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Oh right – Wednesday. I taught two yoga classes today and attended Spouse’s farewell gathering at work.

Both yoga classes were pretty great. The morning class had 7 students, evening had 14. For tonight’s class we used the hip hop mix (a personal fave). I think my classes are amused because whenever a song comes on, I’m all “I LOVE this song!” It shouldn’t be surprising since, yanno, I MADE the mixes. What happens is that I rotate through my music and I’ve got several different things I use. So by the time I play a mix again, I’ve kind of forgotten what was on it, or what order the songs are in, and it’s a pleasant surprise every time because I love the songs.

A woman attended my class this evening (Power Yoga) for the first time. She was new to yoga and 8.5 MONTHS PREGNANT. What? I was able to structure the class in such a way that she could participate (though I would have probably had a stroke if I’d known how far along she was BEFORE the class started) but I’m still kind of in shock.

Speaking of shock, I MISSED the Wipeout finale last night! Totally disappointed. I did catch The Closer finale which was crazy and kind of bizarrely ended like a regular cliffhanger episode and didn’t really have a finale feel to it. Weird.

I’m going to admit to liking this interior design on Bravo. Tonight was all about designers from Project Runway and it is completely awesome. I love Big Daddy, not the least of which is because people call him Big Daddy.

My life is utterly lacking in excitement right now so I’m going to get some Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.


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For the contents of my last post. Or at all, for that matter. So there! Maybe Big Brother has figured out not to waste his time on peons like me.

I have been utterly consumed by the whole, holy crap we’re buying another house and packing all our belongings and finding a place for Spouse to rent and still attending my classes and teaching!

Therefore a suitably frivolous post about television:

Generation Kill. I loved this series. I loved pretty much every part of it. I especially loved how, after six episodes of showing how completely ass-backward some of our military procedures are/can be that they spent a big chunk of episode seven explaining WHY. It doesn’t make you love the crazy, but it lets you know that there is SOME sort of logic in the system.

True Blood. I saw the first episode and I kind of loved it. I read some Sookie Stackhouse books a long time ago and enjoyed them. They’re popcorn horror/fantasy and the TV show is capturing that completely. I dig that Anna Paquin plays Sookie just right – well-meaning and not above planting her foot firmly in her mouth. And her friend Tara is hilarious.

Fringe. Watched the premiere. I was not wowed, even though I really like Joshua Jackson. He’ll always be Pacey to me!

Shear Genius. Let me just say that that last challenge was bullshit. And also, I hate the way Dee does hair. Hate it. Charlie should have won.

Wipe Out. Dude – they changed up the courses and it is even MORE hilarious.

The Closer. When I think this show can’t get better, it totally proves me wrong. For example, after a totally amazing (and emotional wringer) episode when one of the squad’s family members is killed (stellar performances from all), they follow up with a hilarious (as ever) appearance by Brenda’s parents. Not only do they completely nail her relationship with Fritz and her relationship with her folks, but they get Fritz and his interactions with her parents AWESOME. And then, this week, she snatches authority out of thin air and goes from being demoted (ish) to bossing everyone around, in perfectly Brenda Leigh style. Love it.

I know I’ve watched other TV but the new Bravo interior design show hasn’t officially grown on me yet and I’m pretty intensely bored by Project Runway this season. The highlight so far has been during the Diane von Furstenberg challenge when Heidi was talking about how much she disliked Kenley’s dress and then all the other judges said they loved it. *smack* Heidi, you’re still JUST A MODEL. Hah.

I will probably have more to post about eventually, when my head is less likely to explode.

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I have no plans beyond teaching my evening yoga class. I will probably continue to lay around and read fiction before the grind that is Microbiology begins next week.

In related news, I read New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear and there is nothing I did not like about it. It’s a collection of short stories which involve the same characters. The people are complex and interesting, I love the alternate history and practical magic.

Up next on the list, finishing The Mermaid Chair, A Thousand Splendid Suns (for the Bandwagon), and the Penelopeiad by Margaret Atwood. I’m very excited about the latter because it was a surprise find.

