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Dear Dad

I love you and still miss you just about every moment of every day.


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I hate that. But it’s why pharmaceutical companies make things like Ambien. Just waiting for it to kick in.

Today I picked up a tomato plant and a Topsy Turvy. I’m going to give it a go though Spouse is not confident. I generally forget to water things, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve got an unexpected trip to Avon later today. We also picked up a much-needed bookshelf for the living room. And it’s entirely possible that I’ve finalized the paint colors for the house. Not looking to start the paint project SOON but having the colors mapped out makes the project about half-done (in my head, anyhow). Not realistic but it FEELS good and that’s what counts. ;)

Now I just have to determine if it’s better to edge the room before rolling paint on or vice versa. Also if I can freehand the top edges or maybe should use a piece of cardboard as a guide. Decisions!

Mom’s coming to visit over the 4th of July weekend! She’ll get to see Leadville sans snow! Probably not as fun as Boom Days (1st weekend in August) but I think something can be arranged. Possibly a little hiking.

I’ve got an extra lengthy work week this week (contrary to that of most) and while it should be busy, I also predict exhausting.

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My lack of posting began shortly after we got an offer on our house back in Michigan, mostly because nearly all my free time was spent on the phone with either the mortgage company or Fannie Mae or the retirement people (we also had houseguests in there somewhere). The counteroffer which was accepted was considerably lower than what we’d paid for the house and we were pretty upside down on the mortgage. We applied for a short sale – where the bank accepts the offer and we all walk away clean – and it was mostly a nightmare. This experience has convinced me that we will never have functional health care.

I was told in not so many words by the folks at Fannie Mae that because our house wasn’t already in foreclosure, we weren’t a priority for help. This was, of course, ONLY after I had submitted my paperwork no less than three times in two weeks- because they kept saying they didn’t have it, even after a confirmation email from a specific employee on the 2nd occasion telling me he’d gotten it all. I’d made several phone calls and found exactly one helpful employee (the aforementioned dude). I DID have a spectacular runaround, including ONE employee who began to argue with me when I requested to speak to a supervisor. She was telling me why I wanted to speak to one and that they couldn’t help me. The third time, I finally said “I don’t CARE what you think, put a fucking SUPERVISOR on the phone.” Having done a shit phone job, I generally do not lose my temper with those folks. On the other hand, they don’t generally ARGUE.

Oddly, the supervisor was able to answer some questions. Which is when I found out that because we’d been responsible and kept paying our mortgage, we were going to take the entire shaft, sans lube, right in the ass. Thanks so much. If Fannie Mae can’t keep track of THEIR paperwork, we have NO HOPE of having a functional national healthcare system which – by definition – will require a much larger amount of paper and customer service.

We gave up on Fannie Mae after that and set about scraping together the funds needed to get the hell out from under the place. Paying two mortgages has NOT been fun. But someone bought it, I flew home to sign the paperwork and hand over the last of the keys, and we are now and forever shut of Saginaw, Michigan. We couldn’t be happier.

While in Michigan I seem to have developed something of an earache which is, apparently, not an infection. I pick up medication tomorrow.

I got to see some of the family back in MI, which was nice. Everyone seems to be doing well. I’d forgotten that mosquitos can be as big as my thumbnail though. We haven’t seen any up here yet, which is perfectly fine by me. The weather has been great, as usual. The last couple of days have had a bit of rain which is interesting because it doesn’t LAST, including the water on the ground.

Our anniversary is coming up next week (9 years!) and we got each other a sweet anniversary gift to help take the sting out of the house fuckery. Details on that later.

I start classes in a couple of weeks and it sounds like Spouse is planning a House Project. We’ll see how far that gets.

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Not much of an update

If you were following twitter today, you know all the news. Mom’s surgery went well, she should be coming home tomorrow morning. They won’t know for sure about radiation for a couple of days but it looks like she may not need it.

I’m home, catching some z’s, and then headed back to the hospital in the morning.

Got to see Caribou and Matt, which was awesome. I wish they had moved to Colorado with us! Thank goodness for facebook and skype…

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Today I got my Colorado phone number. This makes me inexplicably happy, possibly because we are officially Coloradans now. Got the license, the plates, the number – nothing left to do for paperwork!

