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Spouse and I went to the movies tonight. It requires a bit of planning on our part, as the closest theater is about 40 miles away. We stopped at the Himalayan restaurant for dinner (my mint sauce is better) which was delish and then exchanged some ski pants for Spouse. Piper got a nice walk along the river before the movie.

Dude. The movie was awesome. I don’t know how it could have been better translated to film. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was FANTASTIC as The Comedian. Rorshach was, predictably, the best part. Pretty much I loved the whole thing. It didn’t feel anywhere CLOSE to being a three hour movie and the soundtrack was bad ass. Love, love, more love.

In other mad love news, the Wolverine movie looks like it’s going to kick more ass every time I see a preview. I was also surprisingly drawn in by the Star Trek trailer. New Terminator comes out around the same time. Looks like May will be our month to hit the cinema.

Tomorrow is Pi Day! We’ll be celebrating by not doing much, I suspect. Possibly constructing a dresser. Spouse has pie remaining from his birthday gift. I’m going to take a break from applying for jobs and try to get this dresser thing under control.


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1. Macy’s Rickroll.

Love Comedy Central. They are full of epic win.

2. Home for the Holidays. Best holiday film ever. It’s hilarious no matter how many times I see it. The turkey part is particularly fabulous.

3. Me and mom hanging out, cooking OUR turkey and stuffing. Delicious and mellow. Loved it.

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With the holidays coming up, it makes sense to talk about low cost and environmentally friendly gifts. I know, “Magazines? What?” But magazines are usually (not always) $20 or less for a year’s subscription. AND they CAN be environmentaly friendly!

There are a few magazines that I read regularly. Not surprisingly, most of them are yoga magazines. They’ve all got good information and I’m the kind of person who wants to hang on to them. I’m also the kind of person who has great intentions about cutting out the articles or recipes that I want to keep (so I can get rid of the rest of the magazine) and never quite gets around to doing it.

Last year I discovered Zinio. com. It’s a fantastic website that offers magazines in digital content. You can choose to download them or read them from the Zinio website. Either way, they’re not stacking up in piles next to your end table. The best thing is that you can read them forever. If there’s an article you want, you can print it out. You only end up with the paper you want, rather than being stuck with a whole magazine to discard. 

I’m lazy. I know I’m lazy. And this site is brilliant for me. My two personal recs: Yoga Journal and Women’s Health.

Yoga Journal (which I also link in my sidebar) provides a lot of great information and insight from several different teachers. I don’t love all their advertising (a common complaint of people who aren’t fans) but I also only look at the advertising if I’m LOOKING for something. I skip all ads and go right to the articles I want. Having this in e-format is fantastic because you can print out the information about asanas, or their ‘master class’ and save what you like. It is not my favorite yoga magazine (see: Yoga + Joyful Living) but it’s a close second.

I didn’t get into Women’s Health until Spouse started reading Men’s Health. Men’s Health has great articles about fitness and diet with an upbeat and pro-health/anti-negative message. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Women’s Health does the same thing but is tailored to the specific concerns of women. It’s not just Men’s Health for Women. I love their recipes. Their articles are about lifestyle change and positive attitudes. You’ll be hard pressed to find a single negative word in each issue. And they’re full of REALLY PRACTICAL tips that you can actually use. In almost every issue there’s a 15-minute workout feature (or something like that) with an emphasis on correct form (a personal tweak of mine). It does a great job of covering everything – diet, health, beauty, fitness, sex, and relationships – and makes it feel like you’re talking to your best (smartest) girlfriends about it. It’s not gossipy, just educational. The recipes are great and you can also find workouts and workout playlists at their website (which is also awesome). Not only that, it manages to be ENTERTAINING. Loves it.

If you were only going to choose one of these magazines, I’d go with Women’s Health. Their most recent issue has quite a lot of yoga info in it and overall I think it translates better to general workouts.

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I’m not shockingly more productive. I have gotten through the majority of the laundry. Spouse’s stuff is 99% sorted and ready for packing. Books are still sorted but not packed. My clothes are almost all clean and ready to be sorted for donation/keep.

On the bright side, Mom got her hair fixed.

Also, I took a nap.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover is the new best reality show in the history of EVER.

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Is pretty much eradicated with this clip.