I’m also excited about my birthday. I’ve gotten to the point where it feels like I’ve ‘earned’ each year and I’m pretty happy to be doing so. I’m in good health – better than when I was in my 20s – as is my family. We’ve got some changes and challenges coming up, but I’m looking forward to them.

And since it’s come up in conversation twice in the last several days, I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth is probably my all-time favorite song. There are so MANY favorites that it’s hard to choose but in terms of tone, tempo, lyrics, and overall good-feeling I think it’s The One. It runs through my head every single day and is great every single day. More music here than video, but you get the gist:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “I Just Want to Celebrate – Rare Earth“, posted with vodpod

TV this week:

Generation Kill – Amazing. I can’t believe it’s almost over. I continue to laugh and be shocked and horrified simultaneously. Alexander Skaarsgard defines hawtness. I’m going to have to pick up the book the series is based on.

The Closer- Great Episode. Although really, are there ACTUALLY people who get engaged without having discussed whether or not they want children? Really?

Wipeout- Seriously? Rerun? WTF?

I’m going to eat awesomely Spouse-made lasagna for dinner and then have cake! I love cake!

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I’m watching Shear Genius from last week. I adore Charlie because he is such an enormous shit-talker. They’re showing a LOT of that on this episode which makes me nervous that they’re going to send him home this week. On the other hand, he is the catalyst for ALL drama. How cute was Daniel running down the who-hates-whom in the house? (And singing to the dog!)

Burn Notice is staying on its game and I LOVE Fiona more and more with every episode. The look on her face when Sam was getting wailed on = priceless. Psych maintains its hilarity, though I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care for the ‘lil Shawn and Gus’ cartoons. The Closer continues to keep their characters growing and making mistakes. Brenda had a humdinger this week and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop around that. Also, Gabriel was a moron for suggesting his ex be the one to transfer but it was a completely believable douchebag move.

Project Runway got it right on the top 3 last week. I’d disagree about the actual winner (While I appreciated the super jock wear, I liked the separates better. The one they chose was actually my least favorite out of the three) and I felt bad about the criticism they gave the loser. It was kind of bullshit to call her out for being ‘stuck in the past’ when 2/3 of the designers did a retro look.

[Shear Genius note: OMG, Daniel’s dog is the CUTEST EVAR.]

Mad Men and Generation Kill were both brilliant this week. With Generation Kill, you find yourself laughing at things you probably shouldn’t be laughing at which is, I’d imagine, the point. Mad Men is just gorgeous – beautiful to look at and so tightly scripted that you could bounce a quarter off Don’s ass. Loves it.

I was totally annoyed that Wipeout had a ‘best of’ this week. It hasn’t even been on very long – I would have thought they could plan better.

Flipping Out reunion happens this week and I kind of can’t wait to see what happens.

Spouse will be doing some important stuff this week and I’ve got big exams, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging.

Oh, who am I kidding? I use this to procrastinate. So if it’s copious amounts of blogspam, you’ll know why.

[Edited to add: HOLY CRAP! They finally sent Nekisa home! I can’t say I’m surprised and I’m also glad that I won’t have to hear any more of her excuses. Charlie will have to focus all his anger on Dee.]

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I will say that the dvr comes in handy when it’s 1:30 in the morning and there’s no sleep in sight. Summer session has kicked my brain into overdrive so it’s harder than ever to get to sleep or – once asleep – stay there. That’s right, I can’t just have ONE kind of insomnia – I’ve got to have BOTH. What can I say, I’m an overachiever. Thusly I occasionally resort to a half-dose of Ambien and watch TV while I wait for it to kick in. If you try reading books, sometimes you read the same 10 pages fifteen times because you can’t QUITE remember what happened but when you read it it’s vaguely familiar.

Tonight’s Wipeout was a pretty big change of obstacle course! The first elimination round seemed oddly easier, they took out the third elimination, and then there was foam EVERYWHERE for the final. I wouldn’t have thought foam would make such a difference but it was clearly difficult to swim in. No spills like the guy who did the splits last week or the guy who managed to fall INSIDE the big ball, but plenty of laughs regardless.

