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House, M.D. I love that the writers always stay true to his cantankerousness. I love that last night’s episode was all about Monster Trucks and, simultaneously, not about Monster Trucks at all. I consistently just enjoy watching this show.

Castle. I thought the premiere was okay. I’m not a fan of crime shows where the lady cop is hot, lonely, and always in four inch heels. For “How to do this right” see The Mentalist. Nathan Fillion is kind of great, though, and I loved the end of the show. We’ll see how long they can draw this out without making the female lead seem like an utter nincompoop.

Heroes continues to be really good at what it does. Spouse missed a couple of episodes and is off of it, but I’m still liking how they put things together.

I was so glad for Medium to get back on the air! I love the way they depict the married couple, as well as the kids. They have some of the only kids on TV I find to be charming. I pretty much just love the show.

BSG continues to kick ass.

Burn Notice had a solid season. I was getting a bit annoyed with the whole ‘who framed me’ storyline but I really like the Michael/Fiona dynamic. I also LOVE Sam (Bruce Campbell). 

Chuck is also continuously awesome. 

Almost everything else is returning from their break next week.

I watched my first episode of Dancing With the Stars last night at work and I’ve got to say, I don’t get it. I don’t get why people love it so much.


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I’m watching Shear Genius from last week. I adore Charlie because he is such an enormous shit-talker. They’re showing a LOT of that on this episode which makes me nervous that they’re going to send him home this week. On the other hand, he is the catalyst for ALL drama. How cute was Daniel running down the who-hates-whom in the house? (And singing to the dog!)

Burn Notice is staying on its game and I LOVE Fiona more and more with every episode. The look on her face when Sam was getting wailed on = priceless. Psych maintains its hilarity, though I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care for the ‘lil Shawn and Gus’ cartoons. The Closer continues to keep their characters growing and making mistakes. Brenda had a humdinger this week and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop around that. Also, Gabriel was a moron for suggesting his ex be the one to transfer but it was a completely believable douchebag move.

Project Runway got it right on the top 3 last week. I’d disagree about the actual winner (While I appreciated the super jock wear, I liked the separates better. The one they chose was actually my least favorite out of the three) and I felt bad about the criticism they gave the loser. It was kind of bullshit to call her out for being ‘stuck in the past’ when 2/3 of the designers did a retro look.

[Shear Genius note: OMG, Daniel’s dog is the CUTEST EVAR.]

Mad Men and Generation Kill were both brilliant this week. With Generation Kill, you find yourself laughing at things you probably shouldn’t be laughing at which is, I’d imagine, the point. Mad Men is just gorgeous – beautiful to look at and so tightly scripted that you could bounce a quarter off Don’s ass. Loves it.

I was totally annoyed that Wipeout had a ‘best of’ this week. It hasn’t even been on very long – I would have thought they could plan better.

Flipping Out reunion happens this week and I kind of can’t wait to see what happens.

Spouse will be doing some important stuff this week and I’ve got big exams, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging.

Oh, who am I kidding? I use this to procrastinate. So if it’s copious amounts of blogspam, you’ll know why.

[Edited to add: HOLY CRAP! They finally sent Nekisa home! I can’t say I’m surprised and I’m also glad that I won’t have to hear any more of her excuses. Charlie will have to focus all his anger on Dee.]

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Psych is on tonight and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. Probably I should be more embarrassed to admit that, but it’s one of the few shows which guarantees Laugh Out Loud moments for me. In another lifetime I was a pharmaceutical rep and the fact that Gus has an ENTIRE JOB besides that job sort of cracks me up on principle.

Speaking of laugh out loud moments – we rented Drillbit Taylor and it was much funnier than I would have expected. It was a great cap to a steamy afternoon of golf. That and a nap. I love naps. The golf would have been better with beer.

Burn Notice is consistently delivering great character interplay and interesting cases. Sharon Gless as Mom is GREAT. I’m not sold on Tricia Helfer’s character just yet but, really, Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell. Alas, I was so wrapped up in my Shear Genius/Burn Notice double-header that I inadvertently deleted BN off the dvr. Whoops. Thankfully it’s on USA and they rerun their shows CONSTANTLY, so the Spouse won’t be tempted to kill me in my sleep. Er. I guess that’s not entirely true, but at least he won’t be tempted to kill me for deleting the show.

In Plain Sight has grown on me. I keep waiting for Mary’s sister to sleep with her (sometimes) boyfriend. Lesley Anne Warren is also hilarious and sad as her drunken, well-meaning mother.

AND – if you’re into crime tv even a smidge as much as I am, you should totally check out Shadow Unit. Episodic crime fiction online, just like a TV show but better. And you can rewatch any time you like.

We’re putting off our Dark Knight excursion until tomorrow. I am a slacker and have not updated my imeem playlists, so perhaps I will do that while I’m waiting for Psych.

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I love crime drama. I love almost every crime drama*, but I especially love The Closer. They do a fantastic job with characterization and the cases. The ensemble cast is amazing and their chemistry is great. My only little quibble with the show has been the degree to which they make Brenda food-obsessed (I thought they were going to take a terrible turn towards premature menopause last season but the crisis was averted) – otherwise she’s polite but hard as nails. She’s smart and knows it but doesn’t feel the need to hammer that home in every episode. She’s also flawed and they do a great job of making her ‘normal.’ There are a lot of summer shows I like, but this one is love.

Burn Notice started last week also, which is worth watching if only for Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campell. I’m not saying Jeffrey Donovan isn’t good but the two of them come close to stealing every scene.

My second favorite summer show – Psych – should be starting soon and I’m not going to apologize for my unabashed Gus and Shawn love. In fact, I’ll start sharing now.

*I can’t stand CSI. It’s a whole rant, but I won’t get into it.

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