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My lack of posting began shortly after we got an offer on our house back in Michigan, mostly because nearly all my free time was spent on the phone with either the mortgage company or Fannie Mae or the retirement people (we also had houseguests in there somewhere). The counteroffer which was accepted was considerably lower than what we’d paid for the house and we were pretty upside down on the mortgage. We applied for a short sale – where the bank accepts the offer and we all walk away clean – and it was mostly a nightmare. This experience has convinced me that we will never have functional health care.

I was told in not so many words by the folks at Fannie Mae that because our house wasn’t already in foreclosure, we weren’t a priority for help. This was, of course, ONLY after I had submitted my paperwork no less than three times in two weeks- because they kept saying they didn’t have it, even after a confirmation email from a specific employee on the 2nd occasion telling me he’d gotten it all. I’d made several phone calls and found exactly one helpful employee (the aforementioned dude). I DID have a spectacular runaround, including ONE employee who began to argue with me when I requested to speak to a supervisor. She was telling me why I wanted to speak to one and that they couldn’t help me. The third time, I finally said “I don’t CARE what you think, put a fucking SUPERVISOR on the phone.” Having done a shit phone job, I generally do not lose my temper with those folks. On the other hand, they don’t generally ARGUE.

Oddly, the supervisor was able to answer some questions. Which is when I found out that because we’d been responsible and kept paying our mortgage, we were going to take the entire shaft, sans lube, right in the ass. Thanks so much. If Fannie Mae can’t keep track of THEIR paperwork, we have NO HOPE of having a functional national healthcare system which – by definition – will require a much larger amount of paper and customer service.

We gave up on Fannie Mae after that and set about scraping together the funds needed to get the hell out from under the place. Paying two mortgages has NOT been fun. But someone bought it, I flew home to sign the paperwork and hand over the last of the keys, and we are now and forever shut of Saginaw, Michigan. We couldn’t be happier.

While in Michigan I seem to have developed something of an earache which is, apparently, not an infection. I pick up medication tomorrow.

I got to see some of the family back in MI, which was nice. Everyone seems to be doing well. I’d forgotten that mosquitos can be as big as my thumbnail though. We haven’t seen any up here yet, which is perfectly fine by me. The weather has been great, as usual. The last couple of days have had a bit of rain which is interesting because it doesn’t LAST, including the water on the ground.

Our anniversary is coming up next week (9 years!) and we got each other a sweet anniversary gift to help take the sting out of the house fuckery. Details on that later.

I start classes in a couple of weeks and it sounds like Spouse is planning a House Project. We’ll see how far that gets.


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Not only is it a good crime drama with great characters and actors, it’s got fantastic music. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

This link is mostly for my reference.

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Today I got my Colorado phone number. This makes me inexplicably happy, possibly because we are officially Coloradans now. Got the license, the plates, the number – nothing left to do for paperwork!

We’re having a guest over on Friday and all I have to do is finish unpacking, stash full boxes, hang all the photos and artwork, and finalize (and cook) the menu. No problem, right?

Tomorrow I’m running a couple more errands: picking up a special bottle of scotch, mailing our old Dish Network receiver back to the company, and getting my hair cut/colored. It’s been several weeks and there’s about an inch of natural hair color showing. My plan is to get the rest of my hair to look more like the natural color, but we’ll see how that works out. I also have been feeling like I’m rocking some ‘mom’ hair lately and ideally we’ll get something done about that as well. I’m sorely tempted (especially given the clime) to cut my hair very short again. I predict by this time next year that’ll be a done deal. For the time being, I’m willing to humor my spouse and try to grow it out again.

Of course, if anything like the last hair debacle (which required cutting it from below the shoulders to my chin) happens again all bets are off.

I’ve settled into my temp gig, which I like a great deal. It’s also a nice jumping off point looking for other work.

More importantly, WE’VE GOT A DVR AGAIN!! If I sound redonkulously excited about THAT, then you’ve never had a DVR. Not only do Spouse and I have separate (and concurrent) viewing habits on Thursday nights, this Mountain time change thing is killing me. Did you know that out here, prime time starts at 7pm? WTF?

Progress is being made, slowly but surely, and I hope to be completely done with the moving in by next Friday. I also made my plane reservations (yay frequent flyer miles!) to get back to Detroit for Mom’s surgery. Anyone intrested in coffee/tea/beer in the Detroit area should email me (or comment here).

I’m going to put together some shelving and then go to bed. The Battle Mountain pass is mine to conquer tomorrow – something that brings new heights to hair-pin turns (12,000 feet) and stunning (if somewhat terror-inducing) scenery.

