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The inside upstairs paint projects are DONE. That includes touch ups where we changed lighting fixtures. There’s a guy outside right now hanging a gutter on the back of the house because they old owners didn’t have one. Gutters are the last home improvement for (at a minimum) the next year, if not more.

In terms of current home improvements, I painted the front deck post and have started painting the front deck bench. The benches were a gift from my in-laws for our wedding. When they’re pushed together and the backs are flattened, they become a picnic table. Very cool, but also makes restaining a challenge. I’m going to do it in two parts. :)

All that remains is the railing on the back deck and the back deck bench. I’m very happy at the prospect of being DONE for a while.

In related news, I got an 83 on my exam which I’m pretty happy about. First exams suck because you’re never quite sure what the test is going to look like. I’m excited about class time in July.

With any luck, our plans today will include a trip to Frisco for BBQ and maybe seeing The Proposal.


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That I’m officially done with school for the semester, but I am. My joke of a paper (more like a 5 page book report) is finished and now I just have to turn it in.

I also have to get the oil changed in my car, pick up some paint supplies, prime the bathroom, paint the bathroom, (hopefully) get the online billpay for our new bank set up, wire money to the new bank, close the old bank account, cancel satellite and internet services, throw away/donate food items, sweep the house, bag up and put out the trash, collect the windchimes, sort and pack all the things that have to be packed in my car, and lower and tie on the canoe.

Probably there are some things I’m forgetting. Like teach yoga tomorrow.

I woke up this morning a little sleep-drunk, so I’m headed to bed now. You don’t ever really catch up on sleep so I’m going to try and stave off the deprivation, at least. I also uploaded some (but not all) of the holiday music.

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My micro test is done.

I’m going to yoga at 11:00, then to fax some mortgage paperwork, and THEN I am getting my mic to do a podcast/mp3. I’ll have one within the next 48 hours. I’m actually kind of looking forward to doing it. If it turns out all right, maybe I’ll post some short yoga sessions here.

Plus, packing!

My life is chock full of excitement, I’ll tell you.

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I love that this show is introducing a new generation to classic rock. “Agents Angus and Young.”

At least, I *think* it’s introducing a new generation. I mean, if I was in high school or college, I’d totally be watching this show. Two hot guys and monster hunting? What’s not to love? Also, it’s funny. (“Rehymenated.” OMGHILARIOUS)

My goal for this move is to reduce my clothing by like HALF. I’d like to have enough clothes for 2 weeks, with the exception of special occasions and sweaters. After all, I’m moving to Colorado. I’m not getting rid of ANY sweaters that fit. I have more t-shirts than I could possibly need, so how come I feel like I should keep them all? Possibly because I hate doing laundry.

Spouse is having a positive experience with the folks who live out there. I dig that and I’m jealous that I’m missing out.

Tonight I taught a yoga class where we never left the floor. I like those classes because people are always surprised at how much work you can do without standing up. Everyone also used props (straps, blocks, and blankets) so that always makes me really happy. Trying things in new ways stretches your brain, too.

I’ve got a Micro midterm on Tuesday and a girl’s Bachelorette weekend beginning tomorrow at 5. I’ve also got to make a brief out-of-town detour to check the location where I’ll be doing a yoga series. I also have to decide if I’m going to use music or not.

I’m going to finish Supernatural and go to bed without folding my clothes. Because I can.

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I teach a class tonight before the holiday weekend and then not again until NEXT Wednesday. The gym is having an issue with sorting out their fall schedule which means I get a longer than usual accidental vacation.

My 1990 mix has been pretty popular in class but, unless there are a couple of specific students there who haven’t heard it, we’re going to be doing Hip Hop Yoga tonight.

Microbiology is pretty much exactly what I expected it would be – not fun. I’m also taking The American Presidency, which should be pretty interesting.

With regards to the move, we are having lots and lots and LOTS of conversations about what in hell we’re going to do with our house. I’m having a really hard time wrapping my head around how a $100,000 house in Michigan costs $200,000 in Colorado. It’s mildly horrifying to me. Okay, it’s more than mildly horrifying. We’re giving serious consideration to buying land and building but there are ALSO no apartments to rent (to speak of). So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

Packing has not yet commenced. There are a lot of decisions hinging on this weekend’s trip and I don’t want to get so far ahead of ourselves that we end up backpedaling.

Currently I’m on hold with the U’s financial aid department. I think University financial aid offices, when they aren’t run properly, are like the third circle of hell. No one really knows how to answer your question, but they THINK they do and then you end up getting transferred three times, disconnected, and then finally some old lady in the back room just tells you to come to the office and she’ll get you straightened out. It’s kind of shocking to me that this shit isn’t all online yet.

