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It was  a LOT of work today, but I hung most of the rest of the photos, plus a mirror. I also got the floors cleaned, made two of the four bedrooms presentable for general viewing, cleaned the kitchen and dining room, and made food!

Of all the things we put up, I’m possibly happiest about the framed Ganesha series above the entryway table. I bought the handpainted (on cloth) prints when we were in India two years ago and have had them sitting on a shelf since then because I couldn’t find the right frame. While in Target yesterday, I found precisely what I’d been looking for. I also rehung the kitchen Buddha (even though there are no pictures). For our wedding, my mom’s cousin gave us a lovely framed and matted copy of our wedding invitation which sat on our mantle in Saginaw. It’s hanging on the wall nearest our bedroom with a photo from our honeymoon where Spouse and I are in costume. I also FINALLY framed the photo from the Cubs game, with our awesome behind-home-base tickets, and got that hung.

In TV notes:

The Mentalist- I was oddly disappointed by this week’s episode. I’m not sure if I was expecting Red John to remain a sort of elusive background shad0w-character, but I was fairly meh about the storyline. Loved the character development with re: the team and Jane. Love Jane all the time.

30 Rock – Hilarious. The title of this post is from the episode. Tracy Morgan plays the funniest character possibly in the history of television.

Grey’s Anatomy – Dude. WTF with this Denny thing.  OVER it. I’m also kind of annoyed by the Mer-Christina feud, though it produced my two fave moments (Sheperd and McArmy bonding; her intern friend busting her out for being insincere). I also love Lexie/Sloan. It was also nice to see Meredith having a divergent opinion from Sheperd which was ABOUT MEDICINE. Surprisingly little (and refreshing!) rship drama for them this week. Also, still love Christina/McArmy.

Private Practice – I’m not really sure what to say about the introduction of the jackass doctor. Like, I don’t really care about him and I don’t really care how any of the characters feel about him, and I guess maybe I find the whole ‘friend opening competing practice on the floor below’ to be unbelievable enough to just not care about the ‘drama’ it causes. I do like that the show is tackling challenging medical issues (this week: vaccinations vs. autism) and talking about it like rational people but from both sides.

Damages – I have mad love for this show.  I adore Timothy Olyphant and I’d be watching just for him, even if it wasn’t great. I felt like the Patty flashbacks were a little much, but they’ve got to catch up those people who weren’t watching last season. I dig the connving and backstabbing and I heart Ellen forever.

Psych – Still consistently funny!


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Each room of the house is essentially done being packed. Both bedrooms, the office, the dining room, the kitchen, and the entire basement are all boxed. All that remains are the things I’m using for the next week, the food, the toiletries and bathroom supplies, and the important paperwork I need to keep with me. Unfortunately, I may have to cancel my Monday class because the movers are showing up right about the time I would be leaving to go to the gym.

TV notes:

Grey’s Anatomy:

Dear Grey’s, you are getting a SLIGHT reprieve from me but only because I read a spoiler to find out WTF is going on with this Izzy/Denny thing. Spoiler notwithstanding can we PLEASE get it over with? It is full of Fail and Ew. Please to be replacing it with more Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan (GrOan?) and Yang/Hunt. I love, love, love Kevin McKidd. He was smokin’ hot in a toga (Rome) and is just as hot in scrubs. Much love, yogagrrl


I continue to love this show.


Has gotten funnier? There’s been a lot more Abby this season, which I heart. I’ll take a cute geek girl over action just about any time. There’s an added double-bonus in that the most ass-kicking character on the show is also a female.  Go girls!

Real Housewives of Orange County:

I’ve been watching this mostly for Carly. I remember why I didn’t watch it before. It’s chock full of entitled, self-absorbed bitches. All they care about are their looks, to an extent that’s kind of disturbing. The really scary thing is that they are all supposedly ’empowered’ and independent women, but with so much vanity and insecurity they can barely function (Dear Jeana: Not you.). It’s like high school but older, bitchier, and with more money to use to be mean to you.

The Mentalist:

If I was going to get you to watch ONE show that you aren’t watching, this would be it.

Private Practice:

Whoa, Dark Horse! They came out of nowhere this week with an intense abortion-issue show. Nicely done. Yes, it’s a complicated issue and yes, we can all agree to disagree.

Ghost Whisperer:

Do you want to know how messed up I am? I only started watching this show when I saw the promo that they were going to kill off Melinda’s husband. I had literally never watched an episode (nor been interested) right up until that moment. I am not a nice person. That said, I’ve watched since then and I’m kind of intrigued with how they’re handling this whole spirit-in-another-body thing. Like I said, not nice.


Has been jacked up for a while, but this week’s episode was my favorite of the season (and second favorite probably ever). Watching everyone having to deal with suddenly being a normal person again, combined with the comic geeks, meant the episode = love.


Of the good, as always, and with considerably less gore than has become the norm.


Not sure how it happened, but I missed a couple of episodes and had to catch them on the web. And then I watched this week’s on DVR. Man, I love this show. It’s an interesting crime procedural, great conspiracy mystery, and fantastic characters. I even love the Tidwell/Reese storyline even though everyone else hates it. I take it back – watch this show too.

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Packing is awful and terrible. It is taking forever and sucking my life.

Nearly the entire basement is done. Nearly the entire first floor closet is done (which means the Dining Room is pretty much complete). I packed up all my dad’s albums and, while I’m paranoid about not having them get jacked up in the move, I don’t think I can fit them into my car (nor do I really want to).

I don’t think I took my allergy medicine yesterday pre-packing because I feel like I inhaled a metric asston of dust and it’s fairly awful.

On Sundays, Spouse and I watch the Sunday news shows. It’s not really the same without him. He actually has far more patience than I do with the mouthpiece guys. Frex, I can’t watch Stephanopolous today because (in addition to thinking he’s a spineless weenie) Lindsay Graham is on. I’m sure Lindsay Graham does good work for someone, but on TV he always comes across as a condescending prig. I don’t need to start my Sunday like that.

We also watch Fox News Sunday and – for all that people talk about the Fox bias – I’ve got to say that Chris Matthews does a balanced job. He actually ASKS the hard questions (unlike Stephanpolous) and actually called McCain a liar eariler in the campaign. He’s not doing a whitewash and I really enjoy his Sunday panel. I like George Will and the panel from the Stephanpolous show, but having seen George lob too many softballs (and not field any responses) it raises my blood pressure to watch his show.

Today we have to run some errands and maybe go out to breakfast. We have some of those plastic bags that you attach the vacuum to and they make your clothes into beef jerky. Far more awesome than I would have ever predicted.

TV updates:

Grey’s Anatomy- This show continues to be full of enough shit that I’m having a difficult time watching it. The appearance of Kevin McKidd  means I’ll definitely be tuning in for the next several weeks though.

Private Practics – Meh. It does have some laugh out loud moments, though.

Life- Seriously, one of my favorite shows. Crime/mystery, zen humor, and a light dusting of violence. The only way it would be better is if there were actual monsters.

Supernatural – I really like this show. They continue to be funny and creepy at the same time, and not take themselves too seriously. Also, they always have the best Halloween episodes on TV so I kind of can’t wait until next week.

True Blood is on tonight and is the only reason I haven’t gone down to a basic dish package. I loves me some HBO originals.

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