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For the contents of my last post. Or at all, for that matter. So there! Maybe Big Brother has figured out not to waste his time on peons like me.

I have been utterly consumed by the whole, holy crap we’re buying another house and packing all our belongings and finding a place for Spouse to rent and still attending my classes and teaching!

Therefore a suitably frivolous post about television:

Generation Kill. I loved this series. I loved pretty much every part of it. I especially loved how, after six episodes of showing how completely ass-backward some of our military procedures are/can be that they spent a big chunk of episode seven explaining WHY. It doesn’t make you love the crazy, but it lets you know that there is SOME sort of logic in the system.

True Blood. I saw the first episode and I kind of loved it. I read some Sookie Stackhouse books a long time ago and enjoyed them. They’re popcorn horror/fantasy and the TV show is capturing that completely. I dig that Anna Paquin plays Sookie just right – well-meaning and not above planting her foot firmly in her mouth. And her friend Tara is hilarious.

Fringe. Watched the premiere. I was not wowed, even though I really like Joshua Jackson. He’ll always be Pacey to me!

Shear Genius. Let me just say that that last challenge was bullshit. And also, I hate the way Dee does hair. Hate it. Charlie should have won.

Wipe Out. Dude – they changed up the courses and it is even MORE hilarious.

The Closer. When I think this show can’t get better, it totally proves me wrong. For example, after a totally amazing (and emotional wringer) episode when one of the squad’s family members is killed (stellar performances from all), they follow up with a hilarious (as ever) appearance by Brenda’s parents. Not only do they completely nail her relationship with Fritz and her relationship with her folks, but they get Fritz and his interactions with her parents AWESOME. And then, this week, she snatches authority out of thin air and goes from being demoted (ish) to bossing everyone around, in perfectly Brenda Leigh style. Love it.

I know I’ve watched other TV but the new Bravo interior design show hasn’t officially grown on me yet and I’m pretty intensely bored by Project Runway this season. The highlight so far has been during the Diane von Furstenberg challenge when Heidi was talking about how much she disliked Kenley’s dress and then all the other judges said they loved it. *smack* Heidi, you’re still JUST A MODEL. Hah.

I will probably have more to post about eventually, when my head is less likely to explode.


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When you start with first graders, you know it’s going to be interesting. And to all you moms out there, if your 7-year-old daughter picks the tattooed and facial-pierced hair stylist YOU are in for TROUBLE later. I’m speaking from experience here. Ditto if your kid wants to look like a Charlie’s Angel or Paris Hilton. I’m just saying.

The kid challenge was hilarious because mini-Jacquelyn and mini-Paris LOVED their hair so much it looked like their smiles might explode. And then there was the fashion show/mock rock of previously eliminated contestants! Daniel is still hilarious, Charlie is still an enormous bitch, and I couldn’t believe how much fun they were all having. We were laughing out loud. Nicole’s impression of Meredith was FREAKY accurate and invisible Gail was awful/hysterically funny.

If the first half wasn’t enough, THEN the challenge happened. Daniel reveals his scheming, plotting, devious side! P.S. Having to cut the other contestant’s family members hair was BRILLIANT. I felt bad that Paolo went home but he kept giving everyone the same hair cut. Plus when Charlie’s sister turned around, Carly and I both went “WHOA.” We also felt like Dee’s mom’s haircut was going to grow out like a Chia Pet (which was unfortunate) and their phrasing was bad. Her styling options weren’t limited as much as what the hell she was going to do when growing it out.

Project Runway was good, until I saw SG- at which point it paled in comparison. I think that Kenle and the Mormon kind of ripped off Leatha Stella and the other dude. I mean, their dress was HOT and lost because Brooke Shields didn’t like the belt. It was terrible because their dress looked so put together and like it came right off a chi chi store rack. I liked the Kenle/Mormon dress but if you saw both dressed on a store mannequin, you’d buy the one with the belt.

Maybe I should eventually learn the designers names? I guess that’s a testament to how invested I’m not.

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I’m watching Shear Genius from last week. I adore Charlie because he is such an enormous shit-talker. They’re showing a LOT of that on this episode which makes me nervous that they’re going to send him home this week. On the other hand, he is the catalyst for ALL drama. How cute was Daniel running down the who-hates-whom in the house? (And singing to the dog!)

Burn Notice is staying on its game and I LOVE Fiona more and more with every episode. The look on her face when Sam was getting wailed on = priceless. Psych maintains its hilarity, though I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care for the ‘lil Shawn and Gus’ cartoons. The Closer continues to keep their characters growing and making mistakes. Brenda had a humdinger this week and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop around that. Also, Gabriel was a moron for suggesting his ex be the one to transfer but it was a completely believable douchebag move.

