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I’m watching the Flipping Out reunion and I LOVE Jeff Lewis. Love him.

Interviewer: “A lot of people came out of this season thinking you’re kind of a bastard.”

Jeff: *shocked look* then – in all sincerity – “Are you sure you mean THIS season and not last season? Because I’m an a-hole but I think this season I’m more of a lovable a-hole.”


And when he started talking about manscaping. “Are you SURE you want to get into this?” He just cracks me up.

What’s funny to me is that most of the time he’s kind of smirking about what he’s doing. Frex, he’s being an a-hole and he knows it and finds it mildly amusing, and then is MORE amused when other people don’t realize he’s mostly kind of screwing with them. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to work for him but he is wicked funny to watch.

[“Detective Chavez” *snerk* “I’m getting an erection.”]
[Jennie: “What a catch!” Jeff: ” That doesn’t sound convincing at all. That sounded sarcastic actually!”]

And while I’m talking about TV:
Ariel Tweto, if you’re still reading, you need a webpage, girl! The vast majority of my blog hits lately are people doing “ariel tweto” searches. I think you’re super sweet and it would be totally awesome if you could capitalize on all of this. P.S. It was so cool that you commented on my blog!

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I’m watching Shear Genius from last week. I adore Charlie because he is such an enormous shit-talker. They’re showing a LOT of that on this episode which makes me nervous that they’re going to send him home this week. On the other hand, he is the catalyst for ALL drama. How cute was Daniel running down the who-hates-whom in the house? (And singing to the dog!)

Burn Notice is staying on its game and I LOVE Fiona more and more with every episode. The look on her face when Sam was getting wailed on = priceless. Psych maintains its hilarity, though I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care for the ‘lil Shawn and Gus’ cartoons. The Closer continues to keep their characters growing and making mistakes. Brenda had a humdinger this week and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop around that. Also, Gabriel was a moron for suggesting his ex be the one to transfer but it was a completely believable douchebag move.

Project Runway got it right on the top 3 last week. I’d disagree about the actual winner (While I appreciated the super jock wear, I liked the separates better. The one they chose was actually my least favorite out of the three) and I felt bad about the criticism they gave the loser. It was kind of bullshit to call her out for being ‘stuck in the past’ when 2/3 of the designers did a retro look.

[Shear Genius note: OMG, Daniel’s dog is the CUTEST EVAR.]

Mad Men and Generation Kill were both brilliant this week. With Generation Kill, you find yourself laughing at things you probably shouldn’t be laughing at which is, I’d imagine, the point. Mad Men is just gorgeous – beautiful to look at and so tightly scripted that you could bounce a quarter off Don’s ass. Loves it.

I was totally annoyed that Wipeout had a ‘best of’ this week. It hasn’t even been on very long – I would have thought they could plan better.

Flipping Out reunion happens this week and I kind of can’t wait to see what happens.

Spouse will be doing some important stuff this week and I’ve got big exams, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging.

Oh, who am I kidding? I use this to procrastinate. So if it’s copious amounts of blogspam, you’ll know why.

[Edited to add: HOLY CRAP! They finally sent Nekisa home! I can’t say I’m surprised and I’m also glad that I won’t have to hear any more of her excuses. Charlie will have to focus all his anger on Dee.]

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I will say that the dvr comes in handy when it’s 1:30 in the morning and there’s no sleep in sight. Summer session has kicked my brain into overdrive so it’s harder than ever to get to sleep or – once asleep – stay there. That’s right, I can’t just have ONE kind of insomnia – I’ve got to have BOTH. What can I say, I’m an overachiever. Thusly I occasionally resort to a half-dose of Ambien and watch TV while I wait for it to kick in. If you try reading books, sometimes you read the same 10 pages fifteen times because you can’t QUITE remember what happened but when you read it it’s vaguely familiar.

Tonight’s Wipeout was a pretty big change of obstacle course! The first elimination round seemed oddly easier, they took out the third elimination, and then there was foam EVERYWHERE for the final. I wouldn’t have thought foam would make such a difference but it was clearly difficult to swim in. No spills like the guy who did the splits last week or the guy who managed to fall INSIDE the big ball, but plenty of laughs regardless.

Flipping Out. First of all, I cannot BELIEVE the season finale is next week. I can’t believe ANYONE would take a job for Jeff thinking it was an entry to interior/home design and real estate marketing. No one starts out in real estate by PICKING UP DOG SHIT AND GUACAMOLE. That’s ridiculous. Although speaking of guacamole, they never quite resolved that. I know enough about myself to understand I could not possibly be a personal assistant to someone with OCD and a god complex. I hope Jenni and Zoila get paid a lot for being on TV. I want a Zoila t-shirt that looks like that hideous painting.

Psych did an all 80s movie reference episode! The part about the panties was one of my favorites, but in general I just thought it was hilarious. There was also awesome Gus n Shawn love with the ‘best friend’ speech. And a Breakfast Club letter. Excellent. It would be so fun to be a writer on that show.

