and the only one he’s repsonsible to is himself. There is no one to live up to, no one to take care of, no accounting to be made. He gets to finally become Lee.

There are a few things I would quibble about with the finale, but this is the one thing the writers got perfectly and absolutely right.

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There has definitely been an adjustment to living out here that extends beyond the change in altitude.

A couple of weeks ago, it was snowing and there was a fair amount of traffic to Vail. I made it over and back the Battle Mountain Pass without ever having to touch a brake – unlike the two drivers in front of me. I was inordinately proud of myself.

The other notable difference from home  is the dress code. I’d heard jokes about the Colorado Tuxedo (jeans) but there’s more than a little truth to it. For example, we’re attending a dinner tonight. At home, I’d have worn a dress – not an especially fancy one. Out here, that’s still way too formal. I’ve tentatively settled on a sweater and skirt and am still running the risk of being ‘too’ dressed up. Spouse suggested I wear a pair of “good jeans.” Alas, I own only regular jeans. Possibly I will have to consult someone to find out what “good jeans” consists of. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

I was hoping to find a book club in town, but haven’t had much luck. It seems I’ll have to drive to Avon or Vail but at least there are a couple and they’re not so far that I’ll mind the drive. The social interaction will be nice, for sure.

The job hunting continues, without much success. Right now I’m working three days a week which leaves me with just a little too much free time.

I’ve started running with the dog again, intervals in a 1.8 mile route for the time being. I’m hoping to work up to a 3.5 mile route. Running is a DEFINITE challenge. For the first time in my life, I find that heart rate charts might apply to me.

Next week I’ve got an appointment to get contact lenses. I haven’t worn glasses this much since I was 13 and I’m not really loving it. The nice thing is that the new eye doctor just needs me to fax my old prescription – rather than needing all my records.

For now, I’m off to run errands and get things around for our overnight trip.

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I frequently get asked if there are DVDs and/or books that I’d recommend for new students (or even experienced students). I just got an email from Yoga Journal offering a discount on the DVDs I like best.

The Step By Step series is a great introduction to yoga or even as a way to fine-tune your asana and breath practice. The coupon is 20% an individual DVD or something like 45% off for all three.  Enter coupon code SBS2 at checkout and click “Redeem Coupon” to receive your discount or call 1-800-I-DO-YOGA (436-9642).

I don’t plug a lot of yoga ‘stuff’ here, just the things I use and love myself. I highly recommend getting all three discs.

In related news, my recommendating for practicing with a DVD (whether you’ve practiced yoga previously or not) is to watch the DVD at LEAST once to make sure you’re familiar with the positions. If there’s anything that sounds confusing, make notes on a sheet of paper that you can keep next to your mat during practice. You should NOT be looking up at the DVD while you’re practicing – it’s bad for your body and negates all the good work you’re trying to do!

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BUSY couple of days at work and some unexpected (and fun) travel over the weekend leads to a lack of posting.

Saturday we saw Watchmen. I loved it. Spouse even enjoyed it quite a lot. I seem  to be in the minority of fans who 1. do not care that the ending was changed from the graphic novel. I thought the film ending made more sense and was more interesting/compelling. 2. Loved the soundtrack. Didn’t find it distracting and loved the song choices.

Sunday was 13 hours of work. Today was 8.5. Tomorrow is likely to be less, though there are no guarantees.

Today I took Piper for a run. By run I mean sprint/walk intervals. Our path was 1.8 miles roundtrip and hopefully we”ll work up to 3 miles. Here’s the view where we turn around:


Our turnaround point.

Our turnaround point.

I’m also learning interesting things about cardio workouts at high altitudes. We’ll see if we can’t muster up the same enthusiasm tomorrow. It’s especially nice to do right before I go to work because Piper’s a little less wired up when I leave.

For tonight, I am sleeping in the dungeonlike-dark basement because I will not be awakened by 1. alarm clocks at 6:30 am or 2. sunshine coming in my window. I need to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get last night.

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