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Seriously? THREE HOURS for 9 holes. I wanted to shoot myself. I am a hot sweaty mess.

On the other hand, I had the best round of golf I’ve played all summer. BY TEN STROKES. For those of you who don’t golf, that’s a vast improvement. Even though you don’t care. ;) Turns out that Wii Golf is good for something! It’s possible that today’s round is keeping Spouse’s LPGA dream for me alive. He would someday like to be a kept man and is mostly convinced the LPGA is the way to do it.

We golfed with some really nice guys, so despite the horrendous backup on the course we at least had good company. Not so much beer though.

Someone had the fantastic idea of ruining Lemon-Lime Gatorade by putting STRAWBERRY in it. Except instead of coloring it pink – as you would expect a strawberry beverage to look – it still looks like Lemon-Lime. I did not discover this terrible desecration of my favorite beverage until TOO LATE.

Lemon-Lime Gatorade is the only Gatorade I will drink, so why? Why ruin a perfectly good thing?

Today is the last day of WoYoPracMo. I’m pretty happy that I managed to post every day (and totally made enough posts to count for every day). Alas, the majority of my posts were not-so-yoga-related. I’m totally shocked that I’ve gotten more than a thousand hits this month. I found a lot of blogs I like reading (links to the left) and watched too much reality TV. I managed a couple new playlists for classes and also got them loaded on imeem (which was more of a challenge than I expected). I’m doing quite well in Anatomy and Physiology as well, so I guess my time management and Procrastinatory Posting haven’t been as awful as they could have.

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by to read!

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I did it because Spouse enjoys golf, doesn’t really have any other hobbies he spends much time on, and it’s something we can do together.

I should have chosen something we can do together in the SPRINGTIME.

On my top 20 list of Fun Things To Do, you will never ever find Spend 2.5-3 hours Hitting a Tiny Ball Around a Very Long Course in 85 degree heat with 50% humidity. Now I wake up every Thursday and think, “CRAP. I have to GOLF today.”

I like golf, I’m just a seriously fair weather golfer. As in, the weather must be sunny to overcast with temperatures between 67-75 degrees.

Last night during (and after) yoga, I got to talk about body mechanics in detail with a couple of students. That doesn’t happen incredibly often, mostly because I think there are few students who are as much A&P geek as I am. The body is an awesome machine and I love learning (and teaching) about how it works. One student was a dancer for many years and is used to ‘turning out’ in standing positions. She also has the same problem that I do with my elbows- extra flexibility. One of the most interesting things (for me) about yoga is that the more flexibility you have, the more difficult practice becomes. In many ways you have to retrain your body to use different (or better) muscle groups to accomplish the same work or find an appropriate stretch.

I’ve got lots of lecture and lab today and then (joy!) golf.

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I had a couple of beers with a friend before we played and MAN, I enjoyed myself. It helped that I double bogeyed the first hole – after that, I didn’t much care if my game went to crap (which it mostly did). We also had great golf partners which made the round seem quick.

Spouse and I apparently sprained the dog. I guess he took her for a multi-mile outing where he did 3 minute sprint splits. I didn’t realize that and, the next morning, took her for a couple mile jog. Well, I *tried* to jog. Piper developed a pace I never knew existed: faster than a walk but slower than a jog. What IS that? I think it was part of her super stealthy plan though because it was freakin’ EXHAUSTING. So we were not much with the jogging, more like shuffle-shuffle-drag.

In related news, I dusted off my Vibram Five Fingers (see link to right) because it’s been a while since I’d gone running. I ended up with blisters on the back of my heels, which meant I golfed barefoot today. Sadly, lack of shoes makes no difference to my golf game. The Vibrams mean that my calves and ankles got WORKED so any time I rest for more than 20 minutes, I’ve got to stretch my legs before I walk gingerly from point A to point B.

I squeezed in a mini-yoga break before our golf round and my plan tomorrow is for a jog then yoga session.

Right now, though, we’re watching Burn Notice. Season premiere!

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