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I loved you in The Transporter. You were great in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Snatch was fantastic. Possibly you were the only good thing about The One. You were definitely one of the best things about The Italian Job. You have clearly found your niche. I was even a fan of Crank. Which is why I can’t figure out how you keep signing on for crap films.

I mean, Transporter 2 – let’s just face it – was TERRIBLE. Fighting during a plane crash? Really? I actually shelled out cash to see that one in the theater (albeit a matinee). That ridiculous fight scene was going on, I leaned over to Spouse and said, “Seriously? If he fights a shark WE’RE LEAVING.” Because at that point, I didn’t think it was out of the realm of possibility.

And while In the Name of the King wasn’t the worst movie ever (*cough* You Got Served *cough* Dungeons and Dragons) it was RIGHT UP THERE. Who thought it would be a good idea to take on a role where YOUR NAME WAS YOUR JOB. It’s not like this was George Orwell or something. To be fair, you weren’t the only big name to get taken on that film. I couldn’t believe the number of famous people who signed on for that bag of suck, but I would have thought you’d learned a lesson.

But no. NOW I see that you’re in Death Race, which is Running Man with a Mad Max/Transporter makeover. Did you really think this was a good idea? Did they just pay you a lot of cash? Would you please just go ahead and say so in your press junket because at this point I’m beginning to think you’ve suffered brain damage. I’m seriously afraid of Transporter 3 and Crank 2.

I want to like your movies. I want to go see your movies in the theater. I LOVE car chases and huge explosions. I LIKE loud movies and hand to hand combat. It’s just that I really can’t pay $10 to see something that actually makes me want to get up and leave.

Also, if you start using some spray-on hair, we’re all over.

Hoping you actually start to READ scripts,

P.S., How can you have Crank 2 when you DIED at the end of Crank. Not fake-you-out kind of death, DROPPING FROM A HELICOPTER WITH NO PARACHUTE death.

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I will say that the dvr comes in handy when it’s 1:30 in the morning and there’s no sleep in sight. Summer session has kicked my brain into overdrive so it’s harder than ever to get to sleep or – once asleep – stay there. That’s right, I can’t just have ONE kind of insomnia – I’ve got to have BOTH. What can I say, I’m an overachiever. Thusly I occasionally resort to a half-dose of Ambien and watch TV while I wait for it to kick in. If you try reading books, sometimes you read the same 10 pages fifteen times because you can’t QUITE remember what happened but when you read it it’s vaguely familiar.

Tonight’s Wipeout was a pretty big change of obstacle course! The first elimination round seemed oddly easier, they took out the third elimination, and then there was foam EVERYWHERE for the final. I wouldn’t have thought foam would make such a difference but it was clearly difficult to swim in. No spills like the guy who did the splits last week or the guy who managed to fall INSIDE the big ball, but plenty of laughs regardless.

Flipping Out. First of all, I cannot BELIEVE the season finale is next week. I can’t believe ANYONE would take a job for Jeff thinking it was an entry to interior/home design and real estate marketing. No one starts out in real estate by PICKING UP DOG SHIT AND GUACAMOLE. That’s ridiculous. Although speaking of guacamole, they never quite resolved that. I know enough about myself to understand I could not possibly be a personal assistant to someone with OCD and a god complex. I hope Jenni and Zoila get paid a lot for being on TV. I want a Zoila t-shirt that looks like that hideous painting.

Psych did an all 80s movie reference episode! The part about the panties was one of my favorites, but in general I just thought it was hilarious. There was also awesome Gus n Shawn love with the ‘best friend’ speech. And a Breakfast Club letter. Excellent. It would be so fun to be a writer on that show.

Eureka opened with music which freaked me out! I was half-afraid there was going to be an entire musical episode but instead it was a regular episode with a self-guided drone named Martha. I adore funny sci-fi.

The Closer is still amazing and the guest-Baldwin did a good job. I like that they’re still as heavy on the cast relationships/interaction as much as they are on cases.

There’s more, I’m sure, but this medication is kicking up and I think typing is going to go downhill (as evidenced by it taking 4 tries to locate the ‘y’ in typing) so I might as well hit the rack.

Tomorrow a proper yoga post. Probably. And maybe a new music mix.

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