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I’ve got some temporary part-time employment, as of today. Even though it’s not permanent, I’m feeling pretty good about starting the new year with a job.

In yoga news, this is how I teach yoga. A friend sent me the article because I’m always talking about how yoga doesn’t have to be serious and how I love to hear people laugh in my classes. Part of the reason I use pop music is because it relaxes people – lets them know I’m not going to be going all Bhaghavad Gita on them – and they sing along. Singing along is my next favorite thing to laughter. I’m not sure what the yoga community is like in this area, which is why I’m not pursuing teaching immediately. My style may or may not mesh with the locale. ;)

A lot of folks I know are doing the 365 meme, where you take a photo of yourself every day. My friend told me about another variation: 52 weeks with a self-portrait each week. I’m going to give it a shot, but my real meme this year is going to be the Daily Leadville photos. Each day I’ll post a photo from the area – not necessarily Leadville, but I’m going to try.  I’m going to use it as my way of documenting my new surroundings.


365 - day one

52 weeks - week one

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When I ask myself who the EFF I bought all these holiday cards for because I can’t think of 40 people who would want our  holiday greetings.

I did NOT achieve a driver’s license today because it turns out that Michigan is one of 14 states who do not require proof of citizenship/legal ability to live in the US to obtain a license (note to any illegal immigrants out there). Now, since the last time I had to provide proof of my identity to the state of Michigan for a driver’s license without (yanno) a driver’s license was when I was sixteen and a birth certificate was my only other legal form of I.D. I was unaware of this. Unfortunately, states like Colorado require proof of your legal right to live in the country and I was without my passport.

The hour-long drive wasn’t a complete waste. We stopped at what (now) I think must be the worst Borders in the history of the world. I went in with a list of 20 authors – no exaggeration – and found books I wanted by precisely ONE. Either they didn’t carry the author AT ALL or carried only one or two old titles. This, coupled with my unfruitful trip to the Driver’s License office, does not a happy camper make. Instead I got a future Bandwagon book, even though my Bandwagon will be far away, and a copy of The Watchmen. Spouse found a couple of things he liked. I also managed to get some business taken care of re: billing my last community ed class. So, not a waste but I’m not really happy about having to do it again.

As previously mentioned, our holiday cards (and man, am I glad I told everyone they were holiday cards) showed up today and I’ve been dutifully filling out addresses all evening. I also made a batch of the “Eff you, Queso!” that we love so much and it made up the entirety of my dinner. Eff you, Queso is very delicious and perfect for when you’re lazy:

yogagrrl’s Eff You, Queso!

1 package ground beef (somewhere around 1.5 lbs)

1 package taco seasoning

Brown ground beef, ignore taco seasoning directions and just add the seasoning and just enough water to soak up all the juice (usually about half a cup).


1 jar Tostitos Queso sauce (Medium)

1 jar Tostitos chunky Salsa (Mild)

1 can refried beans (12 oz or someting like that)

1 liberal spoonful of Mrs. Renfrow’s Jalepeno Green Salsa

Heat through until bubbling.


That last ingredient is what puts the Eff in Eff You, Queso! It’s super delicious, but HOT. Adjust the amount you put in according to how much Eff you need. ;)

It keeps for several days and is just as good (if not better) when reheated. I love it because it’s tasty and easy, and we almost always have these ingredients on hand.

And since I’m talking about Eff You, Queso! let me add this link: to a brilliant (and simultaneously not so brilliant) interview about the foreign policy dilemma with regard to Israel and Hamas. If you don’t like the Huffington Post, that’s fine, just scroll down to the video link. It’s the perfect illustration of how NOT to interview someone who PARTICIPATED in the history that you’ve READ about. Heh. Loves it.

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I’m only half-kidding with the post title. Yogagrrl’s yoga of relocation consists mainly of neck stretches and deep breathing. Well, not TOO deep because of the dust and the dog hair. Even as I write, a very nice group of men is gathering up all the boxes I have packed, furniture I have dismantled, and things we previously agreed they’d pack and/or dismantle and moving it out into an enormous truck. But a Yogagrrl story is not complete without complications.

Last night, Shane came over to help motivate finish the last of my packing. If I’d thought kitchen packing was tedious, clearly I hadn’t given much thought to bathroom necessities. Ugh. WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH LIPSTICK? At any rate, he used my computer, which meant I couldn’t access the internet, which meant that I packed (at least, right after yoga class). I packed, he wrote a paper. We both finished up at about 12:30 this morning. The movers are scheduled to arrive at 8:30.

