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New blog design

New fonts, new colors, new header photo from my new backyard. I am doing this instead of anything productive. If I were really ambitious, I would tweak the .css but I am totally and completely not.

I *did* get grocery shopping done! Also, my new bank card AND Colorado driver’s license arrived in the mail today. The picture is miles better than my last one, though I can’t get past how the Colorado licenses look *fake* They’re thinner/lighter material than the MI licenses and the hilarious font lends itself to printing it in a basement. Here’s an example:

Not really sure why this guy is broadcasting his address to teh intarwebz, but it keeps me from having to scan (and blur) my own...

Not really sure why this guy is broadcasting his address to teh intarwebz, but it keeps me from having to scan (and blur) my own...

What is WITH that font? It’s just… cheesy – for lack of a better adjective. Hilariously, found this image in a post complaining about the exact same thing. Us non-natives are a critical bunch. See the heart in the lower right corner? When you get your license they ask if you want to be an organ donor and then they print it right on the card! No messy stickers like Michigan. In extra efficient style, they also register you to vote while you’re there. Verrah nice.


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Changes in altitude

One of the great things about moving to Colorado is the scenery. One of the challenging things about Colorado is the altitude. Once you get past the physical adjustments – and there are physical adjustments – you have the food adjustments.

Most high-altitude cookbooks I’ve come across are written by folk in Denver. Which is great. 5,300 feet up is definitely high altitude. I, on the other hand, am an additional 5,000 feet up. Right.

I found a baking book yesterday which I’m looking forward to trying out in the next couple of days. It’s got adjustments for folk over 8,500 ft as well as a recipe for All-Purpose Baking Mix and I’m thrilled. With a little luck, I’ll be back to baking bread and cakes like crazy!

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I have finally arrived in Leadville. Well, I arrived in Leadville yesterday. It took approximately 24 hours of driving but was largely uneventful.

My awesome friends in Saginaw gave me a gift of meaningful road snacks and a great mix CD. What are meaningful road snacks? The Dark Chocolate Raisinets that a guy at the movie theater told me were “the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.” The Ho Hos that Spouse asked me to buy for Carly, because Carly really wanted them, but when I got home it turned out they were just for Spouse. The Mint Milano cookies that are my favorite. You get the picture.

The mix CD had memorable songs from memorable events in the last three years, which was fantastic. I pretty much jammed out all the way across country. And the first thing I did (once I was functional) was hook up the wireless connection. Because I’m a geek like that (not internet obsessed or anything).

Today we’re taking our guests out and around the local area, hopefully eating some great food, and picking up odds and ends. And then spending the next three weeks unpacking boxes.

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I taught my last class at the gym yesterday and my last class in Michigan tonight. It’s a little sad and totally strange. My life has kind of been dicatated by my teaching schedule for the last three years and I’m going to be a little lost without it. I also had really, really great students here and I’m going to miss them. On days when I didn’t feel motivated to teach (yes, it happens) they motivated me. Watching them grow and get stronger was awesome.

I’m getting ready to close up the house – little last minute things to get it in order. Paint the bathroom, empty the cupboards and fridge, take out the trash, get the canoe down and load it up, get the chimes off the effing tree (I keep forgetting). Possibly the most challenging will be packing the car.

Given my list, I won’t be doing much blogging today and then tomorrow I’m on the road. I’ll be giving road updates on twitter because I love the text to tweet function.

All of my belongings are arriving at my house in Leadville RIGHT THIS SECOND.

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That I’m officially done with school for the semester, but I am. My joke of a paper (more like a 5 page book report) is finished and now I just have to turn it in.

I also have to get the oil changed in my car, pick up some paint supplies, prime the bathroom, paint the bathroom, (hopefully) get the online billpay for our new bank set up, wire money to the new bank, close the old bank account, cancel satellite and internet services, throw away/donate food items, sweep the house, bag up and put out the trash, collect the windchimes, sort and pack all the things that have to be packed in my car, and lower and tie on the canoe.

Probably there are some things I’m forgetting. Like teach yoga tomorrow.

I woke up this morning a little sleep-drunk, so I’m headed to bed now. You don’t ever really catch up on sleep so I’m going to try and stave off the deprivation, at least. I also uploaded some (but not all) of the holiday music.