Flipping Out. First of all, I cannot BELIEVE the season finale is next week. I can’t believe ANYONE would take a job for Jeff thinking it was an entry to interior/home design and real estate marketing. No one starts out in real estate by PICKING UP DOG SHIT AND GUACAMOLE. That’s ridiculous. Although speaking of guacamole, they never quite resolved that. I know enough about myself to understand I could not possibly be a personal assistant to someone with OCD and a god complex. I hope Jenni and Zoila get paid a lot for being on TV. I want a Zoila t-shirt that looks like that hideous painting.

Psych did an all 80s movie reference episode! The part about the panties was one of my favorites, but in general I just thought it was hilarious. There was also awesome Gus n Shawn love with the ‘best friend’ speech. And a Breakfast Club letter. Excellent. It would be so fun to be a writer on that show.

Eureka opened with music which freaked me out! I was half-afraid there was going to be an entire musical episode but instead it was a regular episode with a self-guided drone named Martha. I adore funny sci-fi.

The Closer is still amazing and the guest-Baldwin did a good job. I like that they’re still as heavy on the cast relationships/interaction as much as they are on cases.

There’s more, I’m sure, but this medication is kicking up and I think typing is going to go downhill (as evidenced by it taking 4 tries to locate the ‘y’ in typing) so I might as well hit the rack.

Tomorrow a proper yoga post. Probably. And maybe a new music mix.

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My evening classes are billed as Power Yoga, but I tend to teach them the same way that I teach my Hatha classes (I’ll give you ways to make things harder, choose your own yoga adventure). Tonight I was amped up from making dinner PLUS I dropped in my Hip Hop Yoga Mix. It’s impossible not to have an upbeat, movement-heavy class with that music mix. We did Sun Sal variations, cat/cow, dolphin, table, down dog variations, and lunge variations. Finished with the leg strap series. Everyone worked pretty hard and I was completely impressed by their form.

Some teachers don’t like to use music in classes, which I get, but at the gym it’s impossible not to. I also like that music can serve two purposes: one, setting a tone for the class (see above) and two, providing a focal point for the breath. I’ve got a few mixes I use and a couple of CDs that I normally default to. I’ve been using one disc for a little two long, so now I’m at the change it up point. Hopefully the students don’t hate it. Creating yoga mixes presents some interesting challenges.

For dinner I made chicken souvlaki with tadziki sauce and fattoush. Turned out pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. I’m even looking forward to leftovers.

The Closer was as good as expected. C asked if I watched Saving Grace. I tried. Really. I watched the first episode last season but found their depiction of ‘atheist’ as alcoholic, home-wrecking, promiscuous, chain-smoking, and generally rude and inconsiderate to be fairly offensive. So I don’t watch.

Tomorrow is another Anat&Phys marathon (11am to 5:30pm). I’m not feeling particularly enthusiastic about it but luckily I’ve got a class to teach in the morning. :)

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I love crime drama. I love almost every crime drama*, but I especially love The Closer. They do a fantastic job with characterization and the cases. The ensemble cast is amazing and their chemistry is great. My only little quibble with the show has been the degree to which they make Brenda food-obsessed (I thought they were going to take a terrible turn towards premature menopause last season but the crisis was averted) – otherwise she’s polite but hard as nails. She’s smart and knows it but doesn’t feel the need to hammer that home in every episode. She’s also flawed and they do a great job of making her ‘normal.’ There are a lot of summer shows I like, but this one is love.

Burn Notice started last week also, which is worth watching if only for Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campell. I’m not saying Jeffrey Donovan isn’t good but the two of them come close to stealing every scene.

My second favorite summer show – Psych – should be starting soon and I’m not going to apologize for my unabashed Gus and Shawn love. In fact, I’ll start sharing now.

*I can’t stand CSI. It’s a whole rant, but I won’t get into it.

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