My car was very low on gas and, due to rearranging things for the movers, I couldn’t park in the garage. I went out to fill up and buy a gallon of milk. I locked the doors and drove to the store. I am going to have cereal and a good night’s sleep and never look at cardboard again. When I got home, I opened the garage door (the way I always do) and walked in to open the back door of the house (the way I always do) and discovered that – contrary to what I always do – I’d locked the back door.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except that last week I signed with a realtor and gave her the key off of my keychain. And the spare keys were in the house. And Carly was in Ann Arbor. So at 1am, I’m in my garage, desperately searching for some wire to pick the lock with (as though I could? I’m watching TOO MUCH crime drama) but of course I have been wildly efficient and packed the ENTIRE EFFING GARAGE. There is no wire to be found.

There is no locksmith to be found.

I call Shane and ask if I can bunk at his place on campus. Because I am old and lame. He asked if I could stop and get him a 2 liter of Diet Coke. I did. And my milk, because I didn’t want it to explode in my car. And I slept on his air mattress. Did I mention the movers were supposed to show up at 8:30? I got up at 5:30. At 6 am I called the realtor and asked if there was any chance she could come let me into my house with the key in the lock box. Luckily she has kids, was getting ready to take them to school, and I was kind of on the way.

I bought some light timers, stopped at McD’s for breakfast, called Carly to share what a colossal idiot I am, and then headed back to the house. At about 7:45 she arrived (my savior!) and I was able to brush my teeth and look mostly human by the time the movers showed up. Except that I hadn’t disconnected the tank from our gas grill and then had to hunt up the keys to the myriad toolboxes so that I could detach it. Then I had to scrape snow off of the patio furniture that we’re taking with us.

Then my modem stopped working when I moved the shelving it was sitting on.

It has not been a restful day. I am supposed to teach yoga at 7:30 tonight and am despairing of not getting a nap. The yoga of relocation is to curl up and die in a sleeping bag on the floor of my empty house.

To add insult to injury, I really really REALLY want Taco Bell and they do not deliver. CURSES!

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Each room of the house is essentially done being packed. Both bedrooms, the office, the dining room, the kitchen, and the entire basement are all boxed. All that remains are the things I’m using for the next week, the food, the toiletries and bathroom supplies, and the important paperwork I need to keep with me. Unfortunately, I may have to cancel my Monday class because the movers are showing up right about the time I would be leaving to go to the gym.

TV notes:

Grey’s Anatomy:

Dear Grey’s, you are getting a SLIGHT reprieve from me but only because I read a spoiler to find out WTF is going on with this Izzy/Denny thing. Spoiler notwithstanding can we PLEASE get it over with? It is full of Fail and Ew. Please to be replacing it with more Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan (GrOan?) and Yang/Hunt. I love, love, love Kevin McKidd. He was smokin’ hot in a toga (Rome) and is just as hot in scrubs. Much love, yogagrrl


I continue to love this show.


Has gotten funnier? There’s been a lot more Abby this season, which I heart. I’ll take a cute geek girl over action just about any time. There’s an added double-bonus in that the most ass-kicking character on the show is also a female.  Go girls!

Real Housewives of Orange County:

I’ve been watching this mostly for Carly. I remember why I didn’t watch it before. It’s chock full of entitled, self-absorbed bitches. All they care about are their looks, to an extent that’s kind of disturbing. The really scary thing is that they are all supposedly ’empowered’ and independent women, but with so much vanity and insecurity they can barely function (Dear Jeana: Not you.). It’s like high school but older, bitchier, and with more money to use to be mean to you.

The Mentalist:

If I was going to get you to watch ONE show that you aren’t watching, this would be it.

Private Practice:

Whoa, Dark Horse! They came out of nowhere this week with an intense abortion-issue show. Nicely done. Yes, it’s a complicated issue and yes, we can all agree to disagree.

Ghost Whisperer:

Do you want to know how messed up I am? I only started watching this show when I saw the promo that they were going to kill off Melinda’s husband. I had literally never watched an episode (nor been interested) right up until that moment. I am not a nice person. That said, I’ve watched since then and I’m kind of intrigued with how they’re handling this whole spirit-in-another-body thing. Like I said, not nice.


Has been jacked up for a while, but this week’s episode was my favorite of the season (and second favorite probably ever). Watching everyone having to deal with suddenly being a normal person again, combined with the comic geeks, meant the episode = love.


Of the good, as always, and with considerably less gore than has become the norm.


Not sure how it happened, but I missed a couple of episodes and had to catch them on the web. And then I watched this week’s on DVR. Man, I love this show. It’s an interesting crime procedural, great conspiracy mystery, and fantastic characters. I even love the Tidwell/Reese storyline even though everyone else hates it. I take it back – watch this show too.

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