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The vast majority of our work is done. The office is almost finished, and the kitchen is done. We have no dishes that are not paper or plastic. Fast food, here I come!

It is currently dumping a metric asston of snow on my area. Unlike Colorado, we do not get powder. The snow is wet, heavy, and in the process of freezing. I think everyone’s hoping for a snow day. I wouldn’t complain, but I think it’s unlikely.

I really enjoyed the yoga class I attended tonight. It was just the right amount of work and mindlessness. I worked up a really nice sweat and got really loose. Possibly I’ll work up another yoga post tomorrow.

On to the TV!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. Oh. My. God. It was CRAZY. The very best part was when Dwight came out and called them all “Très, très, très de classe.” I almost fell off my couch. It was brilliant. From NeNe calling Kim a hooker and a racist, to Kim claiming she had cancer and then saying she didn’t have cancer and then claming she never claimed she had cancer, it was sixteen kinds of reality TV trainwreck (if the train was carrying cars full of gunpowder). It was wild and I’m really hoping they do something with this show for another season.

Psych had another holiday episode! I love this show. It’s the funny version of The Mentalist, although it was around before the mentalist. The chemistry in the cast is fantastic, Dule Hill is a comic genius, and the storyline did not disappoint. The show is consistently funny and sweet. Love it.

Criminal Minds was fantastic this week. I generally think it’s fantastic, but it was a very cool exploration of first impressions, dating, and breaking out of your own awkward shell. That, plus serial killers! It’s another cast with great chemistry and solid crime plotting.

Bones was delightful, as ever. Love the Brennan/Dad interaction (with a side of Booth).

The Mentalist continues to be fantastic. I think the part I like most is Simon Baker. The character he plays has suffered an awful tragedy but they show him as a regular guy. He’s not swallowed up by his tragedy, he still enjoys life and has a sense of humor. His history is his history and influences his actions, but he’s not some morose lump. He gets along, as people do.

Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not sure WTF is going on there, but this whole Denny/Izzy thing is just creepy and icky. It’s too bad, because her storyline with Alex was starting to be interesting and now she’s a whacko and he’s going to get the shaft again. Also, sex with dead dudes = creepy. On top of that, her dead dude is a stalker. Worst kind of dead dude, ever.


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I’m not shockingly more productive. I have gotten through the majority of the laundry. Spouse’s stuff is 99% sorted and ready for packing. Books are still sorted but not packed. My clothes are almost all clean and ready to be sorted for donation/keep.

On the bright side, Mom got her hair fixed.

Also, I took a nap.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover is the new best reality show in the history of EVER.

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That Ariel Tweto returns to Wipeout on the season finale this week!

I’m in the process of backing up all my music, pictures, et cetera onto an external hard drive. It’s taking a lot longer than I thought.

My AT & T DSL service is working now, after a couple of brief snafus, and I’m quite happy – especially because it’s been raining cats and dogs the last two days.

Mad Men is continuing to be impressive. I think the incredible part is how well the actors who play Don and Betsy manage to so very subtly – with just a slight change to a facial expression – convey a wealth of meaning and emotion. The show doesn’t need action because there’s so much going on in every single conversation.

We went and saw Tropic Thunder over the weekend and it was hilarious. Tom Cruise was positively brilliant and one of the best things about the film. Now I’m spending my free time regaling all my friends with my new Tom Cruise impression. 

Spouse has a going away lunch with his staff tomorrow. The bigger university send off is on Wednesday. I can’t believe he’ll be gone by the end of next week. We’ve never lived apart for this long. Even when we were in different cities, we saw each other almost every weekend. I’m not really looking forward to that. He got a laptop today so that he’ll be able to communicate with everyone via blog (!?!) while he’s out there.

In other eventful news, I have gotten some very nice feedback from students about my classes but I’ll probably talk about it in another post.

This week is going to be a bit crazy because of the packing/moving stuff as well as Carly’s shower on Saturday. I’ll be relieved when September is over.

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