Eureka opened with music which freaked me out! I was half-afraid there was going to be an entire musical episode but instead it was a regular episode with a self-guided drone named Martha. I adore funny sci-fi.

The Closer is still amazing and the guest-Baldwin did a good job. I like that they’re still as heavy on the cast relationships/interaction as much as they are on cases.

There’s more, I’m sure, but this medication is kicking up and I think typing is going to go downhill (as evidenced by it taking 4 tries to locate the ‘y’ in typing) so I might as well hit the rack.

Tomorrow a proper yoga post. Probably. And maybe a new music mix.

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  • I did not have a smoothie today because I had to teach yoga this morning. Breakfast was a Nature Valley Oats n Honey granola bar and Gatorade. Breakfast of Champions!
  • I SUCK at Wii Fit Slalom. So much so that I had to immediately do it again twice. There was improvement, but it is still embarrassing.
  • I ROCK at Wii Sports Boxing. Also, Wii Sports boxing is BAD ASS.
  • I also took my anatomy and physiology exam. I am optimistic.
  • I did well on my lab practical.
  • I did not cut open a cow heart because it was already cut open. And ENORMOUS. Like as big as my head.
  • That was to make you think my life is not all about Wii Sports.
  • I’ve gotten the best bowling and golf scores of my life on Wii. I am going to HATE the golf course on Thursday.
  • I swiffered up almost an ENTIRE DOG of Piper hair. I didn’t even think that was possible. I need to shave this dog or something.
  • So is Flipping Out! And Eureka!
  • Holy crap, I need to get a life that does not revolve around video games and television.
  • My friend Shane gave me a book about why the ultra conservative Christian Right is the best thing for the Republican party. He said something like, “I know it might make your head explode but I think you should read it.”
  • I’m not sure why he thinks I have time for this book because HELLO anatomy and physiology, plus teaching yoga, plus TELEVISION. WTF? Where am I supposed to find free time? ;)
  • I think we’re having dinner out. And then coming home to watch TV. Because we are ALL LAME.
  • It makes me feel better that I’m not the only lame one.

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That’s a big part of what makes Wipe Out so entertaining. It’s just funny to see people falling in mud, or water, or tripping over inflatable sea animals. The other part (the part that keeps me from feeling terrible about watching it) is that the contestants look like they’re having FUN. And if I had 10 acres of land, I’d build a Wipe Out Zone of my very own, because those obstacle courses look like a blast. It’s something I could see doing with a group of my friends, so if someone told me I had a chance at $50,000 to play I’d probably do it.

Tonight I attempted to pick up a cookie sheet of falafel barehanded. It wasn’t really ‘picking up’ so much as ‘lifting the corner to move it out of the way.’ Unfortunately the pan was still about 375 degrees. I don’t recommend trying this at home and suspect the thumb, index, and middle finger on my left hand are all going to blister nicely.

Flipping Out took a turn for the dramatic tonight! I mean, I knew there would be nanny-cam fallout but WHOA. What’s consistently funny to me is that Jeff is clearly just screwing with the people he knows, but he’s so deadpan (and so crazy much of the time) that I don’t think they can see it. It’s hilarious.

Tonight I also put together a couple of class cd mixes. A 65 minute Hip Hop blend (pretty close to the one I posted on imeem.com) and a 63 minute 70s Soul Mix. Hip Hop is challenging because it can be work finding songs that are entirely free of potentially offensive language. It’s not just profanity, but derogatory lyrics about women, use of the N word, or generally non-positive lyrics. You don’t realize how prevalent it is until you start wading through the songs you may not listen to so carefully. When you practice, you’re digging the beat and doing your own thing.

Classes are different. The last thing you want is for students to be in a nice strong Warrior II pose and have something like “99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One” to crank on up.

P.S. There are NO YOGA-SAFE Wu Tang songs. FYI.

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Instead of making a yoga post, you get a yoga bullet: good point about teaching in a gym- lower price makes the classes more accessible. Challenging point about teaching in a gym – more likely to have brand new students and fairly experienced students in the same class. I think I generally balance it out pretty well.

Having already exposed my (not so) secret love of Wipe Out, I figured I’d also comment on my other reality faves. Currently I’m also watching the Denise Richards show, Flipping Out, and Shear Genius.

The Denise Richards show (Denise Richards: It’s Complicated) has become a surprise favorite. I think the title is ridiculous, but I would *totally* hang out with that chick. She’s kind of shockingly normal, all things considered, and has a great sense of humor about herself.

Flipping Out. AMAZING. I can’t say how MUCH I love this show. Jeff is a nutbag. He’s a completely self-aware nutbag who ALSO has a sense of humor about himself. That’s got to be pretty rare. Also, wickedly talented at remodeling houses. Mostly I watch for the crazy.

Shear Genius is the hair version of Project Runway. The challenges are more interesting than I had expected they would be, mostly because the stylists also have to take into account what their clients want. They don’t get a blank slate to start with and sometimes that workes entirely against their purposes. Also, Daniel and Charlie are BRILLIANT.

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