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Got the clearcoat done on the deck – now I’m just hoping that it doesn’t RAIN.

I’m painting the last living room wall today! I’m not PLANNING on painting any of the other rooms, but since my exam got postponed, I’m not making any promises.


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Our guests are gone. I have returned from Glenwood Springs. I have to work this afternoon but I totally promise that blogging returns to normal tomorrow. Probably I’ll link to photosets rather than posting a lot of pictures (because I’ve taken a lot) but I’m going to try and catch up the Daily Leadville and 52 weeks.

Piper fantastically spilled a mini-bag of dog food ALL OVER the back end of my CR-V. My car will smell like dog food forever.

In the meantime, I’m contemplating a nap before work.

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I really thought her version of America the Beautiful was terrible. P.S. It’s not the national anthem, Tom Hanks, so you don’t put your hand over your heart.

The football games today were excellent! Great plays, great comebacks and fantastic effort all around.

I’m on to book six in my reading of the new year and I’m thinking that while Spouse is watching Big Love, I’m going to make some brownies – even though we don’t have any milk.

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