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Mostly AWOL

I’ve been NotPosting because I’ve been trying to get things sorted out with our house sale – not fun and definitely not anything I wanted to blog about. Still have some things to add about Santa Fe but I’m also making a trip to Michigan this week. In related news, I’m also working on a different hosting solution for the blog so we’ll see how that shakes out.

With any luck, posting returns to normal this week!


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I was bored with the old layout so I changed it up,  even dipping the tiniest of toes back into the CSS tweakage.

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Our guests are gone. I have returned from Glenwood Springs. I have to work this afternoon but I totally promise that blogging returns to normal tomorrow. Probably I’ll link to photosets rather than posting a lot of pictures (because I’ve taken a lot) but I’m going to try and catch up the Daily Leadville and 52 weeks.

Piper fantastically spilled a mini-bag of dog food ALL OVER the back end of my CR-V. My car will smell like dog food forever.

In the meantime, I’m contemplating a nap before work.

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New blog design

New fonts, new colors, new header photo from my new backyard. I am doing this instead of anything productive. If I were really ambitious, I would tweak the .css but I am totally and completely not.

I *did* get grocery shopping done! Also, my new bank card AND Colorado driver’s license arrived in the mail today. The picture is miles better than my last one, though I can’t get past how the Colorado licenses look *fake* They’re thinner/lighter material than the MI licenses and the hilarious font lends itself to printing it in a basement. Here’s an example:

Not really sure why this guy is broadcasting his address to teh intarwebz, but it keeps me from having to scan (and blur) my own...

Not really sure why this guy is broadcasting his address to teh intarwebz, but it keeps me from having to scan (and blur) my own...

What is WITH that font? It’s just… cheesy – for lack of a better adjective. Hilariously, found this image in a post complaining about the exact same thing. Us non-natives are a critical bunch. See the heart in the lower right corner? When you get your license they ask if you want to be an organ donor and then they print it right on the card! No messy stickers like Michigan. In extra efficient style, they also register you to vote while you’re there. Verrah nice.

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What the shit is going on with wordpress today?

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The master bedroom and basement are completely packed up. As in, I don’t have to go in those rooms ever again packed up.

Tomorrow we will finish the guest bedroom. That leaves only the office. We will SO be done by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. I am completely and utterly relieved. Unfortunately there will be almost no room in my car for people.

In unrelated news, this blog has gotten over 5,000 hits. A large number of them (possibly a disturbingly large number) are searching for ‘naked family.’ A lot of Ariel Tweto fans have stopped by (as well as Ariel!) and True Blood fans. I’m pretty consistently surprised how many people are looking for yoga playlists. My playlist page gets a regular number of hits, so I’m hoping people like the mixes.

Once I get moved all the way out west, I’m sure there will be more yoga blogging because I’ll have more time for it (yoga and blogging). There will also be lots and lots of pictures.

For those of you with RSS feeds, you may have noticed a domain change. I’m actually at yoga-grrl.com now (though the wordpress link will obviously still work).

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First, I cannot believe this blog has gotten over 4,000 hits. I’m just shocked. I believe that it happened on the backs of Ariel Tweto, Naked Family, and True Blood. Whatever. I have no idea how many people actually read this regularly and I suspect that most people trip over it on accident.

I should be packing a computer tower, a stereo receiver, and loading computer monitors into the back of my car. Obviously I am doing none of those things. My couch is feeling very comfy and I was even considering a nap.

My yoga class this morning was small but nice. My schedule changes this week and I’m picking up a set of out of town sessions on Wednesday nights. I am continuing my search to locate a replacement teacher for my classes in this area.

True Blood was awesome again this week. I’m loving the sort-of reformed Jason, his new crazy girlfriend, and the super-chipper Sookie. Tara also makes my head hurt because I like her so much and she’s so incredibly broken. Lafayette continues to be my favorite. There is something about Bill (possibly his bad accent) that really prevents me from liking him as a character. I don’t know if they’re telling him to play it stoic, but I have a hard time buying him invested in any of the drama that’s currently ongoing. I WILL say that I’m STOKED about Alexander Skaarsgard. Love him!

I’m trying to avoid political talk here because, well, I don’t generally talk politics with complete strangers unless they bring it up. Same goes with religion. Maybe I’ll change that policy once the election is over. I’m not sure (feel free to weigh in, if you care).

Today we didn’t do a single sun salutation in class. I had a request for ‘gentle’. It was more like ‘mellow’, though I gave my usual admonitions about how you can work harder but don’t have to. The class was pretty well-received. I think after Thursday evening’s class, my students are going to take my ‘make requests’ policy seriously. If they ask for something, I do my best to deliver. Most of them don’t ask. Since Thursday was almost all plank, all the time, I think I’ll get more suggestions this week.

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