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Unless, that is, you have no idea what I mean by BSG and in that case you probably won’t WANT to read this post. ;)

I think the gut reaction for a lot of fans was that I WANT MY KARA/LEE 4EVAH. I’ll admit it – I totally felt it for about 15 seconds. And then I started thinking about the Kara/Lee dynamic and why that ending for them totally worked (because it did).

From the start, Kara and Lee were on separate courses destined for a collision. It starts with drunken flirting and Kara’s admission that she fears “being forgotten” most, while she’s dating/engaged to his BROTHER of all things. Kara is the absolute arbiter of self-destruction. On the other hand, all of her self-destructive behaviors and crazy widespread fallout ensure that she WON’T in fact be forgotten.

Their sexual tension doesn’t ever dissipate because they never REALLY consummate what they both clearly want. She’s afraid it will mean actual happiness and a descent into ‘comfortable,’ ‘normal’ – forgettable. She’s also afraid of disappointing Lee, of screwing it up. When they finally have sex, she takes off and marries Sam – ensuring that Lee will always wonder WTF – both about her and what it means about HIM, what he did wrong.

She’s never really serious with Sam and begins pushing him away almost immediately and guaranteeing that his life will also be halfway ruined by her. He can’t ever quite let her go because he never really had her to start with.

Meanwhile, she Starbucks for all she’s worth. Does the crazy things no one else does, has no fear of her death in these ridiculous exploits because even if she bites it – people will KNOW. She doesn’t mind being talked about, being badmouthed. She has clearly defined her role and never deviates – not for a moment. She’s a trainwreck. She takes a lot of prisoners, tortures them, and makes no apologies. She doesn’t apologize when Leoben takes HER prisoner. And when she’s told she has a destiny (over and over) she isn’t upset about THAT – she’s upset that she can’t SEE it, can’t touch it, can’t CONTROL it. She’s been so busy making herself memorable that she’s afraid to let go of the icon she’s created and is afraid her destiny might take it.

Lee, meanwhile, is always half a person. He’s always responsible for someone or TO someone. His brother, his father, Kara, Dee. He can’t be who he wants to be because it will hurt his brother (and his brother’s memory) if he really pursues Kara. He’s the guy who has to try and keep Kara put together since she’s so determined to flame out spectacularly and in public view. He can’t walk away from the military (or roles of responsibility) because his father’s gravitational pull is impossible to overcome. The only way he can defend himself is to try and create his own roles and ultimately falls short. His relationship with Dee was far less well defined but it becomes clear that Dee sees herself as the rebound girl. Lee is responsible again, for not making her feel valued or important. He’s still not able to be himself. He doesn’t have any idea who he is but he has a thousand ideas about who he COULD be if his life was just different.

And in the end, Kara has become something EVERYONE will remember. She’s remembered because NO ONE knows what she really was. An oracle, an angel, a savior? The contradiction – that someone so flawed could become something so mysteriously benefiical – has guaranteed her the one thing she wanted most. She is the enigma that allows them to keep living, keep believing. And when she leaves, she’s the perfect example for how you don’t REALLY get a second chance. You don’t get to have a second life where you can do everything right – even if you’ve learned from all your mistakes – or get to rewrite history. The second chance is a great idea but you have to live your life like you only get the one you’ve got. 

I wish Lee had chosen his own destiny, but it makes perfect sense that he can’t. Dee leaves him – twice – and the first time was an attempt to make him choose his own path. The second time she left, she was so far past him that he couldn’t even see her. His father leaves him as well, and I’m willing to wank that it’s because he knows Lee will never become his own man with the Admiral around. And Kara winks out in the moment before he can ask her to stay. He can see the thousand paths he might take but now he HAS to take one, and the only one he’s repsonsible to is himself. There is no one to live up to, no one to take care of, no accounting to be made. He gets to finally become Lee.

There are a few things I would quibble about with the finale, but this is the one thing the writers got perfectly and absolutely right.


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House, M.D. I love that the writers always stay true to his cantankerousness. I love that last night’s episode was all about Monster Trucks and, simultaneously, not about Monster Trucks at all. I consistently just enjoy watching this show.

Castle. I thought the premiere was okay. I’m not a fan of crime shows where the lady cop is hot, lonely, and always in four inch heels. For “How to do this right” see The Mentalist. Nathan Fillion is kind of great, though, and I loved the end of the show. We’ll see how long they can draw this out without making the female lead seem like an utter nincompoop.

Heroes continues to be really good at what it does. Spouse missed a couple of episodes and is off of it, but I’m still liking how they put things together.

I was so glad for Medium to get back on the air! I love the way they depict the married couple, as well as the kids. They have some of the only kids on TV I find to be charming. I pretty much just love the show.

BSG continues to kick ass.

Burn Notice had a solid season. I was getting a bit annoyed with the whole ‘who framed me’ storyline but I really like the Michael/Fiona dynamic. I also LOVE Sam (Bruce Campbell). 

Chuck is also continuously awesome. 

