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I’m in the process of switching blog hosting from wordpress to squarespace. While the changeover is happening, it may be a little quiet here – depending on how motivated I am after Wednesday’s exam. ;)

The current url is http://yogagrrl.squarespace.com but the yoga-grrl.com should redirect soon. If you read via rss, once the redirect hits, you should see everything as usual!


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Where has this been all my life? How come no one told me about it!? I’m very disappointed in you, internets.

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One more way in which Leadville is superior to Saginaw: when we got home, one of our neighbors had plowed our driveway for us. Out of the goodness of their heart, without being asked. In the entire 8 years we lived in Saginaw, nobody ever even OFFERED – including when Spouse threw his back out and I was stuck outside shoveling 12 inches of snow off our entire driveway. I love this place.

Santa Fe was very nice and very relaxing. While I’m in the process of uploading pictures, I will leave you with this hilarious dog story.

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The slideshow is spectacular. Love, love, LOVE the posters these students came up with.

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I don’t have any photos because during the cleaning/straightening on Saturday, my camera cord has gone AWOL. While some of our food on Saturday was premade (tikka masala and korma), I made the samosas and chutney myself.

The chutney recipe has been difficult because the recipes I’ve found online aren’t that similar to the fantastic chutney they had at our local restaurant in Michigan. So I tweak.

I started with this recipe. Rather than precise measures, I used an entire  package of mint (the small plastic container from the grocery store) and roughly twice as much cilantro. My pepper of choice is serrano, but a jalepeno might be milder. I left out the onion, garlic, and cumin. I added two small containers of Greek yogurt and about a half a cup of skim milk. I used a drizzle of oil and then added sugar to taste. The result was tangy, sweet, and a little hot. Pretty close to perfect. It even approximated the consistency of the Kabob and Curry House chutney.

The site also has a really good recipe for samosas, if you want to try your own. Again, I tweaked it a little but it’s a really good place to start. Your mileage may vary, but I find it easier to boil the potatoes whole, let them cool, and then skin and chop them. It makes it easier for me to control the consistency of the potato (not too hard, not too soft).

Next batch of samosas will get homemade dough, so I’ll update with how that works out.

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Totally awesome.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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