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This week’s TV notes:

The Mentalist – Not gonna lie, I didn’t love this episode. It was missing something – not sure if it was the humor, or team interaction, or what, but it just fell a little flat.

Grey’s Anatomy – Better. Much better. I want this Denny thing OVER pleasethanks. I love Alex, I love Hunt, I really love Slexie, but the Denny thing is killing me. I also think the Meredith/murderer story has been really well done and I liked her fessing up to Shep’s mom.

The Practice. WTF. I mean, really? WTF. Definitely Addison should date another jackass. I love Charlotte but really, WTF.

Supernatural: Dude. This show still freaks me out. The girl from the wall was *shudder*. Psycho Nell. Heh. All in all a good episode, with some weird twists. I love my boys!

Criminal Minds: It’s a twisted, twisted world kids.  One of the best ensemble casts on TV.


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Did not get the podcast made. On the other hand, my mom learned about female ejaculation.


Yeah, you read that right. Shane made a hilarious and inadvertent comment about his recent google search and there you have it. At least ONE unexpected outcome to the weekend. All is forgiven, though, because he and Carly helped pack up the garage.

Me: *grumbling*

Shane: “You’re going to be bringing this up to Spouse for the next 10 years, aren’t you?”

Me: “Hells yeah! ‘Hey, remember that time when I PACKED ALL OF OUR HOUSE?  Shut it.’ ”

Shane: *cracks up*

Packing is clicking along. There is room to walk in the living room all the way around the coffee table, and that’s an improvement. Rooms are steadily becoming more empty and more and more things are making their way to charitable organizations. With every box that goes away, I feel a little lighter. Unfortunately there are a fair number of boxes that yet remain, which makes me think there might be another wardrobe culling when we get to Colorado.

We officially own two homes, which is terrifying. We can’t sell this one quickly enough, but at least we’re not paying rent in Colorado – it’s a mortgage now. I don’t want to think about what happens if we don’t move this house with some speed. Our budget is pretty tight to the bone. The bed arrived in CO and Spouse is quite happy with it. I’m thrilled that we’ll both be able to sleep again!

I’m really trying to stave off the panic about leaving at this point. I keep thinking that we will NEVER get everything packed, never get things moved, furniture to be given away will never get moved out of the house. Luckily I only have a couple of things left to do for school – two finals, a lab exam, and a paper. Probably I should take advantage of the extra credit options I have. If only I could get three more hours into each day, I’d be GOLDEN.

As it is, I only get to watch TV when I’m packing boxes. It kills a little bit of my heart, really. 

I *am* looking forward to the True Blood finale. I’m loving Life, despite its new time slot. Supernatural is continuing to kick some ass and Grey’s Anatomy has only been improved by the appearance of Kevin McKidd. Chuck has ramped up its game (hilarious and still cute! but with action!) and I’m stoked about the new season of Top Chef. After a terribly blasé Project Runway, I’m looking forward to some vicious cooking.

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Packing is awful and terrible. It is taking forever and sucking my life.

Nearly the entire basement is done. Nearly the entire first floor closet is done (which means the Dining Room is pretty much complete). I packed up all my dad’s albums and, while I’m paranoid about not having them get jacked up in the move, I don’t think I can fit them into my car (nor do I really want to).

I don’t think I took my allergy medicine yesterday pre-packing because I feel like I inhaled a metric asston of dust and it’s fairly awful.

On Sundays, Spouse and I watch the Sunday news shows. It’s not really the same without him. He actually has far more patience than I do with the mouthpiece guys. Frex, I can’t watch Stephanopolous today because (in addition to thinking he’s a spineless weenie) Lindsay Graham is on. I’m sure Lindsay Graham does good work for someone, but on TV he always comes across as a condescending prig. I don’t need to start my Sunday like that.

We also watch Fox News Sunday and – for all that people talk about the Fox bias – I’ve got to say that Chris Matthews does a balanced job. He actually ASKS the hard questions (unlike Stephanpolous) and actually called McCain a liar eariler in the campaign. He’s not doing a whitewash and I really enjoy his Sunday panel. I like George Will and the panel from the Stephanpolous show, but having seen George lob too many softballs (and not field any responses) it raises my blood pressure to watch his show.

