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Include me changing my haircolor. I’m back to a more-heavily-red shade of brown. That means while the box says Light Amber Brown, on me it looks more like Auburn. Mom blames this on my fire-engine red hair at birth. Sure, it changed to blonde later but apparently it wants to hang on to those warmer tones. This is only ironic because, as a blonde, the tones were always on the cool side.

Speaking of that – you know how people always try that X-hair color + Y-skin tone + Z-undertone = here’s the colors you should wear? Never, ever worked for me. I mean, I’ve got naturally blonde hair, fair skin with pink undertones and ALL of those colors that are supposed to look great (pinks, mauves, et cetera) mostly helped me look wicked bland. Whatevs.

Shane gave me a Voting Is Hot! t-shirt and I LOVE it.

I’m not a huge fan of Coke products, but the mini glass bottles of Coke may be the best carbonated beverage ever.

TV updates:

Life continues to be awesome. I am still ambivalent about Heroes. The Mentalist is keeping me on the hook! I also watched Sanctuary (SciFi) and while I did not love it, I did not hate it. I’ve had a soft spot for Robin Dunne ever since Cruel Intentions 2, so I’ll probably keep watching.

I got another Ariel Tweto comment! She continues to be awesome as well!

I should be doing laundry. Instead, I’m half-heartedly doing laundry and really reading new fiction. I’ve gotten through two paperbacks already today and suspect I’ll knock out a third this evening.


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I’m watching the Flipping Out reunion and I LOVE Jeff Lewis. Love him.

Interviewer: “A lot of people came out of this season thinking you’re kind of a bastard.”

Jeff: *shocked look* then – in all sincerity – “Are you sure you mean THIS season and not last season? Because I’m an a-hole but I think this season I’m more of a lovable a-hole.”


And when he started talking about manscaping. “Are you SURE you want to get into this?” He just cracks me up.

What’s funny to me is that most of the time he’s kind of smirking about what he’s doing. Frex, he’s being an a-hole and he knows it and finds it mildly amusing, and then is MORE amused when other people don’t realize he’s mostly kind of screwing with them. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to work for him but he is wicked funny to watch.

[“Detective Chavez” *snerk* “I’m getting an erection.”]
[Jennie: “What a catch!” Jeff: ” That doesn’t sound convincing at all. That sounded sarcastic actually!”]

And while I’m talking about TV:
Ariel Tweto, if you’re still reading, you need a webpage, girl! The vast majority of my blog hits lately are people doing “ariel tweto” searches. I think you’re super sweet and it would be totally awesome if you could capitalize on all of this. P.S. It was so cool that you commented on my blog!

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Yesterday I went outside to show Carly the empty bunny nest and who was looking up at me but three little bunnies. I’m not sure who was more surprised, me or them. One by one they scampered to the back of the garden but I’m pretty sure they came back to the nest to sleep. So Piper is still on Bunny Watch.

I have been gushing about how awesome Ariel Tweto was on Wipeout because she was hilarious and upbeat and had a great sense of humor. And then she commented on my Ariel is Great entry! Crazy intarwebz!

I’m on a break before my anatomy practical and I’m very proud of myself for not wasting all my time on the internet yesterday. Hopefully it will pay off.

My class this morning was good, even though I was a bit discombobulated. I’m also finalizing my schedule with the Township so that my students will have some other options.

I was thinking I’d go out for a mid-finals celebratory beer tonight but I’m tired enough that I may just pass out. I can’t believe it’s only 1:30 in the afternoon!

Spouse is safely in Colorado and said the drive was spectacular. Potentially more details later. It’s so weird sleeping in a bed without him (though Piper tried to keep me company). It’ll be nice when he’s home.

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Ariel on WipeOut. Seriously? How hilarious is she?


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