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The inside upstairs paint projects are DONE. That includes touch ups where we changed lighting fixtures. There’s a guy outside right now hanging a gutter on the back of the house because they old owners didn’t have one. Gutters are the last home improvement for (at a minimum) the next year, if not more.

In terms of current home improvements, I painted the front deck post and have started painting the front deck bench. The benches were a gift from my in-laws for our wedding. When they’re pushed together and the backs are flattened, they become a picnic table. Very cool, but also makes restaining a challenge. I’m going to do it in two parts. :)

All that remains is the railing on the back deck and the back deck bench. I’m very happy at the prospect of being DONE for a while.

In related news, I got an 83 on my exam which I’m pretty happy about. First exams suck because you’re never quite sure what the test is going to look like. I’m excited about class time in July.

With any luck, our plans today will include a trip to Frisco for BBQ and maybe seeing The Proposal.


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Spouse and I went to the movies tonight. It requires a bit of planning on our part, as the closest theater is about 40 miles away. We stopped at the Himalayan restaurant for dinner (my mint sauce is better) which was delish and then exchanged some ski pants for Spouse. Piper got a nice walk along the river before the movie.

Dude. The movie was awesome. I don’t know how it could have been better translated to film. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was FANTASTIC as The Comedian. Rorshach was, predictably, the best part. Pretty much I loved the whole thing. It didn’t feel anywhere CLOSE to being a three hour movie and the soundtrack was bad ass. Love, love, more love.

In other mad love news, the Wolverine movie looks like it’s going to kick more ass every time I see a preview. I was also surprisingly drawn in by the Star Trek trailer. New Terminator comes out around the same time. Looks like May will be our month to hit the cinema.

Tomorrow is Pi Day! We’ll be celebrating by not doing much, I suspect. Possibly constructing a dresser. Spouse has pie remaining from his birthday gift. I’m going to take a break from applying for jobs and try to get this dresser thing under control.

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I packed two additional boxes of food (no, I’m not done). I created my WTF H$lidays mix. I also ripped 3 mix CDs for my cross-country drive. Luckily my CR-V has a tape player and I’m armed with mix tapes from college. Fie on thee, bad radio reception!

Crippling my packing effort has been the usa network. Yesterday it was Bring it On and today, Stick It. I love those movies with most of my heart and, yes, I’m easily distracted.

Today Cheryl is coming over to pick up a spare bedroom set. In retrospect it was possibly a bad idea to get rid of it, what with (yanno) the spare bedrooms. On the other hand, we don’t have to move it and it’s not like we get that many overnight visitors anyhow.

I’m in the laundry proces, will pack the last of all clothing materials except what I need for the next four days, pack the food and bathroom necessities. I’ll tape up the remaining boxes and I think Shane is coming over to help me do a trial run on packing the car. With any luck, I’ll get to a yoga class tonight.

Speaking of yoga, I was doing side plank in a class the other night and noticed that my shoulders and arms are looking pretty ripped. Nice. I don’t generally notice my body from an aethetic standpoint (I’m more of a ‘function’ kind of girl) so it usually takes a pretty dramatic change/visual to grab my attention, but it was kind of cool. I don’t think my arms have gotten dramatically bigger/stronger, I just haven’t had occasion to look at myself in side plank for a while.

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This fall, to celebrate moving to Colorado, I decided to live like I was in Colorado. That is to say, I didn’t do a damn bit of yard work. I barely mowed. I did not rake.

I loathe raking. Fresh fall air notwithstanding, it’s my least favorite thing to do outside. This would be so bad, but our neighbor’s really leafy tree hangs over half of our back yard. 

I’m not a fan of redundant tasks. Making the bed is pointless, because I’m getting back into it (unless you have a dog, natch). Raking the leaves before every single leaf is off the trees makes no sense because you’re just going to have to do it again before it snows. Spouse insists that the raking and re-raking is the only way to do it. This year I proved him wrong!

To start with, I had to mow today. I never got my last mow in at the end of October and it’s been very cold with heavy morning frost. I’m leaving in less than 3 weeks (yay!) and it’s supposed to snow most of the days this week, so it was now or have the house look abandoned. It was supposed to be warmer today than yesterday but of course was not. So I mowed in 34 degree weather.

I did not rake. I started on one side of the yard and gradually mowed/mulched my way to the other, shifting the leaves with each strip of grass revealed. It took longer than normal to mow (2 hrs vs. 40 minutes), but when I think about all the time I didn’t spend raking I’m entirely proud of myself. Laziness prevails again!

Alas, it means I mowed right through yoga and I’m considering heading to bed. I rewarded myself with a dinner of potato skins and Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli. Dinner of Champions.

Now I’m watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, snugged up on the couch, and looking foward to an early night.

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I’m not sure if I should be amused or disturbed at the number of times “naked family” has been used as a search term to find my blog. I think I’m going to lean heavily on amused with a side of denial.

