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Charter Communication gave me complete and utter FAIL as an internet provider. I haven’t had internet service for more than 36 hours. I’ve had to do crazy things like READ BOOKS, talk to FRIENDS, and go to sleep WITHOUT CHECKING EMAIL. I can’t believe I haven’t gnawed my arm off yet.

So I’m at Barnes and Noble, partaking of their not-so-free wireless and catching up on the 120 emails that accumulated yesterday.

For my birthday, Carly engineered a surprise attack on my yoga class by coercing/bribing my friends to all show up. Spouse was supposed to join them but he was BUSY ACCEPTING A NEW JOB. That’s right. My bestest birthday ever was capped by an out-of-state job offer. He gave his 30 days notice TODAY.

Now I just have to sell the house. Gulp. This will be further complicated by the fact that Spouse gave me Guitar Hero for my birthday. My need to move will be competing with my need to crush the video game. We’ll see who wins.

Now I have to catch up on blogs! Thankfully the twitching in my right eye has already subsided…

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Ah, the weekend

When everyone who is NOT me is NOT blogging. I got bored with blonde hair so I’m changing it up a little. I think Spouse likes is lighter, so I went with Light Reddish Blonde. We’ll see.

I’m also pretty sure I’m chopping my hair off this week. I’m going to put some pictures on my Zune so I can take them with me to see Markesa.

I decided that the next best thing to Guitar Hero will be a Tiger Woods golf game on our Wii. Spouse has had a chance to check out Wii Golf and I think he wants a little more variety. On the other hand, GUITAR HERO.

I have a competition issue with video gaming. Back when I was in junior high school, Mario Brothers 3 was all the rage. This was back when my parents were with the Crazy Church, so we couldn’t have anything like a Nintendo, but my friend Danielle had 4 older brothers (which means Nintendo). So I spent the weekend at her house and we hung out (probably discussing The Little Mermaid, The (new!) Mickey Mouse Club, and New Kids on the Block) and then she broke out the Super Mario.

We played for a while and then eventually SHE went to sleep. I stayed awake for about 36 hours until I beat that effing game. Every time I died, I just started over and over and OVER. Until I won.

She got up for breakfast the next morning and I was STILL playing and that was when i realized I had a problem. I’m not competitive with other people playing those kind of games, I’m competitive with the GAME. And I will play until I win. My sleep issues make it super easy for me to stay up a hideous number of hours without really noticing it (until far too late) and I will just. Keep. Playing. Until I win.

That was when I decided I should not play those games any more. Give me something like Tetris or Wii Golf/Bowling/Boxing and there’s no level that HAS to be reached. The goal is infinite (much like yoga) so I don’t feel pressure to GET someplace. Games with that set up don’t press THAT particular button in my head to KEEP GOING.

I’m thinking Guitar Hero will be AWESOME.

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Seriously? THREE HOURS for 9 holes. I wanted to shoot myself. I am a hot sweaty mess.

On the other hand, I had the best round of golf I’ve played all summer. BY TEN STROKES. For those of you who don’t golf, that’s a vast improvement. Even though you don’t care. ;) Turns out that Wii Golf is good for something! It’s possible that today’s round is keeping Spouse’s LPGA dream for me alive. He would someday like to be a kept man and is mostly convinced the LPGA is the way to do it.

We golfed with some really nice guys, so despite the horrendous backup on the course we at least had good company. Not so much beer though.

Someone had the fantastic idea of ruining Lemon-Lime Gatorade by putting STRAWBERRY in it. Except instead of coloring it pink – as you would expect a strawberry beverage to look – it still looks like Lemon-Lime. I did not discover this terrible desecration of my favorite beverage until TOO LATE.

Lemon-Lime Gatorade is the only Gatorade I will drink, so why? Why ruin a perfectly good thing?

Today is the last day of WoYoPracMo. I’m pretty happy that I managed to post every day (and totally made enough posts to count for every day). Alas, the majority of my posts were not-so-yoga-related. I’m totally shocked that I’ve gotten more than a thousand hits this month. I found a lot of blogs I like reading (links to the left) and watched too much reality TV. I managed a couple new playlists for classes and also got them loaded on imeem (which was more of a challenge than I expected). I’m doing quite well in Anatomy and Physiology as well, so I guess my time management and Procrastinatory Posting haven’t been as awful as they could have.