Almost everything else is returning from their break next week.

I watched my first episode of Dancing With the Stars last night at work and I’ve got to say, I don’t get it. I don’t get why people love it so much.

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Not only is it a good crime drama with great characters and actors, it’s got fantastic music. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

This link is mostly for my reference.

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But there’s an actual yoga post coming soon. Shocking, right?

Mom’s home from the hospital and feeling well. She’s on pain meds, so no driving for her. I head north on Thursday for about a half day and then fly back home on Friday morning.

Also, I totally have to post about Medium, Chuck, and Heroes.

Michigan’s State of the State was tonight and it is pretty much what you’d expect – not good. The good news is that at least the pay of elected officials is being cut (although I noticed the applause was decidedly not widespread). I’m glad that we’ve moved but worried that we still have a house here.

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Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows ever. 

1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch. 
2. Italicize the shows you’ve seen at least one episode of. 
3. Underline the shows you own* on DVD. 
4. Post your answers. 


50. Quantum Leap

49. Prison Break 

48. Veronica Mars 

47. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 

46. Sex & The City

45. Farscape 

44. Cracker 

43. Star Trek

42. Only Fools and Horses 

41. Band of Brothers 

40. Life on Mars

39. Monty Python 

38. Curb Your Enthusiasm 

37. Star Trek: The Next Generation – saw every episode

36. Father Ted 

35. Alias – right up until the last season, which sucked it.

34. Frasier

33. CSI Las Vegas

32. Babylon 5

31. Deadwood – much to my friend Sarah’s chagrin. She loves this show.

30. Dexter – however, we BOTH love this show so I think it works out.

29. ER – I watched it up until 2 or 3 seasons ago, when Grey’s became the better medical drama.

28. Fawlty Towers 

27. Six Feet Under 

26. Red Dwarf 

25. Futurama 

24. Twin Peaks 

23. The Office 

22. The Shield 

21. Angel 

20. Blackadder

19. Scrubs 

18. Arrested Development 

17. South Park 

16. Dr Who 

15. Heroes 

14. Firefly 

13. Battlestar Galactica 

12. Family Guy 

11. Seinfeld 

10. Spaced 

09. The X-Files 

08. The Wire -Possibly the best TV series ever.

07. Friends 

06. 24 

05. Lost – Okay, I watched this up until they had that weird season break that didn’t line up with anything else and I haven’t watched it since.

04. The West WingNo lie, the last season sucked it.

03. The Sopranos 

02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer -Despite the controversy, loved it all the way through.

01. The Simpsons

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This week’s TV notes:

The Mentalist – Not gonna lie, I didn’t love this episode. It was missing something – not sure if it was the humor, or team interaction, or what, but it just fell a little flat.

Grey’s Anatomy – Better. Much better. I want this Denny thing OVER pleasethanks. I love Alex, I love Hunt, I really love Slexie, but the Denny thing is killing me. I also think the Meredith/murderer story has been really well done and I liked her fessing up to Shep’s mom.

The Practice. WTF. I mean, really? WTF. Definitely Addison should date another jackass. I love Charlotte but really, WTF.

Supernatural: Dude. This show still freaks me out. The girl from the wall was *shudder*. Psycho Nell. Heh. All in all a good episode, with some weird twists. I love my boys!

Criminal Minds: It’s a twisted, twisted world kids.  One of the best ensemble casts on TV.

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Answer: a lot. Only for Tina would I have sat through Baby Mama, which was funny but disappointing.

Her acceptance speech last night was classic and (as I’ve said before) 30 Rock is the funniest thing on TV. I was stoked that Alec Baldwin won as well. I’ve *hearted* his comedy ever since the Schwety Balls on SNL. He’s also great in State and Main, if you haven’t seen it.

Mountain time kicks ass, no lie. Back in Michigan, I probably wouldn’t have watched the Golden Globes and I definitely wouldn’t have watched ALL of it because they’re on until effing MIDNIGHT. Out here, I got to watch them at work and they wrapped up the same time I did (around 10). It was pretty awesome.

It seems as though barrels of snow are hitting Denver but we’re all clear up here in the mountain hinterlands. The sun is shining and I think I’m going to be a nice hausfrau and make chili so that Spouse can eat when he gets home. I’ll be at work and this will also prevent excessive disasterfication of the kitchen while I’m gone. I’m purposely delaying the Attack of the Spare Bedroom until Wednesday when I don’t have to work. Probably there will also be before and after photos.

Work is going well and I’m meeting lots of nice folks. After the Spare Bedroom, I’ll be looking for other and/or additional work in earnest. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be around for the Super Bowl, but it will be nice to see my mom again.

Also, if you don’t watch The View there was a pretty spectacular Ann Coulter smackdown this morning. Eminently linkable. Note to Ann: Don’t diss single mothers TO SINGLE MOTHERS. I think maybe Ann Coulter just needs hugs. Or valium. She seems so UNHAPPY all the time.


Off to attempt high-altitude chili.

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