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They did a pretty great job of wrapping up their first season. The characters have all been flawed but likeable. There was a lot of humor to balance out a fair chunk of violence. I think the show ultimately lived up to the hype of their theme song, I’m just hoping that the cast will all work on their southern accents during their break.

Things I’m looking forward to next season: 1) Bill’s protegee. 2) Hoping it wasn’t Lafayette’s toes peeking out of Andy Bellfleur’s car. 3) More Eric. Loves me some Alexander Skarsgard.


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I did not love the book. I did not like the movie. If you loved the book, you will probably love the movie. I found it to be kind of stilted and too chock full of high school female angst, pregnant pauses, and swelling musical interludes. I liked the second book much better but I don’t think I’ll bother seeing the movie when it comes out. The only thing I DID like about the movie was Bella’s mittens. I clearly need some.

My main issue with Stephanie Meyer’s vampire mythology is the cold skin thing. Who wants to make out with a corpse? Ew. Also, SLEEPING with a corpse. I’m not one of those people who gives off heat in my sleep (see: Spouse) but I sure as heck would absorb the cold and it would wake me up. Also, CORPSE. EW.

More packing for me tonight. On the TV front, still loving The Mentalist. They did a masterful job of bringing in his old family tragedy this week. Loved it. Grey’s has taken a turn for the crazy but I still adore Kevin McKidd. His chemistry with Sandra Oh will keep me tuning in. Loves them. I thought the True Blood finale was going to be this past Sunday but I was wrong. I actually felt terrible for Jason in the episode, which is a testament to how great the actor is. And last but not least, I am LOVING The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I am positively EXCITED for the reunion special, which promises to be a trashy napalm trainwreck. I can’t wait.

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Did not get the podcast made. On the other hand, my mom learned about female ejaculation.


Yeah, you read that right. Shane made a hilarious and inadvertent comment about his recent google search and there you have it. At least ONE unexpected outcome to the weekend. All is forgiven, though, because he and Carly helped pack up the garage.

Me: *grumbling*

Shane: “You’re going to be bringing this up to Spouse for the next 10 years, aren’t you?”

Me: “Hells yeah! ‘Hey, remember that time when I PACKED ALL OF OUR HOUSE?  Shut it.’ ”

Shane: *cracks up*

Packing is clicking along. There is room to walk in the living room all the way around the coffee table, and that’s an improvement. Rooms are steadily becoming more empty and more and more things are making their way to charitable organizations. With every box that goes away, I feel a little lighter. Unfortunately there are a fair number of boxes that yet remain, which makes me think there might be another wardrobe culling when we get to Colorado.

We officially own two homes, which is terrifying. We can’t sell this one quickly enough, but at least we’re not paying rent in Colorado – it’s a mortgage now. I don’t want to think about what happens if we don’t move this house with some speed. Our budget is pretty tight to the bone. The bed arrived in CO and Spouse is quite happy with it. I’m thrilled that we’ll both be able to sleep again!

I’m really trying to stave off the panic about leaving at this point. I keep thinking that we will NEVER get everything packed, never get things moved, furniture to be given away will never get moved out of the house. Luckily I only have a couple of things left to do for school – two finals, a lab exam, and a paper. Probably I should take advantage of the extra credit options I have. If only I could get three more hours into each day, I’d be GOLDEN.

As it is, I only get to watch TV when I’m packing boxes. It kills a little bit of my heart, really. 

I *am* looking forward to the True Blood finale. I’m loving Life, despite its new time slot. Supernatural is continuing to kick some ass and Grey’s Anatomy has only been improved by the appearance of Kevin McKidd. Chuck has ramped up its game (hilarious and still cute! but with action!) and I’m stoked about the new season of Top Chef. After a terribly blasé Project Runway, I’m looking forward to some vicious cooking.

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First, I cannot believe this blog has gotten over 4,000 hits. I’m just shocked. I believe that it happened on the backs of Ariel Tweto, Naked Family, and True Blood. Whatever. I have no idea how many people actually read this regularly and I suspect that most people trip over it on accident.

I should be packing a computer tower, a stereo receiver, and loading computer monitors into the back of my car. Obviously I am doing none of those things. My couch is feeling very comfy and I was even considering a nap.

My yoga class this morning was small but nice. My schedule changes this week and I’m picking up a set of out of town sessions on Wednesday nights. I am continuing my search to locate a replacement teacher for my classes in this area.

True Blood was awesome again this week. I’m loving the sort-of reformed Jason, his new crazy girlfriend, and the super-chipper Sookie. Tara also makes my head hurt because I like her so much and she’s so incredibly broken. Lafayette continues to be my favorite. There is something about Bill (possibly his bad accent) that really prevents me from liking him as a character. I don’t know if they’re telling him to play it stoic, but I have a hard time buying him invested in any of the drama that’s currently ongoing. I WILL say that I’m STOKED about Alexander Skaarsgard. Love him!