On the other hand, “purple camel lawnmower man” has been used quite a lot. I must not be the only Psych fan out there. For those who don’t watch, the context is that Shawn (the fake psychic) read someone’s lips to get important information. His partner, Gus, wants to know what was said.
“That’s easy. He said ‘(blah blah blah, I can’t recall but it was actual intelligible dialogue)’ and then he said ‘purple camel lawnmower man.'”

That line slayed me.

We watched Rambo this weekend and WOW was THAT chock full of blood and violence. I mean, I like action movies as much as the next girl (okay, maybe a little more) but WHOA. I don’t have a high need to see that many exploding heads and severed limbs. Not only that, but the copious amount of blood and guts was amplified by bad CGI graphics.

Spouse thinks it’s because, during a time of war, the filmmakers didn’t want to romanticize war. I will tell you RIGHT NOW that Rambo doesn’t do that. It was pretty much disproportionately violent compared to everything I’ve seen except for maybe Saving Private Ryan with the added benefit of most of the slaughtered characters NOT being in uniform.

And if you think renting My Blueberry Nights will be a romantic and uplifting film you will be wrong AGAIN. Although I didn’t think it was as bad as Spouse (“THAT’S two hours of my life I’ll NEVER GET BACK.”) it was definitely not what I thought it would be. Natalie Portman was adorable (given) and David Straithairn was heartbreaking but otherwise forgettable.

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I loved you in The Transporter. You were great in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Snatch was fantastic. Possibly you were the only good thing about The One. You were definitely one of the best things about The Italian Job. You have clearly found your niche. I was even a fan of Crank. Which is why I can’t figure out how you keep signing on for crap films.

I mean, Transporter 2 – let’s just face it – was TERRIBLE. Fighting during a plane crash? Really? I actually shelled out cash to see that one in the theater (albeit a matinee). That ridiculous fight scene was going on, I leaned over to Spouse and said, “Seriously? If he fights a shark WE’RE LEAVING.” Because at that point, I didn’t think it was out of the realm of possibility.

And while In the Name of the King wasn’t the worst movie ever (*cough* You Got Served *cough* Dungeons and Dragons) it was RIGHT UP THERE. Who thought it would be a good idea to take on a role where YOUR NAME WAS YOUR JOB. It’s not like this was George Orwell or something. To be fair, you weren’t the only big name to get taken on that film. I couldn’t believe the number of famous people who signed on for that bag of suck, but I would have thought you’d learned a lesson.

But no. NOW I see that you’re in Death Race, which is Running Man with a Mad Max/Transporter makeover. Did you really think this was a good idea? Did they just pay you a lot of cash? Would you please just go ahead and say so in your press junket because at this point I’m beginning to think you’ve suffered brain damage. I’m seriously afraid of Transporter 3 and Crank 2.

I want to like your movies. I want to go see your movies in the theater. I LOVE car chases and huge explosions. I LIKE loud movies and hand to hand combat. It’s just that I really can’t pay $10 to see something that actually makes me want to get up and leave.

Also, if you start using some spray-on hair, we’re all over.

Hoping you actually start to READ scripts,

P.S., How can you have Crank 2 when you DIED at the end of Crank. Not fake-you-out kind of death, DROPPING FROM A HELICOPTER WITH NO PARACHUTE death.

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Non-spoilery things you need to know about The Dark Knight:

  1. You should definitely see it.
  2. Do not drink any beverages before OR during the movie. It’s 2.5 hours long. Which is about 45 minutes longer than my bladder was prepared for.
  3. I hope they’re not planning to recast The Joker for a future movie because Heath Ledger played it like WHOA.
  4. It lives up to the hype.

The second most important thing (the previews):

  1. Watchmen. Are you freaking KIDDING me right now? This movie looks BAD. ASS.
  2. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  3. New Terminator movie?! With Christian Bale?! Hells YEAH!
  4. Vodpod videos no longer available.

  5. Body of Lies. I may have seen everything Ridley Scott has made. This will be no exception.
  6. Vodpod videos no longer available.

  7. The Women. I’ve seen a couple of previews for this but the theater trailer was the first one that made me want to see it. The birthing clip was freaking HILARIOUS. Spouse was even cracking up and said he thought it might be good.  < /shock>
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My class this morning was pretty great. Occasionally when I’m teaching, you can see students ‘get’ something and that totally happened today. As a room, they were total rockstars. Probably this will require an entire post about hips and hamstrings. Not sure anyone is interested in it but me.

In related news, I’m trying to upload an updated Hip Hop Mix from my class as well as my 70s blend but imeem is being a total pain in the balls. As soon as I get it squared up, I’ll post (or embed) links.

In the meantime, I’m also fielding suggestions for my 80s Hair Band mix. So far I’ve decided that Europe’s Final Countdown will be the last song before savasana.

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