Today we have to run some errands and maybe go out to breakfast. We have some of those plastic bags that you attach the vacuum to and they make your clothes into beef jerky. Far more awesome than I would have ever predicted.

TV updates:

Grey’s Anatomy- This show continues to be full of enough shit that I’m having a difficult time watching it. The appearance of Kevin McKidd  means I’ll definitely be tuning in for the next several weeks though.

Private Practics – Meh. It does have some laugh out loud moments, though.

Life- Seriously, one of my favorite shows. Crime/mystery, zen humor, and a light dusting of violence. The only way it would be better is if there were actual monsters.

Supernatural – I really like this show. They continue to be funny and creepy at the same time, and not take themselves too seriously. Also, they always have the best Halloween episodes on TV so I kind of can’t wait until next week.

True Blood is on tonight and is the only reason I haven’t gone down to a basic dish package. I loves me some HBO originals.

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I love that this show is introducing a new generation to classic rock. “Agents Angus and Young.”

At least, I *think* it’s introducing a new generation. I mean, if I was in high school or college, I’d totally be watching this show. Two hot guys and monster hunting? What’s not to love? Also, it’s funny. (“Rehymenated.” OMGHILARIOUS)

My goal for this move is to reduce my clothing by like HALF. I’d like to have enough clothes for 2 weeks, with the exception of special occasions and sweaters. After all, I’m moving to Colorado. I’m not getting rid of ANY sweaters that fit. I have more t-shirts than I could possibly need, so how come I feel like I should keep them all? Possibly because I hate doing laundry.

Spouse is having a positive experience with the folks who live out there. I dig that and I’m jealous that I’m missing out.

Tonight I taught a yoga class where we never left the floor. I like those classes because people are always surprised at how much work you can do without standing up. Everyone also used props (straps, blocks, and blankets) so that always makes me really happy. Trying things in new ways stretches your brain, too.

I’ve got a Micro midterm on Tuesday and a girl’s Bachelorette weekend beginning tomorrow at 5. I’ve also got to make a brief out-of-town detour to check the location where I’ll be doing a yoga series. I also have to decide if I’m going to use music or not.

I’m going to finish Supernatural and go to bed without folding my clothes. Because I can.

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Moving, microbiology, and mild panic have eaten my brain and all my free time. Well, not all my free time. Yesterday was a mental health day, so Carly and I watched Baby Mama and Penelope on DVD. Baby Mama was predictable and mildly annoying despite occasional laugh out loud moments. Penelope was charming and delightful.

Spouse has already moved out of town and today was his very first day of work. Not only does it have better weather but the locals appear to be more friendly. He’s been asked to attend several events in towns by college staff and neighbors. This is seriously awesome.

Piper is enjoying the mountain air, if not the wood-paneled basement. I suspect it’s because she’s getting on in years (6) and is accustomed to having a soft spot to lay down. Spouse has a bare minimum of furniture due to the move, including a love seat instead of a proper sofa. There is no room on the love seat for Piper because Spouse is 6’2″.

I’m putting together a Sweetest Day care package for him. I don’t generally go in for Hallmark holidays but I found an amazing musical card and was inspired.

Fall means the return of fall shows! My current viewing line up consists of True Blood (HBO), Heroes, Life, NCIS, Supernatural, Gray’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Bones, and House.

Bubble shows include Chuck, Entourage (HBO), The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Mentalist, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters, and Sanctuary.

Shows I’ve already dropped: Fringe and The Lipstick Jungle.

Chuck seems to be off to a good start. Tonight was my first episode of SCC and I only caught a few episodes last season. I really enjoyed The Mentalist (and was suprised by how much so) and will definitely make sure to catch the next couple before I decide. Private Practice and Brothers and Sisters suffer from the same problem- I find the shows interesting, but not interesting enough to make sure that I watch them. Sanctuary is on the bubble because it hasn’t started yet but I’m optimistic.

Clearly I’m into mystery/suspense shows more than relationship foo foo. The only comedy shows I watch are on Thursday nights as well, but when you’ve only got one Tivo it means you’re watching SOMETHING online. 30 Rock and The Office it is!

Of the new returning shows, I’m most excited about Life. I loved the entire season and can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the returning shows that have premiered and am very happy that I have a Tivo. I spend too much time watching TV. Way too much time.

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