I’m trying to avoid political talk here because, well, I don’t generally talk politics with complete strangers unless they bring it up. Same goes with religion. Maybe I’ll change that policy once the election is over. I’m not sure (feel free to weigh in, if you care).

Today we didn’t do a single sun salutation in class. I had a request for ‘gentle’. It was more like ‘mellow’, though I gave my usual admonitions about how you can work harder but don’t have to. The class was pretty well-received. I think after Thursday evening’s class, my students are going to take my ‘make requests’ policy seriously. If they ask for something, I do my best to deliver. Most of them don’t ask. Since Thursday was almost all plank, all the time, I think I’ll get more suggestions this week.

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Packing is awful and terrible. It is taking forever and sucking my life.

Nearly the entire basement is done. Nearly the entire first floor closet is done (which means the Dining Room is pretty much complete). I packed up all my dad’s albums and, while I’m paranoid about not having them get jacked up in the move, I don’t think I can fit them into my car (nor do I really want to).

I don’t think I took my allergy medicine yesterday pre-packing because I feel like I inhaled a metric asston of dust and it’s fairly awful.

On Sundays, Spouse and I watch the Sunday news shows. It’s not really the same without him. He actually has far more patience than I do with the mouthpiece guys. Frex, I can’t watch Stephanopolous today because (in addition to thinking he’s a spineless weenie) Lindsay Graham is on. I’m sure Lindsay Graham does good work for someone, but on TV he always comes across as a condescending prig. I don’t need to start my Sunday like that.

We also watch Fox News Sunday and – for all that people talk about the Fox bias – I’ve got to say that Chris Matthews does a balanced job. He actually ASKS the hard questions (unlike Stephanpolous) and actually called McCain a liar eariler in the campaign. He’s not doing a whitewash and I really enjoy his Sunday panel. I like George Will and the panel from the Stephanpolous show, but having seen George lob too many softballs (and not field any responses) it raises my blood pressure to watch his show.

Today we have to run some errands and maybe go out to breakfast. We have some of those plastic bags that you attach the vacuum to and they make your clothes into beef jerky. Far more awesome than I would have ever predicted.

TV updates:

Grey’s Anatomy- This show continues to be full of enough shit that I’m having a difficult time watching it. The appearance of Kevin McKidd  means I’ll definitely be tuning in for the next several weeks though.

Private Practics – Meh. It does have some laugh out loud moments, though.

Life- Seriously, one of my favorite shows. Crime/mystery, zen humor, and a light dusting of violence. The only way it would be better is if there were actual monsters.

Supernatural – I really like this show. They continue to be funny and creepy at the same time, and not take themselves too seriously. Also, they always have the best Halloween episodes on TV so I kind of can’t wait until next week.

True Blood is on tonight and is the only reason I haven’t gone down to a basic dish package. I loves me some HBO originals.

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Friday was a trip to Detroit and dueling Pianos in Pontiac. Saturday we headed to Windsor early and had several appointments at Estetica Day Spa. Everyone loved their services and we spent the split time (appointments at 9 and then at 3) at the Devonshire Mall. Best food court EVAR.

Saturday night was all about club hopping. I’ve got to say that it’s been a number of years since I’ve done that and we had a lot of fun.

Today I am still exhausted and not really enthusiastic about attending poli-sci. It doesn’t help that it’s rainy, overcast, and just chilly enough to be inconvenient.

SNL has returned to its tried-and-true format of fantastic and scathing political commentary and then deadly unfunny everything else. Adele’s performance was great and Cold Shoulder is already on my new yoga mix.

Life is still awesome and I’m loving Donal Logue.

True Blood ramped it up again this week and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I am hearting Tara more and more with each episode, but Lafayette is still my favorite.

If I’m going to class, I’ve got to get into the shower.

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I read some of the Sookie Stackhouse books quite a while ago, but this series is making me want to dig them out of the archives. They’re doing a great job of showing how conficted Sookie is as well as the problems that her friends have with her ‘ability.’

I adore Lafayette. I can’t say enough good things about that character and the actor who plays him just NAILS it. My especial favorite scene was the burger with AIDS. (warning: foul language)

Far and away, though, I’m most impressed with Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse. He’s completely self-absorbed and irresponsible and the guy manages to still make you care about him, even when he’s an ass.

I think Anna Paquin is doing a little over-acting – I mean, from time to time it actually LOOKS like she’s doing work. The southern accents are universally awful, but other than that I still really really like it.

Heroes is taking a turn for the weird. I’m not exactly excited to watch it, which is a bad sign, but they keep screwing up their future timelines so much that I’m losing interest in finding out what actually happens. Also? What’s up with Mohinder becoming The Fly?

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