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One more way in which Leadville is superior to Saginaw: when we got home, one of our neighbors had plowed our driveway for us. Out of the goodness of their heart, without being asked. In the entire 8 years we lived in Saginaw, nobody ever even OFFERED – including when Spouse threw his back out and I was stuck outside shoveling 12 inches of snow off our entire driveway. I love this place.

Santa Fe was very nice and very relaxing. While I’m in the process of uploading pictures, I will leave you with this hilarious dog story.


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1. DON’T PANIC. Whiteouts are typically caused by blowing snow. ‘Blowing’ means that intermittently you’ll probably be able to see.

2. DO NOT stop your car.

3. Drive as slowly as you think necessary but don’t pull over or stop. It increases your chances of getting hit and/or injured.

4. Turn on your effing lights. They won’t help YOU see, but they’ll help OTHER PEOPLE SEE YOU. See above.

5. Look for the sides of the road. Specifically, the right side of the road. If you have a hard time seeing, roll down the passenger window.

6. Don’t pass people. It’s a dumb idea.

7. Don’t tailgate. Same reason.


Snowpocalypse, part deux

Snowpocalypse, part deux

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We’re supposed to be in the midst of snowpocalypse out here. I could point out the irony of said snowpocalype in a place reknowned for its snow but, la.

Ironically, up in the mountains it’s not as bad as it was on the I-70 corridor. In point of fact, I had a perfectly uneventful trip to Frisco for a haircut and various errands and didn’t realize, until calling to speak to Spouse, that the roads were supposed to be in any way disastrous.

When I left at about 11 am, there was about 6 inches of snow on my car. It was overcast but not snowing, so it didn’t even occur to me to call 511 for the road update. Once I was over the Fremont Pass (upon which there was virtually NO blowing snow) and about halfway to Coppper, the visibility deterioriated. I have a couple of great pictures on my camera (to be uploaded later).

There was more snow on I-70 than usual and the visibility was such that you almost had to take it on faith that you were, in fact, merging onto I-70, but other than that it was okay.

In related news, if you were the douchebag in a red Land Rover who decided to just put their brakes on as though they were going to stop in the middle of the highway, you can eat a bag of dicks.

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There has definitely been an adjustment to living out here that extends beyond the change in altitude.

A couple of weeks ago, it was snowing and there was a fair amount of traffic to Vail. I made it over and back the Battle Mountain Pass without ever having to touch a brake – unlike the two drivers in front of me. I was inordinately proud of myself.

The other notable difference from home  is the dress code. I’d heard jokes about the Colorado Tuxedo (jeans) but there’s more than a little truth to it. For example, we’re attending a dinner tonight. At home, I’d have worn a dress – not an especially fancy one. Out here, that’s still way too formal. I’ve tentatively settled on a sweater and skirt and am still running the risk of being ‘too’ dressed up. Spouse suggested I wear a pair of “good jeans.” Alas, I own only regular jeans. Possibly I will have to consult someone to find out what “good jeans” consists of. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

I was hoping to find a book club in town, but haven’t had much luck. It seems I’ll have to drive to Avon or Vail but at least there are a couple and they’re not so far that I’ll mind the drive. The social interaction will be nice, for sure.

The job hunting continues, without much success. Right now I’m working three days a week which leaves me with just a little too much free time.

I’ve started running with the dog again, intervals in a 1.8 mile route for the time being. I’m hoping to work up to a 3.5 mile route. Running is a DEFINITE challenge. For the first time in my life, I find that heart rate charts might apply to me.

Next week I’ve got an appointment to get contact lenses. I haven’t worn glasses this much since I was 13 and I’m not really loving it. The nice thing is that the new eye doctor just needs me to fax my old prescription – rather than needing all my records.

For now, I’m off to run errands and get things around for our overnight trip.

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Part of skijoring is capturing rings on the course.  And as crazy as this whole sport sounds, it actually LOOKS CRAZIER.

Here’s the photoset.

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This is a skijoring weekend in Leadville. If, like me, you were previously unaware of skijoring – here’s the skinny:

They truck snow into town and create a track down main street.  They build jumps out of the snow, on the track. Then some crazy fools strap on skis, tie themselves to a horse, and let the horse run them full speed down the track and over the jumps. Yes, they really do.

Here’s a picture of the prep on Harrison this morning: (as always, click pics for bigger view)


Skijoring prep in Leadville.

Skijoring prep in Leadville.

We’ve had a kind of unusually warm week which allowed all the snow on the roads to melt. That’s a first since I’ve been here but the good news is we’ve already got some snow tonight and it should continue through the weekend. Probably not great for our plans to see Watchmen, but good for skijoring I’m sure.

There’s a pancake breakfast tomorrow but other than that and watching some crazy fools try to kill themselves, we don’t have any solid plans. Scheming is afoot for a trip to Santa Fe and I’ve got to bake a birthday cake.

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More photos

My trip to Salida on the 26th. When I left Leadville it was snowing but in the pics you can see it clears off before Buena Vista. Leaving Salida, I took an inadvertant detour to Monarch before realizing and coming back. 

Photos here.

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