Project Runway got it right on the top 3 last week. I’d disagree about the actual winner (While I appreciated the super jock wear, I liked the separates better. The one they chose was actually my least favorite out of the three) and I felt bad about the criticism they gave the loser. It was kind of bullshit to call her out for being ‘stuck in the past’ when 2/3 of the designers did a retro look.

[Shear Genius note: OMG, Daniel’s dog is the CUTEST EVAR.]

Mad Men and Generation Kill were both brilliant this week. With Generation Kill, you find yourself laughing at things you probably shouldn’t be laughing at which is, I’d imagine, the point. Mad Men is just gorgeous – beautiful to look at and so tightly scripted that you could bounce a quarter off Don’s ass. Loves it.

I was totally annoyed that Wipeout had a ‘best of’ this week. It hasn’t even been on very long – I would have thought they could plan better.

Flipping Out reunion happens this week and I kind of can’t wait to see what happens.

Spouse will be doing some important stuff this week and I’ve got big exams, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging.

Oh, who am I kidding? I use this to procrastinate. So if it’s copious amounts of blogspam, you’ll know why.

[Edited to add: HOLY CRAP! They finally sent Nekisa home! I can’t say I’m surprised and I’m also glad that I won’t have to hear any more of her excuses. Charlie will have to focus all his anger on Dee.]

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I’m calling BS on BOTH judgments tonight (Project Runway and Shear Genius). Capital B, capital S.

On Runway, there is NO WAY Kenley’s dress was better than Leanne’s. No chance. Leanne’s dress was meticulous and any of the judges (including Michael Kors) would have worn it in a heartbeat. No patio chair print, mandarin collar, and puffy sleeve conglomeration there.

And on Shear Genius! I can’t BELIEVE they sent the wrong person home. Note to judges: the person you SHOULD send home is the one you KEEP PUTTING IN THE BOTTOM. Nekisa’s constantly making excuses and her Farrah was AWFUL. It looked like dreadlocks but without the actual dreadlocks.

It was all crazy talk.

One good thing: I’m totally making Tim Gunn saying “Holler at your boy?” as my ringtone. HILARIOUS.

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I LOVE Shear Genius. I adore Charlie and Daniel. I love that the challenges require real people to work as crash-test-dummies and that the judges will ask their opinions. It’s far more fascinating than I thought it would be to watch other people style hair (and color, and cut).

I also love Fit Yoga. It sounds kind of terrible, but it makes me feel better about my teaching.  For example, the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about the importance of feet in yoga and – lo and behold – when my Fit Yoga showed up today there was an entire article about yoga feet! It’s reinforcement that yes, I’m talking about what I need to talk about but it’s also a verification for my students that I’m not speaking entirely out of my ass.

Which is nice.

It was VERY hot here today so I begged off of golf and we had beer and pizza for dinner. It was too hot to cook. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I can’t promise that the rest of my updates won’t be entirely about TV, mostly because I’ve got a lab practical next week and plan to spend the next 4 days ensuring that I’ve memorized every bone, muscle, sensory nerve, and brain structure in the body. I know. It sounds hella fun. On the bright side: reviews of Burn Notice and the new Batman movie forthcoming! Possibly I am the only person excited about that.

Possibly I may manage an entire post about the Gaim catalog I received today (and was horrifed by). We’ll see how much distraction I actually require.

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Instead of making a yoga post, you get a yoga bullet: good point about teaching in a gym- lower price makes the classes more accessible. Challenging point about teaching in a gym – more likely to have brand new students and fairly experienced students in the same class. I think I generally balance it out pretty well.

Having already exposed my (not so) secret love of Wipe Out, I figured I’d also comment on my other reality faves. Currently I’m also watching the Denise Richards show, Flipping Out, and Shear Genius.

The Denise Richards show (Denise Richards: It’s Complicated) has become a surprise favorite. I think the title is ridiculous, but I would *totally* hang out with that chick. She’s kind of shockingly normal, all things considered, and has a great sense of humor about herself.

Flipping Out. AMAZING. I can’t say how MUCH I love this show. Jeff is a nutbag. He’s a completely self-aware nutbag who ALSO has a sense of humor about himself. That’s got to be pretty rare. Also, wickedly talented at remodeling houses. Mostly I watch for the crazy.

Shear Genius is the hair version of Project Runway. The challenges are more interesting than I had expected they would be, mostly because the stylists also have to take into account what their clients want. They don’t get a blank slate to start with and sometimes that workes entirely against their purposes. Also, Daniel and Charlie are BRILLIANT.

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