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I’m only half-kidding with the post title. Yogagrrl’s yoga of relocation consists mainly of neck stretches and deep breathing. Well, not TOO deep because of the dust and the dog hair. Even as I write, a very nice group of men is gathering up all the boxes I have packed, furniture I have dismantled, and things we previously agreed they’d pack and/or dismantle and moving it out into an enormous truck. But a Yogagrrl story is not complete without complications.

Last night, Shane came over to help motivate finish the last of my packing. If I’d thought kitchen packing was tedious, clearly I hadn’t given much thought to bathroom necessities. Ugh. WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH LIPSTICK? At any rate, he used my computer, which meant I couldn’t access the internet, which meant that I packed (at least, right after yoga class). I packed, he wrote a paper. We both finished up at about 12:30 this morning. The movers are scheduled to arrive at 8:30.

My car was very low on gas and, due to rearranging things for the movers, I couldn’t park in the garage. I went out to fill up and buy a gallon of milk. I locked the doors and drove to the store. I am going to have cereal and a good night’s sleep and never look at cardboard again. When I got home, I opened the garage door (the way I always do) and walked in to open the back door of the house (the way I always do) and discovered that – contrary to what I always do – I’d locked the back door.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except that last week I signed with a realtor and gave her the key off of my keychain. And the spare keys were in the house. And Carly was in Ann Arbor. So at 1am, I’m in my garage, desperately searching for some wire to pick the lock with (as though I could? I’m watching TOO MUCH crime drama) but of course I have been wildly efficient and packed the ENTIRE EFFING GARAGE. There is no wire to be found.

There is no locksmith to be found.

I call Shane and ask if I can bunk at his place on campus. Because I am old and lame. He asked if I could stop and get him a 2 liter of Diet Coke. I did. And my milk, because I didn’t want it to explode in my car. And I slept on his air mattress. Did I mention the movers were supposed to show up at 8:30? I got up at 5:30. At 6 am I called the realtor and asked if there was any chance she could come let me into my house with the key in the lock box. Luckily she has kids, was getting ready to take them to school, and I was kind of on the way.

I bought some light timers, stopped at McD’s for breakfast, called Carly to share what a colossal idiot I am, and then headed back to the house. At about 7:45 she arrived (my savior!) and I was able to brush my teeth and look mostly human by the time the movers showed up. Except that I hadn’t disconnected the tank from our gas grill and then had to hunt up the keys to the myriad toolboxes so that I could detach it. Then I had to scrape snow off of the patio furniture that we’re taking with us.

Then my modem stopped working when I moved the shelving it was sitting on.

It has not been a restful day. I am supposed to teach yoga at 7:30 tonight and am despairing of not getting a nap. The yoga of relocation is to curl up and die in a sleeping bag on the floor of my empty house.

To add insult to injury, I really really REALLY want Taco Bell and they do not deliver. CURSES!

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I packed two additional boxes of food (no, I’m not done). I created my WTF H$lidays mix. I also ripped 3 mix CDs for my cross-country drive. Luckily my CR-V has a tape player and I’m armed with mix tapes from college. Fie on thee, bad radio reception!

Crippling my packing effort has been the usa network. Yesterday it was Bring it On and today, Stick It. I love those movies with most of my heart and, yes, I’m easily distracted.

Today Cheryl is coming over to pick up a spare bedroom set. In retrospect it was possibly a bad idea to get rid of it, what with (yanno) the spare bedrooms. On the other hand, we don’t have to move it and it’s not like we get that many overnight visitors anyhow.

I’m in the laundry proces, will pack the last of all clothing materials except what I need for the next four days, pack the food and bathroom necessities. I’ll tape up the remaining boxes and I think Shane is coming over to help me do a trial run on packing the car. With any luck, I’ll get to a yoga class tonight.

Speaking of yoga, I was doing side plank in a class the other night and noticed that my shoulders and arms are looking pretty ripped. Nice. I don’t generally notice my body from an aethetic standpoint (I’m more of a ‘function’ kind of girl) so it usually takes a pretty dramatic change/visual to grab my attention, but it was kind of cool. I don’t think my arms have gotten dramatically bigger/stronger, I just haven’t had occasion to look at myself in side plank for a while.

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