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Moving, microbiology, and mild panic have eaten my brain and all my free time. Well, not all my free time. Yesterday was a mental health day, so Carly and I watched Baby Mama and Penelope on DVD. Baby Mama was predictable and mildly annoying despite occasional laugh out loud moments. Penelope was charming and delightful.

Spouse has already moved out of town and today was his very first day of work. Not only does it have better weather but the locals appear to be more friendly. He’s been asked to attend several events in towns by college staff and neighbors. This is seriously awesome.

Piper is enjoying the mountain air, if not the wood-paneled basement. I suspect it’s because she’s getting on in years (6) and is accustomed to having a soft spot to lay down. Spouse has a bare minimum of furniture due to the move, including a love seat instead of a proper sofa. There is no room on the love seat for Piper because Spouse is 6’2″.

I’m putting together a Sweetest Day care package for him. I don’t generally go in for Hallmark holidays but I found an amazing musical card and was inspired.

Fall means the return of fall shows! My current viewing line up consists of True Blood (HBO), Heroes, Life, NCIS, Supernatural, Gray’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Bones, and House.

Bubble shows include Chuck, Entourage (HBO), The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Mentalist, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters, and Sanctuary.

Shows I’ve already dropped: Fringe and The Lipstick Jungle.

Chuck seems to be off to a good start. Tonight was my first episode of SCC and I only caught a few episodes last season. I really enjoyed The Mentalist (and was suprised by how much so) and will definitely make sure to catch the next couple before I decide. Private Practice and Brothers and Sisters suffer from the same problem- I find the shows interesting, but not interesting enough to make sure that I watch them. Sanctuary is on the bubble because it hasn’t started yet but I’m optimistic.

Clearly I’m into mystery/suspense shows more than relationship foo foo. The only comedy shows I watch are on Thursday nights as well, but when you’ve only got one Tivo it means you’re watching SOMETHING online. 30 Rock and The Office it is!

Of the new returning shows, I’m most excited about Life. I loved the entire season and can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the returning shows that have premiered and am very happy that I have a Tivo. I spend too much time watching TV. Way too much time.


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Oh right – Wednesday. I taught two yoga classes today and attended Spouse’s farewell gathering at work.

Both yoga classes were pretty great. The morning class had 7 students, evening had 14. For tonight’s class we used the hip hop mix (a personal fave). I think my classes are amused because whenever a song comes on, I’m all “I LOVE this song!” It shouldn’t be surprising since, yanno, I MADE the mixes. What happens is that I rotate through my music and I’ve got several different things I use. So by the time I play a mix again, I’ve kind of forgotten what was on it, or what order the songs are in, and it’s a pleasant surprise every time because I love the songs.

A woman attended my class this evening (Power Yoga) for the first time. She was new to yoga and 8.5 MONTHS PREGNANT. What? I was able to structure the class in such a way that she could participate (though I would have probably had a stroke if I’d known how far along she was BEFORE the class started) but I’m still kind of in shock.

Speaking of shock, I MISSED the Wipeout finale last night! Totally disappointed. I did catch The Closer finale which was crazy and kind of bizarrely ended like a regular cliffhanger episode and didn’t really have a finale feel to it. Weird.

I’m going to admit to liking this interior design on Bravo. Tonight was all about designers from Project Runway and it is completely awesome. I love Big Daddy, not the least of which is because people call him Big Daddy.

My life is utterly lacking in excitement right now so I’m going to get some Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

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That Ariel Tweto returns to Wipeout on the season finale this week!

I’m in the process of backing up all my music, pictures, et cetera onto an external hard drive. It’s taking a lot longer than I thought.

My AT & T DSL service is working now, after a couple of brief snafus, and I’m quite happy – especially because it’s been raining cats and dogs the last two days.

Mad Men is continuing to be impressive. I think the incredible part is how well the actors who play Don and Betsy manage to so very subtly – with just a slight change to a facial expression – convey a wealth of meaning and emotion. The show doesn’t need action because there’s so much going on in every single conversation.

We went and saw Tropic Thunder over the weekend and it was hilarious. Tom Cruise was positively brilliant and one of the best things about the film. Now I’m spending my free time regaling all my friends with my new Tom Cruise impression. 

Spouse has a going away lunch with his staff tomorrow. The bigger university send off is on Wednesday. I can’t believe he’ll be gone by the end of next week. We’ve never lived apart for this long. Even when we were in different cities, we saw each other almost every weekend. I’m not really looking forward to that. He got a laptop today so that he’ll be able to communicate with everyone via blog (!?!) while he’s out there.

In other eventful news, I have gotten some very nice feedback from students about my classes but I’ll probably talk about it in another post.

This week is going to be a bit crazy because of the packing/moving stuff as well as Carly’s shower on Saturday. I’ll be relieved when September is over.

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Food and money

We were discussing food and budget, since he’s going to be in Colorado and I’m going to be here.

Him: “This is what I budgeted and I think that it’s probably okay.”

Me: “Probably you could budget less than that. I’m planning on eating all of the stuff in our cupboards.”

Him: *looks at me skeptically*

Me: “I don’t think you understand. I could eat nothing but Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next three months and it wouldn’t really faze me.”

Carly: “As long as you had pizza at least once a month.”

Me: “Well, YEAH.”

Carly: “You know, I think she’s completely right.”

