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One more way in which Leadville is superior to Saginaw: when we got home, one of our neighbors had plowed our driveway for us. Out of the goodness of their heart, without being asked. In the entire 8 years we lived in Saginaw, nobody ever even OFFERED – including when Spouse threw his back out and I was stuck outside shoveling 12 inches of snow off our entire driveway. I love this place.

Santa Fe was very nice and very relaxing. While I’m in the process of uploading pictures, I will leave you with this hilarious dog story.


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Dog maintenance

We were in Glenwood Springs last week and while we were there, we visited the Petco. It’s great because Piper gets to sniff new stuff and stare at the ferretts (she can’t quite figure out what they are) and Spouse gets to look at the turtles. It’s better than the zoo!

At any rate, the reason for stopping (besides stocking up on dog food, ferretts, and turtles) was to pick up a Pedi- Paws. Piper is a black dog,with black nails, and I’m paranoid about nicking the quick and making her bleed. She also doesn’t love people touching her feet to START with, which does nothing to assuage my Piper-maiming anxiety. Enter the Pedi-Paws, which is essentially a portable sander for your dog’s toenails. They give you a whole step-by-step guide to acclimating your dog to the sander which I promptly ignored. My reason? There is nothing in the world that cannot be cured with lots of petting and treats in Piper’s world. Plus, nail trimming involves full body contact with Piper.

She seemed okay with it. She didn’t love it, obviously, but that’s why the brilliant people at Purina make Beggin’ Strips.




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This is your daily Leadville.

Pipe hasn’t had a bath since we got here, so tonight I wrangled her into the shower, bathed her and, insult to injury, took photos.

My favorite part is how she displaces her BathHate energy into eating the ass out of the fake mallard she picked out at the pet store last week. And yes, despite what Spouse thinks, she picked it out herself. I wasn’t even going to BUY her a toy.

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Spouse and I: 3, basement: 1

We’ve gotten almost everything in the basement completely done. The records pwned us by being too numerous for our shelf but other than that, we’re pretty good. I’m pleased with the albums because, as a novice LP-packer, I was really really concerned they were going to break on the cross country trip. They did not and I couldn’t be happier about it. My dad’s record collection is made of win.

Today we made another trip to Denver, as our houseguests both needed to be dropped at the airport (albeit a couple of hours apart). Both have landed safely in their respective home states and, after running a few errands, Spouse and I headed home. We got sidetracked at the largest Whole Foods I have ever seen in my life.

Once we got home we walked Piper. She was very excited to see us because I think she’d just about written us off as dead. I’m not sure canine object permanence lasts more than 10 hours. She is currently sprawled on the love seat, Spouse is ensconced on the couch, and here sit I in my old recliner. We get to relax, having put the shelves together, unpacked albums, stored excess dishes, and walking. I also sorted through a metric asston of photographs that I’ve been keeping forever. I found my K-12 photo sheet, a detention form from 8th grade, and a bunch of photos that my high school friends who have recently friended me on facebook may or may not be happy to see.

The daily Leadville photo will have to wait because the camera is upstairs and I’m going to sit right here and drink cocoa until I get drowsy.

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Happy Holidays from Leadville!

Happy Holidays from Leadville!



Hoping you and your families have safe and happy holidays, and celebrate a joyous new year!

Much love,


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