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by to read!

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  • I did not have a smoothie today because I had to teach yoga this morning. Breakfast was a Nature Valley Oats n Honey granola bar and Gatorade. Breakfast of Champions!
  • I SUCK at Wii Fit Slalom. So much so that I had to immediately do it again twice. There was improvement, but it is still embarrassing.
  • I ROCK at Wii Sports Boxing. Also, Wii Sports boxing is BAD ASS.
  • I also took my anatomy and physiology exam. I am optimistic.
  • I did well on my lab practical.
  • I did not cut open a cow heart because it was already cut open. And ENORMOUS. Like as big as my head.
  • That was to make you think my life is not all about Wii Sports.
  • I’ve gotten the best bowling and golf scores of my life on Wii. I am going to HATE the golf course on Thursday.
  • I swiffered up almost an ENTIRE DOG of Piper hair. I didn’t even think that was possible. I need to shave this dog or something.
  • So is Flipping Out! And Eureka!
  • Holy crap, I need to get a life that does not revolve around video games and television.
  • My friend Shane gave me a book about why the ultra conservative Christian Right is the best thing for the Republican party. He said something like, “I know it might make your head explode but I think you should read it.”
  • I’m not sure why he thinks I have time for this book because HELLO anatomy and physiology, plus teaching yoga, plus TELEVISION. WTF? Where am I supposed to find free time? ;)
  • I think we’re having dinner out. And then coming home to watch TV. Because we are ALL LAME.
  • It makes me feel better that I’m not the only lame one.

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Because I am a WORLD CLASS PROCRASTINATOR. If I got extra credit points for the amount of time spent procrastinating, I’d ace every class. Alas, that is not how the education system works (thankfully).

Hello to anyone stopping by via dooce! There were a LOT of you yesterday but maybe not so many today. ;)

I think the WordPress comment system is weird. It’s probably because I’m used to Livejournal, where everything threads together and you can tell when someone has commented on something in particular, but it took me a SILLY amount of time to figure out that in WordPress I have to go to the dashboard and look at “my comments.” It’s not an incredibly practical way to foster blog communication but I suppose it is what it is. Doesn’t seem to stop people from posting (or commenting) on WordPress blogs (thankfully).

My 80s mix went BRILLIANTLY last night. As predicted, just about everyone in the room cracked a huge smile when Final Countdown came on. LOVE IT.

In another fit of procrastination yesterday, I broke out the Wii and Wii Fit. I have to tell you, they are AWESOME. Wii golf is so much better than regular golf! Plus there’s bowling and tennis. My favorite Wii Sport is clearly the boxing. I totally worked up a sweat in no time. Of course I can break a sweat BREATHING, so I’m not sure that says much.

Wii Yoga is a little weird. First of all, when you start you only get access to like 4 exercises. That doesn’t make a LOT of sense to me, especially because not all of the yoga asanas are what I’d call ‘advanced.’ The difference between being on a yoga mat and the balance board is most obvious (for me) in tree pose. On your mat, there’s no one charting your center of gravity – you’re just worried about standing up (let ALONE standing still). I discovered that as soon as my gravity center was where I wanted to be, I started to wobble. Not really WOBBLE so much as the weight distribution on my foot went all wonky.

My BEEF with Wii Yoga at this point is Warrior II (Virbadrasana II). The Wii trainer has you put your knee in PRECISELY the position it SHOULD NOT BE IN. I can’t really come up with a good reason they’ve done this but it really puts extra stress on the knee joint that you shouldn’t have. They also emphasize the ‘heels should line up’ alignment idea of which I’m not a huge fan. Everyone’s hip girdle is slightly different. Some have a deeper acetabulum, the ligaments have limited flexibility (and not everyone’s ligaments are the same length), not to mention that everyone’s muscle and tendon structure is slightly different and the particular position they espouse can put pressure on the lower back as a result.

Um. Yeah. Otherwise it’s great. :D

*coughs* *removes yoga rantypants*

I really love it. It’s going to be fantastic for Spouse, who doesn’t really want me to ‘train’ him and doesn’t like going to classes. It is clear that we are all going to have a blast with it, especially once the beer gets involved.

Now I REALLY have to study before I teach at 9.

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