Him: *appalled*

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For the contents of my last post. Or at all, for that matter. So there! Maybe Big Brother has figured out not to waste his time on peons like me.

I have been utterly consumed by the whole, holy crap we’re buying another house and packing all our belongings and finding a place for Spouse to rent and still attending my classes and teaching!

Therefore a suitably frivolous post about television:

Generation Kill. I loved this series. I loved pretty much every part of it. I especially loved how, after six episodes of showing how completely ass-backward some of our military procedures are/can be that they spent a big chunk of episode seven explaining WHY. It doesn’t make you love the crazy, but it lets you know that there is SOME sort of logic in the system.

True Blood. I saw the first episode and I kind of loved it. I read some Sookie Stackhouse books a long time ago and enjoyed them. They’re popcorn horror/fantasy and the TV show is capturing that completely. I dig that Anna Paquin plays Sookie just right – well-meaning and not above planting her foot firmly in her mouth. And her friend Tara is hilarious.

Fringe. Watched the premiere. I was not wowed, even though I really like Joshua Jackson. He’ll always be Pacey to me!

Shear Genius. Let me just say that that last challenge was bullshit. And also, I hate the way Dee does hair. Hate it. Charlie should have won.

Wipe Out. Dude – they changed up the courses and it is even MORE hilarious.

The Closer. When I think this show can’t get better, it totally proves me wrong. For example, after a totally amazing (and emotional wringer) episode when one of the squad’s family members is killed (stellar performances from all), they follow up with a hilarious (as ever) appearance by Brenda’s parents. Not only do they completely nail her relationship with Fritz and her relationship with her folks, but they get Fritz and his interactions with her parents AWESOME. And then, this week, she snatches authority out of thin air and goes from being demoted (ish) to bossing everyone around, in perfectly Brenda Leigh style. Love it.

I know I’ve watched other TV but the new Bravo interior design show hasn’t officially grown on me yet and I’m pretty intensely bored by Project Runway this season. The highlight so far has been during the Diane von Furstenberg challenge when Heidi was talking about how much she disliked Kenley’s dress and then all the other judges said they loved it. *smack* Heidi, you’re still JUST A MODEL. Hah.

I will probably have more to post about eventually, when my head is less likely to explode.

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Travel dos and don’ts


  • Fly US Airways.
  • They will charge you to drink a soda. Seriously? The only reason I get soda on a plane is because I don’t want to have to wait for someone to come and refill my water. And now you’re going to charge me $2?
  • They will give you a boarding pass that is covered with US Airways logos. And then when you can’t find your departure gate, and ask for help, they will treat you as though you’re mildly retarded because it says RIGHT THERE, UA which clearly stands for United Airlines (rather than US Airways, moron) and JESUS why can’t these idiot passengers read all of the codes that are SO OBVIOUS. This will all be crystal clear to you thanks to the utter disdain in their tone and the squinting “Are you an idiot?” facial expressions on all the staff.
  • And if you fly into Phoenix as a connector, their partner airlines will be located in a different terminal, so that you have to go OUTSIDE, take a bus to said terminal, and then GO THROUGH SECURITY AGAIN. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT, BATMAN?
  • Fly into the city where the Democratic convention is taking place on its last day. Or, for that matter, fly into the city where the Republican convention is happening on its FIRST day. Yes, I somehow managed BOTH.
  • Go househunting when The Tide is in. It is possible that house shopping is fun for someone. Probably someone with an unlimited budget. But it is not fun if you a) have a budget b) have limited choices c) have a short time frame and d) your wife has PMS and doesn’t know it.
  • Strangle your spouse for an inability to follow your directions when you are reading the map and DO TOO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.
  • Smart off to the idiots in the airport who are screening your luggage. I didn’t but feel compelled to make up for it now.
  • Hey, Mr. TSA guy at Denver International: I just want to let you know that the fact that Spouse and I combined our gels and liquids into a ONE GALLON bag instead of having TWO ONE QUART BAGS shouldn’t stop your cunning ability to detect flammable liquids with an XRAY MACHINE. Which detects things that are NOT LIQUID. I get that your job is thankless. I get that people are rude to you. I, on the other hand, was not rude. It was an honest mistake. That you felt compelled to be a dick and try to school me on math and lecture me on the location of Spouse’s toothbrush didn’t make me feel any safer as an airline customer. Suck it.
  • P.S. Dude, on my last 4 flights not only have I NOT separated my gels and liquids from the rest of my toiletries, I also HAVEN’T put them in a plastic baggie and pulled them out of my bag for extra special ineffective XRays and NO ONE IN ANY AIRPORT HAS EVER ASKED ME TO. Even after they scanned my bag. I say again, Suck It.


  • Fly Northwest. For the most part they are still providing great service. My only beef was that their boarding process is First class, Elite, and then everyone in all rows. I will admit that my only snarky remark during ALL of our travel came as we were getting on this last flight. The flight attendant next to us kind of raised her voice when saying people should get out of the aisles once they reached their seats. At that point I turned to Spouse and said, “Hey, maybe we should have boarded BY ROWS. That would have helped.”
  • Go to Colorado. The people were super friendly and the scenery was gorgeous.
  • Be nice to your spouse when you both realize she has PMS. Because really? REALLY.

There is still a metric asston of stuff to do. Ugh.

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