We’re having a guest over on Friday and all I have to do is finish unpacking, stash full boxes, hang all the photos and artwork, and finalize (and cook) the menu. No problem, right?

Tomorrow I’m running a couple more errands: picking up a special bottle of scotch, mailing our old Dish Network receiver back to the company, and getting my hair cut/colored. It’s been several weeks and there’s about an inch of natural hair color showing. My plan is to get the rest of my hair to look more like the natural color, but we’ll see how that works out. I also have been feeling like I’m rocking some ‘mom’ hair lately and ideally we’ll get something done about that as well. I’m sorely tempted (especially given the clime) to cut my hair very short again. I predict by this time next year that’ll be a done deal. For the time being, I’m willing to humor my spouse and try to grow it out again.

Of course, if anything like the last hair debacle (which required cutting it from below the shoulders to my chin) happens again all bets are off.

I’ve settled into my temp gig, which I like a great deal. It’s also a nice jumping off point looking for other work.

More importantly, WE’VE GOT A DVR AGAIN!! If I sound redonkulously excited about THAT, then you’ve never had a DVR. Not only do Spouse and I have separate (and concurrent) viewing habits on Thursday nights, this Mountain time change thing is killing me. Did you know that out here, prime time starts at 7pm? WTF?

Progress is being made, slowly but surely, and I hope to be completely done with the moving in by next Friday. I also made my plane reservations (yay frequent flyer miles!) to get back to Detroit for Mom’s surgery. Anyone intrested in coffee/tea/beer in the Detroit area should email me (or comment here).

I’m going to put together some shelving and then go to bed. The Battle Mountain pass is mine to conquer tomorrow – something that brings new heights to hair-pin turns (12,000 feet) and stunning (if somewhat terror-inducing) scenery.

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Spouse and I: 3, basement: 1

We’ve gotten almost everything in the basement completely done. The records pwned us by being too numerous for our shelf but other than that, we’re pretty good. I’m pleased with the albums because, as a novice LP-packer, I was really really concerned they were going to break on the cross country trip. They did not and I couldn’t be happier about it. My dad’s record collection is made of win.

Today we made another trip to Denver, as our houseguests both needed to be dropped at the airport (albeit a couple of hours apart). Both have landed safely in their respective home states and, after running a few errands, Spouse and I headed home. We got sidetracked at the largest Whole Foods I have ever seen in my life.

Once we got home we walked Piper. She was very excited to see us because I think she’d just about written us off as dead. I’m not sure canine object permanence lasts more than 10 hours. She is currently sprawled on the love seat, Spouse is ensconced on the couch, and here sit I in my old recliner. We get to relax, having put the shelves together, unpacked albums, stored excess dishes, and walking. I also sorted through a metric asston of photographs that I’ve been keeping forever. I found my K-12 photo sheet, a detention form from 8th grade, and a bunch of photos that my high school friends who have recently friended me on facebook may or may not be happy to see.

The daily Leadville photo will have to wait because the camera is upstairs and I’m going to sit right here and drink cocoa until I get drowsy.

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Day after Xmas

Today we got shear pins for the snow blower (which is eating them like Werther’s butterscotch) and ran for a few necessities at the Safeway. I don’t think the pictures I post can even come close to capturing the awesome beauty of this place, so today’s picture is from the Safeway parking lot.

We’re supposed to be getting 10-20″ of snow today. It seems unlikely but the forecasts are also generically “above 9,000 feet”. So it could be here at 10,000 or up at 14,000 and it won’t make a dent here. Nothing to be known for sure until tomorrow morning (most of our snow arrives overnight). Instead the skies were mostly clear and we took another scenic drive around town. Mom stepped into waist deep snow attempting to get a photo and I got a great shot of my sister (reluctantly having vacated the car) pulling her out.

Dinner and conversation was lovely last night. I’m definitely looking forward to reciprocating.

Today I also sorted through ALL of the photos on my laptop and chose which ones to print, either for albums or for framing. It was interesting (because I got to revisit past events) and tedious (because there were a lot of them). I’m looking forward to getting some of them on the walls.


The view from our grocery store parking lot.

The view from our grocery store parking lot.

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