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Today I got my Colorado phone number. This makes me inexplicably happy, possibly because we are officially Coloradans now. Got the license, the plates, the number – nothing left to do for paperwork!

We’re having a guest over on Friday and all I have to do is finish unpacking, stash full boxes, hang all the photos and artwork, and finalize (and cook) the menu. No problem, right?

Tomorrow I’m running a couple more errands: picking up a special bottle of scotch, mailing our old Dish Network receiver back to the company, and getting my hair cut/colored. It’s been several weeks and there’s about an inch of natural hair color showing. My plan is to get the rest of my hair to look more like the natural color, but we’ll see how that works out. I also have been feeling like I’m rocking some ‘mom’ hair lately and ideally we’ll get something done about that as well. I’m sorely tempted (especially given the clime) to cut my hair very short again. I predict by this time next year that’ll be a done deal. For the time being, I’m willing to humor my spouse and try to grow it out again.

Of course, if anything like the last hair debacle (which required cutting it from below the shoulders to my chin) happens again all bets are off.

I’ve settled into my temp gig, which I like a great deal. It’s also a nice jumping off point looking for other work.

More importantly, WE’VE GOT A DVR AGAIN!! If I sound redonkulously excited about THAT, then you’ve never had a DVR. Not only do Spouse and I have separate (and concurrent) viewing habits on Thursday nights, this Mountain time change thing is killing me. Did you know that out here, prime time starts at 7pm? WTF?

Progress is being made, slowly but surely, and I hope to be completely done with the moving in by next Friday. I also made my plane reservations (yay frequent flyer miles!) to get back to Detroit for Mom’s surgery. Anyone intrested in coffee/tea/beer in the Detroit area should email me (or comment here).

I’m going to put together some shelving and then go to bed. The Battle Mountain pass is mine to conquer tomorrow – something that brings new heights to hair-pin turns (12,000 feet) and stunning (if somewhat terror-inducing) scenery.


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I love this town.

There are only two pizza shops but they both deliver. We bought locally today (groceries, hardware) and tonight I’m going with Pizza Hut. Lame, I know, but I love their breadsticks.

Our TV finally showed up today and it’s pretty spectacular. We also changed out the very ugly 80s style light fixtures on the hallway and bedroom ceilings. All of the guest rooms have been made up (as of Sunday they will both be occupied) and I’m slowly figuring out where I’m going to hang our pictures and artwork.

All bedrooms have a lamp. We have sufficient rugs to get through the house without ruining the floors. I have worked up a makeshift pantry. I even baked some cookies today.

A majority of the big things have been crossed off of our to-do list and it’s just a matter of unpacking boxes further and determining if I need a chest of drawers.

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Piper and I went for a walk.


Right near the house

Right near the house

We’re waiting for the TV to arrive, so I have been doing odds and ends around the house. I posted some pictures of the basement areas and will probably get back to unpacking some boxes real soon. That or looking for a good samosa recipe. Or baking gingerbread. O, the options!

Watched The Mentalist this week and felt like the episode was sort of meh. I mean, the flashback thing was a weird addition – at least with the superfuzzy light – and I didn’t really think that Sophie and Patrick had any sort of chemistry. The part at the end, though, when Lisbon realized she had maybe made the wrong kind of joke was phenomenal. The two of them are just fantastic together, nonverbally. I still heart the show but it was definitely not the strongest ep.

Mountain time is totally jacking up my TV schedule – that and a lack of DVR. Hopefully I’ll get all that figured out – or be able to watch on the internet when I get a spare minute that doesn’t involve boxes or snow.

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I have finally arrived in Leadville. Well, I arrived in Leadville yesterday. It took approximately 24 hours of driving but was largely uneventful.

My awesome friends in Saginaw gave me a gift of meaningful road snacks and a great mix CD. What are meaningful road snacks? The Dark Chocolate Raisinets that a guy at the movie theater told me were “the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.” The Ho Hos that Spouse asked me to buy for Carly, because Carly really wanted them, but when I got home it turned out they were just for Spouse. The Mint Milano cookies that are my favorite. You get the picture.

The mix CD had memorable songs from memorable events in the last three years, which was fantastic. I pretty much jammed out all the way across country. And the first thing I did (once I was functional) was hook up the wireless connection. Because I’m a geek like that (not internet obsessed or anything).

Today we’re taking our guests out and around the local area, hopefully eating some great food, and picking up odds and ends. And then spending the next three weeks unpacking boxes.

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I taught my last class at the gym yesterday and my last class in Michigan tonight. It’s a little sad and totally strange. My life has kind of been dicatated by my teaching schedule for the last three years and I’m going to be a little lost without it. I also had really, really great students here and I’m going to miss them. On days when I didn’t feel motivated to teach (yes, it happens) they motivated me. Watching them grow and get stronger was awesome.

I’m getting ready to close up the house – little last minute things to get it in order. Paint the bathroom, empty the cupboards and fridge, take out the trash, get the canoe down and load it up, get the chimes off the effing tree (I keep forgetting). Possibly the most challenging will be packing the car.

Given my list, I won’t be doing much blogging today and then tomorrow I’m on the road. I’ll be giving road updates on twitter because I love the text to tweet function.

All of my belongings are arriving at my house in Leadville RIGHT THIS SECOND.

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That I’m officially done with school for the semester, but I am. My joke of a paper (more like a 5 page book report) is finished and now I just have to turn it in.

I also have to get the oil changed in my car, pick up some paint supplies, prime the bathroom, paint the bathroom, (hopefully) get the online billpay for our new bank set up, wire money to the new bank, close the old bank account, cancel satellite and internet services, throw away/donate food items, sweep the house, bag up and put out the trash, collect the windchimes, sort and pack all the things that have to be packed in my car, and lower and tie on the canoe.

Probably there are some things I’m forgetting. Like teach yoga tomorrow.

I woke up this morning a little sleep-drunk, so I’m headed to bed now. You don’t ever really catch up on sleep so I’m going to try and stave off the deprivation, at least. I also uploaded some (but not all) of the holiday music.

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It is completed. It is excellent. It is not uploaded to imeem because I have been doing mover stuff all day and now have to cram for a Micro final tomorrow morning, right after I teach yoga tonight.

I have not had a nap; I have not cried. I cannot promise that one or both of these things will not happen later.

Okay, that’s melodramatic. I’m not going to cry unless Carly wants to watch P.S. I Love You.

Maybe when I start procrastinating later, I’ll upload.

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