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Spouse and I went to the movies tonight. It requires a bit of planning on our part, as the closest theater is about 40 miles away. We stopped at the Himalayan restaurant for dinner (my mint sauce is better) which was delish and then exchanged some ski pants for Spouse. Piper got a nice walk along the river before the movie.

Dude. The movie was awesome. I don’t know how it could have been better translated to film. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was FANTASTIC as The Comedian. Rorshach was, predictably, the best part. Pretty much I loved the whole thing. It didn’t feel anywhere CLOSE to being a three hour movie and the soundtrack was bad ass. Love, love, more love.

In other mad love news, the Wolverine movie looks like it’s going to kick more ass every time I see a preview. I was also surprisingly drawn in by the Star Trek trailer. New Terminator comes out around the same time. Looks like May will be our month to hit the cinema.

Tomorrow is Pi Day! We’ll be celebrating by not doing much, I suspect. Possibly constructing a dresser. Spouse has pie remaining from his birthday gift. I’m going to take a break from applying for jobs and try to get this dresser thing under control.


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Not only is it a good crime drama with great characters and actors, it’s got fantastic music. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

This link is mostly for my reference.

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I really thought her version of America the Beautiful was terrible. P.S. It’s not the national anthem, Tom Hanks, so you don’t put your hand over your heart.

The football games today were excellent! Great plays, great comebacks and fantastic effort all around.

I’m on to book six in my reading of the new year and I’m thinking that while Spouse is watching Big Love, I’m going to make some brownies – even though we don’t have any milk.

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You don’t hear that every day, right? Spouse and I were sitting here watching the first Charlie’s Angel movie (which I love) and the scene happened where the girls are on the boat with Tom Green and the song “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” is playing. I made him pause the TV because I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten to tell him about the best part of my solo day in Edwards/Avon (besides the credenza).

I was hanging out in a kitchen store – neat gadgets and stuff, don’tcha know – and “Brandy” came on the radio. And – no lie – EVERYONE in the store STARTED SINGING ALONG. It was completely awesome and something that they do in movies or TV that you think is complete bullshit but apparently  it TOTALLY happens. I love that song especially (it inspired a whole yoga mix) and it was completely excellent to be singing, and walking past other people who were singing, to go buy an oven thermometer from someone who was singing.

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I have finally arrived in Leadville. Well, I arrived in Leadville yesterday. It took approximately 24 hours of driving but was largely uneventful.

My awesome friends in Saginaw gave me a gift of meaningful road snacks and a great mix CD. What are meaningful road snacks? The Dark Chocolate Raisinets that a guy at the movie theater told me were “the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.” The Ho Hos that Spouse asked me to buy for Carly, because Carly really wanted them, but when I got home it turned out they were just for Spouse. The Mint Milano cookies that are my favorite. You get the picture.

The mix CD had memorable songs from memorable events in the last three years, which was fantastic. I pretty much jammed out all the way across country. And the first thing I did (once I was functional) was hook up the wireless connection. Because I’m a geek like that (not internet obsessed or anything).

Today we’re taking our guests out and around the local area, hopefully eating some great food, and picking up odds and ends. And then spending the next three weeks unpacking boxes.

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The realtor was showing my house this afternoon, which meant I had to leave. So I made my way to the Barnes and Noble, to partake of their speedy (and free) wireless. During my drive, Carly called to tell me about her new potential facebook status – which was not safe for work and a commentary on the idiot drivers who were making her trip to Ann Arbor more hazardous. Carly and I have a lot of things in common, including the occasional fit of road rage. One of our more important shared characteristics is a loathing of Christmas music.

I spent every Christmas season, from junior high through college, working retail during the holidays. Some places were great (book stores) other places were not (sporting goods store). At the sporting goods store, they played the SAME LOOP of holiday music throughout the day, EVERY DAY, beginning the day after Thanksgiving. As a result, songs like Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree make me want to bludgeon people with a golf club, or brain them with free weights. Most of the holiday ‘classics’ have been ruined for me – or had been – for years. In the last year or so my holiday spirit has begun to recover.

It used to be that I would only tolerate holiday music the day before, day of, and day after Christmas. Now I can listen to music a week or so beforehand! Progress, I tell you!

The exception, of course, is Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano because it is 1) the best Christmas song ever 2) Christmas music you can dance to and 3) included on almost NO ONE’s retail holiday music loop.

After commiserating about the terrible drivers, we started talking about holiday music. Apparently there’s some Christmas shoe song that I haven’t heard? From Carly’s reaction, it’s a good thing I haven’t heard it. At any rate, it inspired me to make a mix of holiday music for people who do not like holiday music. It will include some classics, some classics with a twist, and new holiday favorites (Stoned Soul Christmas, My First Christmas (As a Woman), and She’s a Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas). And Feliz Navidad. It will be called WTF H$liday Mix.

I’m kind of excited about the project and when I get it done, I’ll upload it to imeem.

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It took me nearly an hour to shovel my driveway this morning, brought to you in conjunction with the township school closing (my barometer to cancel yoga class) and my newfound inability to sleep in. I haven’t shoveled that much snow since a few years ago when Spouse threw out his back just in time to get 13 inches of snow. This was only about 6 inches of snow but it was HEAVY and WET. Ick. The snow is supposed to continue throughout the day.

The local U is reluctant to cancel classes under any circumstances, but they closed campus until noon which says something about the condition of the roads.

I am inordinately excited about the new Britney Spears album which comes out tomorrow. Her last album, Blackout, was fantastic and quickly became one of my favorite workout listens. I’ve got a certain amount of sympathy for Britney having to live out all her big mistakes in the public eye. If the stuff I’d been doing between the ages of 19 and 24 (I got married at 25) had been televised, I’m pretty sure my family would never have recovered. That said, I know she doesn’t have the greatest voice. But Blackout was so grabby that it was one of my favorite album purchases that year. I’m looking forward to Circus being more of the same. I think Shane and I are making the trek to Best Buy together. Where I am a fan, Shane is a superfan.

In other music news, I’m loving John Legend’s new album. I’m a big fan of his music in my yoga classes because they’ve always got a good groove. Those are invariably the songs that get folks to dance.

Carly and I are supposed to make an outing to Australia today but I’m not sure that the snow won’t derail it. If nothing else, I can be on my couch with a blanket and book or (more likely) packing up the remainder of the office.

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