For example, I came in on Monday and filled out necessary paperwork. They can’t locate the paperwork now. But if it was online, I guaran-fucking-tee that the shit would be processed already. Unfortunately, everyone at THIS university likes to NOT apply logic to their processes. They’d rather do it backwards and then be able to whine and complain about OMG we had to see EIGHT BAJILLION students and handle OMGSOMANY problems, but we did it, even though we were understaffed and undereducated and just generally SWAMPED.

I’m like, DUDE. The students are PAYING YOUR CHECK. You should be making this stuff as easy on EVERYONE as possible. WTF? It’s as though they all lack basic reasoning skills.

It’s just one more thing in an INCREDIBLY LONG list that makes me glad to leave this godsforsaken place.

And thanks to that annoying bit of runaround, I have to do EXACTLY what I THOUGHT I’d have to do on Monday (which no one could tell me) so I’m going to get myself French Toast Sticks as a reward. Because I deserve it.

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Classes resume next week, so this week I’m trying to cram as much fiction into my life as possible. I’m looking forward to being back at the Bandwagon Book Club meetings and to get caught up for September I’ve got to read A Thousand Splendid Suns. I’m hoping there’s a copy at the U.

1990 mix night seemed to go pretty well. I’m not sure if everyone enjoyed the music as much as I did but no one told me they hated it. That’s a double-plus bonus.

I got some sad news yesterday. The studio where I did my teacher training, Rising Sun Yoga, is closing. It’s really too bad as Jim and Roger were great teachers and were obviously instrumental in my becoming the teacher I am today. Whenever someone gives me a compliment about a class or my teaching, I give a silent thanks to those guys.

One of the things I liked best about the studio, the reason I chose them, is because they used a Hatha approach. By Hatha, I mean the traditional ‘forceful path’ – asana and breath practice but not married to any One True Way – in addition to the other limbs of yoga (see above). Jim asked that when we came to training, we let go of our previous teaching (even if there was a particular style we liked more than others) and try to come to the training open to everything. As a result, I developed a strong base in the anatomy and physiology of yoga, correct anatomical form in asana, grounding in philosophy, and experience elocuting a class (which is harder than it sounds). He encouraged us to work from that base of knowledge and then embrace and integrate the aspects of other styles that we liked and enjoyed. That openness is what drew me to the school and it made me a better instructor. I’m sorry that they won’t be developing more teachers.

In unrelated news, I got a comment on yesterday’s post about the Detroit Institute of Arts from someone at the DIA. Apparently my experience was what they were trying to achieve, so kudos to the DIA! Mission accomplished.

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I don’t eat potato chips

As a general rule, I just don’t care for them. There are a few exceptions.

  1. Ruffles with French Onion dip. I will not eat Ruffles or any other plain chip plain ever. Nor will I eat other dip.
  2. Salt and Vinegar potato chips, because HELLO vinegar.
  3. Munchos. They are super salty, super crispy, and guaranteed to take three years off of your life per single-serving bag. But they are WICKED delicious.

Even with these exceptions, I’d say I eat a handful of potato chips maybe every other month. There are other things I like to snack on instead but every once in a while I get a craving.

Frex, last night after teaching class, I wanted Gatorade and Munchos. I pretty much always want Gatorade (duh) but I didn’t have Munchos at home so I stopped at 7-11. I got a 99 cent bag of chips and came home to study/watch TV (more watch TV than study *cough*).

I ate the whole bag. In and of itself that’s not unusual. It’s not a big bag and it was pretty much my dinner (That, the Gatorade and two S’mores. No, I am not a paragon of health. I’ve learned to live with my limitations.). No big. I finally went to bed at about midnight and kind of tossed and turned until about 12:30.

It turns out my digestive system has developed a resistance to Munchos.

It was not physically pleasant.  In fact, it was kind of like I got light headed, nauseous, and then a cold sweat broke out on my ENTIRE BODY AT ONCE. Were I not reasonably confident of my cardiovascular health, I might have thought I was dying. As an added bonus, it smelled nothing like roses – unless you perhaps ferment your roses in rotten garbage. I got so freaked out by the color that I had to google it and make sure my intestines weren’t shriveling up or failing.

Luckily this all transpired (in bouts) for only a half an hour and I was back in bed at 1 am.

I was up at 6am to finish studying for my 11am exam (which went well). I’m just disappointed that one of the few chips I like is off the books now.

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