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This morning I have unpacked another box of clothes (mine) and sorted three boxes of clothes (Spouse’s) for donation.  This cleared a big chunk of space in the office, where my clothes will be housed. I’ve also straightened the basement. I’m feeling quite accomplished. I also got my security code for the new job, so one more checkmark off the list!

Today’s list of things to do:

Obtain Colorado plates for both cars.

Drop off donation clothes.

Practice open at work.

Straighten guest bath.


On the bad news front, the teacher who had been considering taking over my classes at the gym in Michigan has apparently declined. I’m disappointed for my students and hope they’ll find a suitable alternative.


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I’ve got some temporary part-time employment, as of today. Even though it’s not permanent, I’m feeling pretty good about starting the new year with a job.

In yoga news, this is how I teach yoga. A friend sent me the article because I’m always talking about how yoga doesn’t have to be serious and how I love to hear people laugh in my classes. Part of the reason I use pop music is because it relaxes people – lets them know I’m not going to be going all Bhaghavad Gita on them – and they sing along. Singing along is my next favorite thing to laughter. I’m not sure what the yoga community is like in this area, which is why I’m not pursuing teaching immediately. My style may or may not mesh with the locale. ;)

A lot of folks I know are doing the 365 meme, where you take a photo of yourself every day. My friend told me about another variation: 52 weeks with a self-portrait each week. I’m going to give it a shot, but my real meme this year is going to be the Daily Leadville photos. Each day I’ll post a photo from the area – not necessarily Leadville, but I’m going to try.  I’m going to use it as my way of documenting my new surroundings.


365 - day one

52 weeks - week one

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When I ask myself who the EFF I bought all these holiday cards for because I can’t think of 40 people who would want our  holiday greetings.

I did NOT achieve a driver’s license today because it turns out that Michigan is one of 14 states who do not require proof of citizenship/legal ability to live in the US to obtain a license (note to any illegal immigrants out there). Now, since the last time I had to provide proof of my identity to the state of Michigan for a driver’s license without (yanno) a driver’s license was when I was sixteen and a birth certificate was my only other legal form of I.D. I was unaware of this. Unfortunately, states like Colorado require proof of your legal right to live in the country and I was without my passport.

The hour-long drive wasn’t a complete waste. We stopped at what (now) I think must be the worst Borders in the history of the world. I went in with a list of 20 authors – no exaggeration – and found books I wanted by precisely ONE. Either they didn’t carry the author AT ALL or carried only one or two old titles. This, coupled with my unfruitful trip to the Driver’s License office, does not a happy camper make. Instead I got a future Bandwagon book, even though my Bandwagon will be far away, and a copy of The Watchmen. Spouse found a couple of things he liked. I also managed to get some business taken care of re: billing my last community ed class. So, not a waste but I’m not really happy about having to do it again.

As previously mentioned, our holiday cards (and man, am I glad I told everyone they were holiday cards) showed up today and I’ve been dutifully filling out addresses all evening. I also made a batch of the “Eff you, Queso!” that we love so much and it made up the entirety of my dinner. Eff you, Queso is very delicious and perfect for when you’re lazy:

yogagrrl’s Eff You, Queso!

1 package ground beef (somewhere around 1.5 lbs)

1 package taco seasoning

Brown ground beef, ignore taco seasoning directions and just add the seasoning and just enough water to soak up all the juice (usually about half a cup).


1 jar Tostitos Queso sauce (Medium)

1 jar Tostitos chunky Salsa (Mild)

1 can refried beans (12 oz or someting like that)

1 liberal spoonful of Mrs. Renfrow’s Jalepeno Green Salsa

Heat through until bubbling.


That last ingredient is what puts the Eff in Eff You, Queso! It’s super delicious, but HOT. Adjust the amount you put in according to how much Eff you need. ;)

It keeps for several days and is just as good (if not better) when reheated. I love it because it’s tasty and easy, and we almost always have these ingredients on hand.

And since I’m talking about Eff You, Queso! let me add this link: to a brilliant (and simultaneously not so brilliant) interview about the foreign policy dilemma with regard to Israel and Hamas. If you don’t like the Huffington Post, that’s fine, just scroll down to the video link. It’s the perfect illustration of how NOT to interview someone who PARTICIPATED in the history that you’ve READ about. Heh. Loves it.

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Another wrench in the works

I’ve got to cancel tomorrow’s class because my mom needs me to take her to the hospital. I have made very little progress in remaining packing this week. I did, however, get a B on my micro exam. Now I’ve just got to get my lab reports together.

Winter is officially in effect here. Plenty cold with a fair amount of wet to match. I’m looking forward to less humidity in Colorado.

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My micro test is done.

I’m going to yoga at 11:00, then to fax some mortgage paperwork, and THEN I am getting my mic to do a podcast/mp3. I’ll have one within the next 48 hours. I’m actually kind of looking forward to doing it. If it turns out all right, maybe I’ll post some short yoga sessions here.

Plus, packing!

My life is chock full of excitement, I’ll tell you.

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I’m meeting with a realtor today. I also have to make a donation at the local shelter, sort and pack some more clothes, and find a seamstress to alter a few things before I leave town.

I’ve also got to sort out our ‘leaving town’ arrangements. Previously it was Dana and I driving out west. Now it’s possibly Dave and Dana and I, which means it might make more sense for Spouse to just fly home and drive out with me. It’s all very brain-tangling and I’ve got a microbiology exam on Thursday. I do not have the brainspace for logistics right now.

Last but not least, I’ve got to coordinate help to get the remainder of the garage packed. Ugh. I hate today.

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The vest and jacket came from DressLikeaPirate.com

Hat and sword from the local Halloween depot.

My boots and riding breeches, shirt via ebay.

In case it’s not absolutely clear – I freaking LOVED THIS COSTUME.





Check out my enormous hair!

Check out my enormous hair!

A better shot of the dresses.

A better shot of the dresses.


With the bride and groom

With the bride and groom

All friends have been cropped or blurred, so as to protect the [not so] innocent. And now that the wedding is over, I’ve moved on to a more extreme haircolor.


Candy apple red, baby!

Candy apple red, baby!

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